Yu Zhengzan Yang Mi had the bad beat hard innuendo

Yang Mi Zhengda heat Yu Zheng

fenghuangyule· 2016-12-29 16:25:37

", Liyan Tong Yu Zheng, Yang Mi

, recently, Yu Zheng's drama is about to launch, the show was held in Beijing yesterday to see the film, starring Yu Zheng with many a full debut, talked about his casting standard, Yu Zheng said, his love for more new "as long as I feel a popular potential, with the characters, whether or not I will use the new. A good actor to be modest, hard-working, very carefully to the task of filming to Yang Mi, they all have this trait.

Yang Mi has starred in Yu Zheng's "heart lock Jade Palace" fame, but since two people rarely have cooperation. Previously exposed for positive innuendo Yang Mi took a role of "the times" is bad. Although Yu Zheng will soon be deleted by the micro-blog, but there are still friends screenshot deposit, irony, said Yu Zheng: man must not be too Yu Zheng".

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