Guy 40 pounds a month to create a heavy lock"

Guy Xi'an iron shirt coat

shijuezhongguo· 2016-12-29 16:34:26

12" on Sept. 27, Xi'an Electronic and Science University Junior Hasim, which lasted a month, with 40 pounds of iron, tailored for himself a byrnie". Chainmail, is a kind of metal armor used in cold war era. Denden / visual China (from Tencent pictures)

Hasim in June this year, because the Internet often browse some Handmade website, he had to do some crafts ideas, and after he had downloaded some material, took a month 12000 a system out of mail". (from Tencent pictures)

"chainmail" is set in a small ring, forming a one-piece robe, covered in the personal clothing outside, because of its material structure and appearance of the singular, that is the real meaning of cocoon". (from Tencent pictures)

" he said it was a "heavyweight" work out their own hobbies, this special clothing is not only for their own endurance challenge, also make the people understand the history of such protective clothing. (from Tencent pictures)

all the weight from the shoulders, can the effective protection of sharp spear sword attack and defense of crossbow. (class=)

class= "heavyweight" works, it takes some time to wear off. (from Tencent pictures)

" byrnie production is quite complicated, each ring are connected to the welding workload as can be imagined. (=''>

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