Do you know how hard to shoot a bad movie?


baguaxiansheng· 2016-12-29 11:12:27

movie is an accident out? In fact, not bad, is in all aspects of spent a lot of time to take out, it is not easy at all.

so, what to do to shoot a bad movie?

first, the subject matter, the following the most appropriate.

first, horror film.

horror film shoot was not really scary, as long as the sound to do a bit more pale man shot point, looking back, enough we

and then do a little size poster thriller

" have you feeling a little

" is enough to attract young people to the stadium to watch the challenge.

second, youth film.

who is not young?! So, the most likely to resonate youth film. But don't really resonate, after all, most of the youth is to prepare for exams, and muddle along without any aim, just like love.

but the movie film must have a sensation, so fight, band, pregnancy abortion, cancer, car accidents, cheating, abroad … &hellip

third (Lunar New Year comedy that

name comedy name) the best show in the Lunar New Year stalls, most successful! Again, the script, what the actor is not the biggest problem, the most important is to release the Lunar New Year stalls, all in order to celebrate the most will pocket size

fourth, love drama

script to be written, no matter how unrealistic, as long as the heroine through hardships finally together, on the re insertion of something plot, including what I love you, I do not love you, I love you but you love TA, so

" secondly, are the decisive factors of bad actors the success of the crucial.

wants to make a perfect movie, please go to the following best actor, if not so much any combination of two of them can have a 90% chance to shoot a bad movie. Beautiful and you can play

Tian Jing

" the world's most beautiful Fan Bingbing

knockout Angelababy you

" I'm handsome but you don't love me I'm crazy so Wu Yifan

for love girl Yang Mi

than the baby is Chen Xuedong so adorable

"in addition, there are a lot of potential stars. After

eyes full of soul so Li Yifeng

Huang Xiaoming Yang Yang

" the world's most handsome Jing Bairan France

movie shoot out, let the best flow of actors to mobilize their own fans, finished the movie the last step to create a reputation.". If some people say that the film is rotten, fans as long as the first time out on the line:

1, do you know how hard my family XX? You can say that, why don't you take a look?

2, XX, never mind the sarcastic remarks. Your efforts we see in your heart, your efforts, modesty, low-key enough to throw those people in the face.

3, say so much ah, see a movie why so serious? Look at the face enough ah!

4, I see crying / laughing and crying, saying that is not good-looking blind? Did not understand the story is certainly no one!


... Finally, the director is whether or not the bad film shoot soul.

best to ask some of the people to do the cross border director. For example,

from writer director Guo Jingming, Zhang Jiajia transition when we

" or host the transition when the director He Jiong print

" of course, some veteran director Jing Wong is also good, like this years did not disappoint you

" Jeffrey Lau Yuecuoyueyong we

" in the end, do not know how to end...

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Do you know how hard to shoot a bad movie?