Anhui "Participatory" difficult student in 2017 seized the highest standards of grants

Grant Anhui high standards students

zhongguojiaoyuzaixian· 2016-12-29 22:58:04

from kindergarten to graduate students, filing riser family economic difficulties can get funding, completely blocking the intergenerational transmission of poverty. The reporter learned from the Anhui Provincial Education Department, I introduced the policy, before the implementation of our province rural poor households filing riser family economic difficulties to students full coverage. Next year, filing riser students family economic difficulties in high school, the university can enjoy the highest standards of state grants.

reporter learned that, according to the filing riser to students from poor families from kindergarten to graduate, including preschool education funding, funding for compulsory education, high school funding, occupation education funding, higher education funding. To be funded in the garden of participatory family economic difficulties children, combined with the actual specific funding criteria determined by the country, to ensure that no less than the local average standard of children in the kindergarten. .

compulsory education in our province from the beginning of the spring semester in 2017, unified urban and rural compulsory education "two exemptions and one subsidy" policy.

high school students participatory family economic difficulties enjoy state grants, funding the implementation of the highest standard, and exempt tuition. Our province will also strengthen the "rain plan" to support their children to participate in household filing riser, the higher occupation education, students, their families each year can apply for 3000 yuan for poverty alleviation aid. Secondary vocational school participatory family economic difficulties students in my province vocational state grants standard 2000 yuan per student per year to be funded, and exempt from tuition fees. Participatory family economic difficulties students admitted to the University, whether undergraduate or college students can enjoy state grants, funding criteria and the implementation of the highest priority, apply for a maximum of 8000 yuan per year per student of national student loans. If you continue to study full-time graduate students, in addition to enjoy graduate student grants, will also apply for a maximum of 12000 yuan per student per year of national student loans.

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