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Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Qin Gongxuan Tao Weizhou) the occasion of the end of 2016, Nanjing Qinhuai police combed the incidence, typical of police intelligence, summarized "peace calendar", to teach people the new year every month to prevent what!


hit series, New Year movie download? Beware of Trojan virus

2016 in January, various TV series to a new, believe that 2017 is no exception. But people may not know, look at the hit series may see risk.

Modern Express reporter learned that, in January 2016, students in the dormitory to see "Zhang Mi months biography", the Internet pop-up message said, "the hit series" watch the complete Mi months pass. When the update is still Zhang try holding the mentality of opening the link, was already in the website to update all the drama. Zhang opened the site members, enter the bank card number and verification code to pay a membership fee of $50. Unexpectedly, followed by the bank chargeback SMS tips Zhang, its bank card has been consumed 4970 yuan and $5000. Found this problem, Zhang immediately to the Qinhuai police alarm.


red for fraud tactics "love me, give me the red envelopes!

during the Spring Festival, WeChat red bag became fashionable. February 2016, just 20 years old Hua Zi (a pseudonym) through WeChat shake a beautiful female friends, the conversation was very speculative, and soon put forward to want to meet with Hua Zi, two.

female friends said, if Hua Zi is sincere, should give her pay New Year's call red. Listen to each other so say, Hua Zi first made a 66.6 yuan red envelopes. The other said that since Hua Zi should send red envelopes of love, "520" and "1314" such a red envelope. So Hua Zi gave each other 2 red envelopes. The other party received a red envelope, even pulled him black. Hua Zi this just understand, the original female friends to send him a picture and he said some ambiguous words are cheat red. Angry, Hua Zi to Qinhuai police for help.


pseudo base station information everywhere, "official" may have a false

2016 in March, the police combed through the relevant police intelligence, found fraudulent small more cases, analyzed the reasons and found that the police found just over the years we received many red envelopes, this time is the most active period for fraud. Which is the most encountered SMS fraud. "We are

XXXX, congratulations on winning, please provide your ID number and bank card information … …" the general people to see that this is a fraud SMS, but if it is sent to the "10086", a lot of people will be less of a guard: 10086 to the total, will not have a problem? In fact, there is a pseudo base station in the world.

public Zhang received 10086 prize information, to laugh and cry, sometimes against the day also received 5, 6 winning information. Zhang see encounter fraud, but the numbers are 10086, 10000 and other official numbers, let Xiao Li is very strange, Qinhuai police consulting know, may be received to pseudo base station information, they can freely change.

Zhang is not being alert, but there are still a lot of people in the move, Qinhuai police found 8 similar cases in March 2016, should cause the attention of the public.


April Fool's joke? Friendship boat said turn over

in 2016 we still remember the friendship of the boat that painting it? April is April Fool's day, a lot of police intelligence and joking about, and joked too much to cause the friendship of the boat turned over the matter is also a lot of turning.

Modern Express reporter learned that, at the beginning of April, Qinhuai police received a public warning that their friends live in the circle of friends Dutch act. Just because he has cut wrist suicide, he had a picture in his hand, I hope the police quickly to see.

after the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the incident, but also contact the ambulance. To reach the alarm friends home, police quickly broke into the house. But let the police did not think that only one person in the room lying in bed watching TV, after careful examination and no signs of wrist. Asked by the police, the man admitted that he is warning people friends, just really made a circle of friends said their wrists, but only because the fool's day, a joke with friends. Friends really did not expect the police.

understand the truth of the matter, the police dumbfounding. Police will bring it back to the police station, its harsh verbal criticism of education. After recognizing the error, the man apologized to his friend, but also to the police to ensure that the future will not do such a thing.


small holiday approaching car rental fraud high

in May of this year, Mr. Zhou to Nanjing to play by car. Rent a car in Nanjing. In order to find a more expensive car rental company, in the online search for a long time.

soon a car rental company preferential price touched Mr. zhang. Zhang immediately contact each other, and provide their own ID card, driver's license photos, and prepaid fare and 2000 yuan deposit. Car rental company said the deposit will be returned within a month. After

, Mr. Zhang about the car, and about the car. However, he waited for a month without receiving a refundable deposit. After repeated contact with the company, the number of the other turned into a shutdown state, QQ will also pull black zhang.

police reminder: some small car rental companies, usually linked to simply use other companies in other company name or name. Choose a reputable large companies, on-site inspection of vehicles, can effectively avoid this trap.


liquefied gas deflagration

2016 easy to "get angry" in June, the city of Nanjing within 5 days of 3 liquefied gas deflagration accident. The most common type of liquefied gas bottle in the hotel and restaurant is a risk factor for the summer. At the end of June Qinhuai District houses burst into flames, the scene a couple were injured, police immediately rushed the injured to hospital for treatment. After the police investigation found that the source of the explosion is caused by leakage of liquefied gas cylinders in the rental room.

police learned from experts, liquefied gas storage temperature if more than 35° C, there may be too high temperatures lead to excessive pressure inside the bottle, causing an accident. Users should pay attention to the liquefied gas cylinders stored in a cool place, please try to stop when it is hot.


window seam is equal to the thief open the door

summer temperatures, a lot of people stop, in order to keep the vehicle comfort, the window will show a little small seam permeability.

2016 July, one day, Nanjing citizens Mr. Kim's car worth more than ten thousand yuan laptop, watch and cash wallet was stolen. Police tracking monitoring found that the thief is aimed at a few centimeters of stolen car window slit, skillfully forced to press the window. The police immediately locked the suspect, the Wu fled the field back. According to the suspects confessed, he found a lot of people love to leave the windows in the summer, as long as there is a gap, he can use brute force to open the window. Police remind the owners before leaving the car doors and windows closed, do not leave valuables in the car.

[August] "Liao Mei" as an excuse? Summer women to prevent the wolf

into the summer, the public security organs were significantly increased the number of women being molested police. Thin clothes in summer, women tend to become "satyr" target.

2016 in mid August, the young woman Xiaoqin (a pseudonym) to go out on a bus, a lot of people on the bus, she felt after someone kept rubbing his. At first, he did not care, who expected the other side to take advantage of the car shaking, the whole body paste up, hand also touch her legs from time to time. Xiaoqin back, the other is a thirty year old middle-aged man. See Xiaoqin stared at him, the man actually bad laugh devoid of any sense of shame. She secretly recorded each other signs, quickly get off call 110. Police quickly found the obscene man, in the face of police interrogation, he actually said he was playing with her".


school season teacher counterfeit "charges" in September

2016 entered the school season, the school began to tuition, book fees and meals, and the money also became the eyes of fat liar".

at the beginning of September this year, Wang aunt sent grandson class QQ group message. Teacher in charge of the group said the students to collect the food, so that parents as soon as possible to hit the designated account 630 yuan. Aunt Wang asked to remit money, then call the class teacher. Lee said he was not in the collection of food, and quickly landed QQ, only to find the account was stolen. Aunt Wang told the police, then received the payment information is not busy with school to send money to call the child teacher confirmation.

[October] "illegal SMS" of the link is deception routine

"eleven" is the peak travel period, many people take advantage of the golden week driving. During this time, some owners will receive notice of illegal sms.

this year after the national day, who lives in Nanjing, Mr. Wu received a number of private messages, said he was captured in Suzhou illegal driving, SMS also attach details. Mr. Wu did during the National Day travel to Suzhou, he thought he was on the local road unfamiliar, accidentally ran a red light. Mr. Wu click on the link, anti-virus software on the phone immediately prompted the discovery of the virus. He quickly closed the page immediately after the police, the police to help them find the inquiry, Mr. Wu during the national day and no violation records.

police remind the owners of illegal information does not provide regular SMS link, please on the traffic management platform query.

[November] "double eleven" public purse "thin blue letinous edodes"

"double eleven" is the highlight of November, most consumers online shopping is easy to fall into the trap of fraud period.

public money lady "double eleven" in the shop fancy clothes. Because of shortage, the owner will introduce her to his peers. The two sides agreed on QQ, Ms. Qian sweep the two-dimensional code to pay 600 yuan each. Lao Li said that did not receive the money, Ms. Qian once again pay the scan code. After the other party, immediately pull her black.

11 at the beginning of the month, according to the clues the police arrested two suspects were selling. Police investigation was informed that they opened the shop selling fake brand jeans, double eleven pre-sale activities have received a large number of pre orders. The police investigation quickly, the supply of "double eleven" 10 counterfeit brand-name clothing truck stopped.


at the end of the points against the ceremony, the end of the line by the end of the

some merchants, banks will launch points for ritual activities, as well as the provisions of the end of the integration cleared.

12 11, a small public Su received a bank issued the points for good manners sms. Number display for the bank hotline, he did not hesitate to click on the SMS link, in accordance with the page prompts to enter their bank card number and password. Then the small Su phone received consumer reminder, showing the bank card was transferred 2000 yuan. Qinhuai police investigation found that the integration of the exchange of text messages are not issued by the bank, but by changing the number of crooks software, disguised as bank official number. Police tips, users receive this kind of message carefully unfamiliar links, you can dial the number to verify the authenticity.

(editor Li Yuyu)

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