In the history of the most difficult to grab votes: train tickets have gone?

Industrial chain train ticket behind Internet

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in terms of booking revenue, all of the software to grab tickets to grab the votes of the cloud function is the default to buy 20 or $30 VIP speed channel, users can purchase this channel can have a greater bandwidth or advance ticket.

12" on Sept. 29 (today), by telephone, network purchase can buy train tickets on New Year's Eve (January 27, 2017), this also means that today and tomorrow will usher in the peak period of the Spring Festival rush tickets.

today at noon, in the brother at 11:55 login 12306 website, after numerous input verification code, still not get board.

with the ticket network popular, 12306 websites, mobile phone client has become an important channel for the Spring Festival railway ticket.

according to the Xinhua News Agency reported, see in the monitoring center China Railway Science Research Institute of railway ticket system, 12306 technical support departments are hundreds of square meters of office hall. The hall was packed with people and engineers were constantly consulting and solving various technical problems. Large screen real-time display of dynamic data analysis of 12306 sites: a booking transaction average response time of 500 milliseconds, the site PV value over a day. Until now,

was the highest in December 23rd (the ticket pre-sale tickets, the day of the twelfth lunar month twenty-four) railway ticket sale total 11 million 672 thousand. Accounting for road network ticket total ticket amount of 73.3%, of which mobile phone sales of APP 5 million 762 thousand, accounting for 67.3% of the ticket network. According to

released in December 1st, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of public security and other 6 departments "on the 2017 Spring Festival to do the work of opinions" forecast, 2017, the Spring Festival passenger volume will reach 2 billion 978 million passengers, the railway passenger is expected to reach 356 million passengers, an increase of 9.7%. The total amount of passenger flow, passenger flow, pre stack each other, 2017 is known as the history of the most difficult to grab votes".

difficult to grab votes of the most direct embodiment is that in 12306 will last year by the burger verification code simplified, we have almost unable to use the only official online ticket platform ticket, even some short distance trips, do not rush in previous years from the road is also difficult.

Spring Festival rush tickets big collection

2017 Spring Festival, some much earlier than in previous years, the ticket home is also more difficult to grab some 7 points, many users get up mobile phone, computer is ready, 8 points to open grab, the result... Instant all become no seat.

brother in login 12306 railway customer service website, Beijing to Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Hebei, Shandong and other neighboring provinces of tickets, especially to the northeast of the ticket, from January 25, 2017 after only a few non block, is hard to get a vote.

grab tickets this thing, or pay attention to "fast! Quasi! Ruthless! "Please accept the tickets. The first is to keep an eye on

, you want to buy the train at the time. Of course, this has not only depends on what use, number of new year's Eve day tickets have been reduced in a cliff. And if you keep an eye on the hand, but not as quick cattle and software to grab votes. In the brother on Monday morning at 9:30, holding mobile phone waiting for the 10:00 sale, not to 10:01, the state has shown no votes.

second, the opportunity to seize the opportunity to refund, do not see the Internet, the phone is scheduled to say no tickets to give up. Because many people feel difficult to buy a ticket, tickets have been on sale on wide net, multiple trips, this is likely to repeat booking, so they also busy refund. This is why the Spring Festival, a lot of people did not buy tickets, there are a large number of reasons for the refund. So, you always see the regular ticket, pick a few little reliable software to grab votes, to timely.

third, the fast and high-speed rail transit relay. Now the high-speed rail in the country are relatively common, many people only buy train or buy only high iron, may not buy the train. You can choose to transfer, midway station can buy what is what to buy train trips, as long as the home on the line.

fourth, attention restricted area. A lot of passengers to buy a ticket just look at the right time is not appropriate, do not see the station, it is not good. For example, buy Shijiazhuang choose to buy the car end point station is Shijiazhuang the best, if not, on the choice of end point station to Handan, Zhengzhou near the train station is the end point, than Guangzhou, Changsha such long-distance trips, because the railway general care for long haul passenger, long-distance car is restricted range, close to the station. It is difficult to buy tickets.

fifth, select the station as the end point. For example, take a train to the station along the way, choose to buy a sign or after a recent large ticket for the first station is just buy some more money for the station, a station to fix a car up, even if there is no seat stand too long time buy a ticket, but relatively easier. And it is best to choose a departure for the originating station or the destination station for the end point of the trips, such as from Beijing to Changsha tickets difficult to buy, but if you buy a few station to station in Guangzhou may have more votes end point.

" by 360 users in 30 million the browser user battle < / strong>

in addition to the most objective factors, difficult to grab votes in the repeated cattle and grab votes plug-in, the giants had entered the market and continued to force the software to grab votes is also a difficult one of the reasons to buy train tickets. 360 for the first time to grab votes on the function of the new added about 30000000 users; at present, the iOS side of the wisdom of train tickets to download the amount of more than 12306, ranking first.

has been in the gray area of the ticket industry first entered the giant line of sight in 2013. Relying on the exclusive launch of the browser to grab votes, 360 in the spring peak rush tickets of the December market share of rapid growth, the use rate increased dramatically, to December 21st the utilization rate reached 22.91%, the highest in recent years, the domestic browser product usage record. There are rumors that, in this case, 360 browser won a new user of about 30000000, shocked the industry.

after that, Baidu, Sogou, cheetah, UC large and small, each browser launched a free function to grab votes, they will become the business flow and user growth in the new entrance.

mentioned the major browser launched a strong ticket grab function, had to mention their principle and grab tickets and different cattle.

before the rise of the Internet, cattle through internal relations or artificial queuing to get a lot of train tickets. The launch of the 12306 Internet Ticketing platform in the Ministry of railways, in order to combat cattle, have launched the identity authentication and verification code, 5 seconds waiting for the brush ticket limit, before the 2016 request ticket ID card and real name authentication, cattle through a large number of fake ID number, multiple accounts at the same time landing program identification code etc. means of holding a large number of votes, then reselling.

360 and other browsers have long been launched free monitoring function is more than 5 seconds to refresh the automatic monitoring of the remaining votes, automatic identification verification code, automatic orders and then by the user to pay. It is worth noting that this year all platforms have launched a cloud to grab votes, 12306 user account password input and advance payment, it will account by cloud hosting, cloud server from generation to do all your booking, payment process.

by the software to grab tickets on behalf of the ticket grab a hidden danger is the leakage of personal information. Because the train ticket is the real name system to buy, passenger name, ID number, phone number, often travel city and other large amounts of personal information exposed in the third party platform. Even if the platform's background passenger data is stored in plain text, but if the security means is weak, will lead to user privacy can be accessed directly. This is also a major legal software to grab votes should pay attention to the place, otherwise once the crisis information disclosure, will be the crowning calamity.

capital, the giant layout, rush ticket software downloads over 12306

in fact, in addition to the major browsers used "powder" tools, capital, giants and entrepreneurs had to watch the people just need a strong gold absorption capacity of the market, a number of capital city, and Ctrip, the way cattle and other online travel giant early layout.

is scheduled in the online train ticket special platform, according to the latest data, in the Android system, the crack network released the "September 2016 APP class domestic tourism operators monthly ranking" shows that the highest total downloads is Beijing Huoli century science and technology limited company, the operation of high-speed rail housekeeper, flight steward, Desert Eagle travel three APP total downloads 590 million 645 thousand train tickets for the parent company; wisdom tooth total downloads 164 million 770 thousand garlic studio; iron friends network total downloads 89 million 876 thousand; after both Ctrip acquisition.

in the iOS market, according to the latest data in December 28th APP Store, the free list of tourist class applications, intelligent train ticket downloads beyond the official ticketing platform 12306, ranking the first; the high-speed rail housekeeper ranked tenth; iron friends train ticket 18.

high-speed rail housekeeper belonging to Beijing Huoli century science and technology limited company, mainly to do the vitality of Tianhui airline and train ticket booking, from its inception in 2009, won the 3 round of 1 billion yuan financing, behind the capital side including Sequoia Capital, Chinese China, Jingwei equity investment fund capital such as aviation and tourism giant Kaiser tourism etc..

railway train tickets, formerly known as a long ticket network, Ctrip was acquired in July 2011, the wisdom of train tickets on July 2015 was 100 million yuan acquisition ctrip. It can be said that with its own platform on the train ticket service, Ctrip has occupied the largest market share of the Spring Festival rush tickets.

can be found through the analysis of the market share of the largest specialized software to grab votes for the function of the above three, their basic functions of homogenization, due to line train ticket and train ticket iron friends function interface is exactly the same, so only on line train tickets and high-speed rail housekeeper were compared:

"this year and a new change, including Ctrip, the way cattle Network, the same way network, flying pigs and other major online travel giants are vigorously promoting the train ticket to grab votes, but the functions are the same.

in which the users of the major browser vendors will change the strategy this year's lack of coordination, cooperation and service to take the form of online travel giant. To occupy the market share of the vast majority of mobile phone browser 360, UC browser QQ, for example, the QQ browser tuniu network third party web interface and ticketing function based on the interface and the account is Ali income under the command of UC browser using Taobao directly login. 360 browser cloud grab votes is a product of cooperation and Ctrip train tickets, the user also does not need to register or login Ctrip account, input trips can be opened to grab.

it is worth mentioning that, as the first to taste the sweetness of the browser vendors, 360 over the past few years have spare no efforts to promote its function to grab votes, in December 7th this year, also released a detailed "2017 spring forecast report" at the same time, the line 360 mobile phone Zhuanban browser to grab votes "and" the spring big data visualization system". Ali's flying pig travel is jointly drops subsequently released "2017 Spring Festival travel data forecast report" on the 2017 Spring Festival, the various modes of transportation booking and travel peak, hot line, the new travel characteristics prediction.

paid to grab votes behind the economic accounts for

of all major browsers and online travel giant, active layout to grab votes, in addition to traffic and access to other users, nurturing the main business, train tickets behind the economic accounts is increasingly obvious.

a few years ago, on behalf of the rush ticket is a non paid service, its charge and value-added services layout is increasingly obvious.

in the booking related revenue, the cloud software to grab votes to grab votes are all default purchase VIP speed channel 20 or 30 yuan, users buy this channel can have more bandwidth or ahead of a; in addition to pay or to share with friends and get tickets to. Send tickets home courier, traffic accident insurance is also a big income.

train ticket market, by buying a train ticket, bus ticket, ticket derived limousine service, catering, hotel reservations and other services is also a good source of income.

additional services, such as high-speed rail housekeeper in addition to grab votes function, providing services such as online shopping, travel treasure financial products, travel services, such as the scene of the product. In the

business model is increasingly clear, with the combination of the giants, the market just need there will be a new round of fighting.

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