Only 6 words of English micro fiction, but moved the world!

Micro fiction English word world

meirixueyingyu· 2016-12-29 22:58:46

is only 6 words consisting of English micro novel, a few words, but speaks of the well-being of the world and the world of impermanence!

". Friend。 Bosom friend。 Lover。 Stranger。

Siri, remove the mother from the address book in. (mother died)

I met my that she. But she did not.

sorry, soldier, our shoes are sold by double.

birth certificate. Proof of death. Finished writing the same pen. (it was understood to have died at birth, infants born to mothers who understand death)

" today again I introduced myself to mother.

" after the jump, I have changed my mind.

mother taught me how to shave.

finally caught up with her and left her a bunch of flowers (in front of the tomb) in class=.

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