Harlem Yu push 6 million 500 thousand pay attention to accompany his wife raise tire

Harlem Yu remuneration strength wife

fenghuangyule· 2016-12-29 18:57:11

" Harlem Yu and his wife

according to the Taiwan News reported, artist Harlem Yu (Harlem Yu) and the 41 year old anchor Zhang Jiaxin has just announced the marriage, and recently came the good news made man success, his wife has been pregnant for 3 months, but because coincides with the end and the lunar new year, is bound to have a large number of activities and performances offer, but he had to reduce the workload, push off at least NT $30 million (about RMB 6 million 500 thousand) reward, to concentrate on with Aitsuma.

Harlem Yu's work in recent years in the mainland, including "China song", "good sound" program the male, there is often a long period of time in Taiwan, according to the "Apple Daily" reported, although marriage will continue to travel with Zhang Jiaxin, but because the body is not worthy of load, coupled with his wife pregnant, so I want to spend more time with her, not only the focus back to Taiwan more slowly, reduce the number of new year and business invitation, the loss of at least NT $30 million (about RMB 6 million 500 thousand), will also accompany mom and wife to celebrate the new year in Taiwan, near to only appear in public activities only a special program on New Year's eve. In addition

, the low-key personality Harlem Yu in 2015 and Zhang Jiaxin exposed the affair, presided over the "6 hours" in red and white artists frequently encounter with his congratulations on stage even small laugh, so under pressure, had promised not to preside over, but at the last minute by Zhang Xiaoyan said, continue to preside over the program this year, may and because marriage plus will be 2 degrees when Dad, drew a burst of congratulate tide, but he came this time been prepared, to accept everyone's blessing, but still hope that the guests can go beyond that, because do not want to affect the program.

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