Pet battle: the magic of the quill feathers of the God of war

Ares brush pet.

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witch Starr enough good water from the well of the dirty work, so he used her magic to make a bucket of automatic work, but her magic bucket has their own ideas......

" witch Starr enough good water from the well of the dirty work, so he used her magic to make a bucket of automatic work, but her magic bucket has their own ideas...... The basic information of

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natural blue color. The growth of property only, S/B attack speed of growth, without fear of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

25 full level: 1465 /257 of blood /305 speed very good attack speed output.

weak magic pet inside rare players, usually the default choice: + hidden + flight skills.

can also be flexible according to their own needs.

II analysis of

core advantage quill advantage mainly in the following aspects: the combination of the

1 attribute, the skills of

core skills --

" has the skill of the pet and several, but the skill perfect play, the first feather pen. There is also a good bag, not much to say here, interested can go to see.

comes with increased damage +25% deceleration, lasting up to 4 rounds.

with 305 of its high speed, can guarantee the normal state, the upper hand in the face of A, B

, 1, 2 dodge skills flight skills, which obtained the upper hand addition can set, output and avoidance in one.

note: 305/0.75 about 407273*1.5 game 409.

therefore, flight speed is lower than 409 under the passive flight pet (i.e. less than 273 of the original speed), we can first reducer, such as a variety of common 260 speed high attack birds.

does not have a passive flight pet, normally no more than 407 speed.

II magic

" magical passive, makes the quill even in Dodge cooling periods, can also take time for better life assurance.

and magic passive + flight Pugong, the quill bidirectional restraint aquatic pet, unlock new title: Aquatic killer


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magic pen by enchant professional production, trading, with very low threshold.

specific formula: Enchant chaos crystal *5, shard *20, acana essence *50, Fel leather *10. Get

drawings: Storm task "fjord enchanter revenge" the current version of

, the material gets very convenient, with blood SA for the case, which together was about 20, the blood, and then find a friend can enchant foundry.

material can also go directly to the AH, the current version of the raw materials are very cheap.

can also go directly to the AH finished, but need to pay attention to the price. The advantages and disadvantages of

IV and Application guide


stable first brought "excellent survival ability (first dodge + magic passive), substantial and steady damage (grade 25 about 200 flight time, a round of 400-600), excellent heritage (4 wheel reducer increased by DEBUFF).

two-way restraint aquatic pet, natural killer, in the face of the vast majority of pets have a good performance.


is afraid of dragon pets (especially those with dragon damage), no advantage for high speed flying pet.

face a slight reduction of high fatigue.

Application guide :

PVP and PVE, are very easy to use pets, applicable to a wide range of.


is one of the first choice for all magic.

in the battle of high-speed flight and pet pet, is not the most appropriate choice.

in case of no armor to avoid, and the head of BUFF NPC battle.

in addition, can be used in other situations, and have a very good experience, all-match (cautious sunny and sandstorm weather).

note the use of time lost, don't waste the hidden effect.

flexible application of magic passive, such as eating some bad or tactical considerations do not want to avoid a single major injury.


all-match, can only as a filler, the upper hand, blood pressure after harvesting, the middle can also consider battlefield; coordination, such as "lightning and burning weather, DOT damage (such as pet ghost, spontaneous combustion, barbecue variety) and multi segment injury, pet pet can also be considered low; the outbreak of pet (complementary)

game when opening time lost.

with sand storms and sunny weather.

do the best and high-speed flight, a typical dragon (dragon dragon + passive damage), non aquatic Super Fighter (such as flowers and trees, the kidney but not afraid of fear of bird claw) positive anus, this time let the teammate......

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