Officials accompany the leadership to eat drunk killed remains were cremated in emergency

Officials funeral expenses resuscitation cyanosis

cankaoxiaoxi· 2016-12-30 08:40:12

12 memorial site on Sept. 27 in Cypress Village town of Yongding District of Zhangjiajie City, old man Fu Yuanxiang (sound) and his son's friend once again came to the son Hu Jianyong tomb Memorial bride. Previously, Hu Jianyong accompanied by leadership dinner drunk unfortunately died, because the official silence, the local Public opinions are divergent., unable to agree on which is right.

Fu Yuanxiang told reporters that the 44 year old son Hu Jianyong is the former director of Dayong bridge Yongding District subdistrict office. The evening of October 21, 2016, accompanied by several leading son eating drunk died. After the incident, the above 190 thousand yuan for the 190 thousand, including cremation, burial, a son of 42 months' wages. In addition, the above also gave them two of the old monthly compensation of $95 per person until a hundred years, returned to the grandson of the age of 380 yuan per month compensation of $17, led to the age of 18.

in front of Hu Jianyong's tomb, the reporter saw a simple road under construction. More than and 10 days after the son out of the tomb, it was convenient for everyone to pay the money to build the tomb grave road. "Fu Yuanxiang said, the money to build roads that night also attended the dinner, in addition to at least four people together, is the son of the superior leadership.

Hu Jianyong's sister Hu Aichun said that night at about seven, her brother call, the phone appears weak voice, "I can not, then hang up. 2 hours later, Hu Aichun received a friend's phone, saying that Hu Jianyong has died.

according to the reporter, the evening of October 21, 2016, as director of the office of the streets of Hu Jianyong was invited to dinner hostesses, suddenly athymia, call not. Then, we immediately sent him to the hospital, when Hu Jianyong arrived at the hospital general cyanosis, no signs of life, after doctors initially diagnosed as "acute alcohol poisoning".

although Hu Jianyong no heartbeat breathing, but the hospital is still using cardiopulmonary resuscitation, air assisted breathing, etc.. The medical staff after 1 hours of emergency rescue in 3 minutes, Hu Jianyong finally died, was pronounced dead time is October 21, 2016 22:08.

there is a saying in the local, Hu Jianyong is accompanied by the incoming leadership drink to add to the fun, surprisingly he left Qierlaoshao sashourenhuan hostess. The morning of October 22nd, Hu Jianyong's body was sent to the crematorium for cremation, why would he be emergency cremation, reporters will continue to focus on.

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