Static foam fish can be switched form language original blue deck de share

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tuwanwang· 2016-12-29 15:24:50

static foam fish can be switched form language original blue deck de share

Objective: to say in front of long winded!

Hi, I am a fish, static foam, for a long time not to share with you this card group, did not say is spring because I can't define this card is not spring, I think it should be, because spring is defined not so many people use ~ played World of Warcraft knows that our druids will be deformed, can bear, leopard, sea lions. The eagle and so on, this time I share a set of blue, this card group benefit is that we can see each other and occupation, the battle of the situation, choose transform hand, choose green line, or The blue dragon chicken line, and this set of cards have unexpected effects, when they think you are when Germany sapphire. You're suddenly out of the blue dragon ". Often see live people know, I usually start in a few days at the end of yesterday hit subsistence allowances, with this set of 6 hours from 14 to 5, the following is the card group

single card here is not to analyze the. After all, the old driver ~

as to what time the Cut Sapphire, what time the blue dragon beheaded, the need to look at their own hands with the opponent and occupation. I believe that a few dozen times we will probably have several psychological, remember that this set of blue card can be sold. I sold the land ~ OK, anyway, we have a jade routine can war, thank you again for your patience to read my article, thank you, meme Da ~ ~ finally I wish you happy playing. Small

: add blood against the fast break, but remove the blue dragon. Still can not solve the current problems of the shaman can not win the druid... But, with more than sufficient low ~

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