How deep is Su Rong's "Curse" on Jiangxi?

Su Rong Jiangxi City county .

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original title: Su Rong to Jiangxi's scourge how deep?

deputy national level "tiger", the former vice chairman of CPPCC Su Rong 29 day trial court.

of Shandong Province, the Ji'nan intermediate people's court held a public hearing of Su Rong, breach of privilege of bribery, huge unidentified property case, Su Rong was accused of taking bribes 1.1 billion yuan, breach of privilege caused by public property suffered heavy losses, while more than 8000 yuan of property from unidentified sources.

"government affairs" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) Notice, Jiangxi, Su Rong road corruption become an important stop.

Su Rong was accused of the three deadly sins, there are at least two cases occurred during his tenure as secretary of the Jiangxi provincial Party committee: the use of his office, the relevant units and individuals to provide help for the enterprise management, job promotion and other aspects; in 2009, Nanchang iron and steel company restructuring, Su Rong as secretary of the CPC Jiangxi provincial Party committee, in violation of the relevant provisions, breach of privilege, resulting in serious losses to public property, and the adverse social impact.

at the same time, the subsequent handling of the case in, also began to set off waves in the Jiangxi provincial Party committee.

12 on the morning of 29 July, the Commission announced the Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection on the rectification notice. In this eighteen thousand word bulletin, Su Rong's name appeared in a total of 24 times.

this year from June 30th to August 30th, the central eleventh inspection teams to carry out inspections in Jiangxi, looking back". October 8th, the inspection team to the Jiangxi provincial feedback to look back situation.

inspection team leader Xu Lingyi pointed out at that time, the Jiangxi provincial Party committee "political consciousness is not strong enough, Su Rong case follow-up treatment is not timely, and suggested that" resolutely eliminate the vestiges of political Su Rong case".

's Jiangxi province took the rectification report, the main content is to focus on the follow-up processing Su Rong case political vestiges "".

"government affairs" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that as the deputy national level "tiger", Su Rong was in the Jiangxi provincial Party Secretary for 7 years.

Su Rong was double the briefing said, the primary leadership responsibility for the serious corruption problem in Jiangxi province.

Su Rong's wife Yu Lifang in the political and business circles in Jiangxi, said the sister, many officials to bribe in the sister way, disguised bribery Su Rong, in order to obtain promotion opportunities.

eighteen, there are more than Jiangxi and Su Rong relevant provincial and ministerial level officials sacked: Zhao Zhiyong, Chen Anzhong, Yao Mugen 3 provincial and ministerial level officials, and Su Rong closely, and the following years; two vice chairman of the CPPCC Jiangxi by Cliff type downgrade, among them Liu Lizu and Su Rong "a main force 4 small" achievement projects, Xu Aimin traced with Su Rong's wife Yu Lifang close, "to recognize Yu Lifang when sister".

in August this year, 4 people had to Su Rong "buying" Jiangxi officials checked: Jiangxi province funded enterprise supervision board of supervisors and former chairman Li Zhongyu, former vice chairman of CPPCC Nanchang, Xin Lijie, former deputy director of Jiangxi SASAC Li Jian, Yihuang County, the original county long haired Pope Paul to seek personal promotion, "to the provincial office, many times Secretary Su Rong money".

"government affairs" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that in June 2014, Su Rong sacked, Secretary of the Jiangxi provincial Party committee of two, Su Rong case statement.

in October of that year, when he was party secretary of the provincial Party committee meeting in Qiang Wei said, "Su Rong, Chen Anzhong and Yao Mugen draw negative lessons, consciously do often look in the mirror, dress up at any time, there is dust on the wash bath, cure is wrong, always maintain the advanced sex and purity". In March

2015 national NPC and CPPCC, Qiang Wei Rong forthrightly, a 25 minute response to the former Soviet union.

Su Rong is the former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, former Secretary of Jiangxi provincial Party committee, is my predecessor. "Qiang Wei analysis," Su Rong's problem mainly occurred in his administration, time for nearly 10 years. He not only has the common features of other corrupt elements, there are some more serious outstanding performance, such as connivance of the family right to do the right to dry, the formation of family corruption, the impact is very bad".

" he noted that, "during the Jiangxi government, is disgusted by all of his illegal actions. The "

" of course, we also can not be questioned, there are indeed some cadres by the adverse effects of "Su Rong, Qiang Wei said," this reality also pointed out as central China, Su Rong he led a contingent of cadres, ruining the social atmosphere, damage the political ecology".

at the end of June this year, the original Lu Xinshe longer took over the post of secretary of provincial Party committee.

"government affairs" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) found that, after this time the central inspection group "look back", the subsequent processing of Luxinshe Su Rong case, adopted a "top-down" strategy, starting from three aspects.

"number one" is the first responsible person. December 5th, the Jiangxi provincial party spent a whole day, the provincial Party committee held a thematic democratic life. Description

briefing, in the democratic life meeting, the provincial Party Secretary Lu Xinshe lead for personal control checks, carry out criticism and self-criticism.

then, members of the Standing Committee of the Soviet Union and other cases combined with negative textbooks, consciously put in, the initiative to claim responsibility, to carry out mutual criticism and self-criticism. Criticism of the members of the team, "pointed out the specific issues," pain ", to stamp out" touches the soul, spicy "," sweating cop. ".

in addition to the provincial team, and township level three in turn held a special democratic life, Luxinshe also 3 times listening to the rectification and improvement report, 4 times given instructions.

is worth mentioning, Luxinshe also held video training will take "teaching secretary Secretary of the Party committee, the general office of the counseling training at all levels; at the same time issued a" pass "related personnel on the Su Rong case and case involving Su Rong violation case treatment and lessons of warning, to carry out the warning education in the party organizations at all levels.

addition, Jiangxi province handled 43 cases involving Su Rong province of cadres, 9 people transferred to judicial organs, in which 7 people were expelled from the party, dismissed from public office, 2 people have been stopped the rights of Party members; disciplinary 16 people, 5 of them in accordance with the Commission requirements; 18 minor or does not constitute a violation discipline officials criticized education treatment.

"government affairs" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) to pay special attention to, Su Rong in Jiangxi office engaged in "a senior small greening project, accused of cheating achievements, Luxinshe specially for this rectification.

Jiangxi provincial Party committee Su Rong "green project" included in the opposite teaching material of democratic life theme, also produced the "green project" educational films warning, put the case into the Su Rong of party spirit education museum.

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