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touzijie· 2016-12-30 15:15:52

latest statistics show that in the fall of 2016, the average wage in Beijing was 9886 (id_imagebox_0) class=! When a tearful code this word, a lot of friends like me by ten million crit, average house prices in Beijing do not say, always let this guy live in first-tier cities with too much to handle?

a lot of people with an average wage of the following, spend a lot of time to move bricks, the last figure on the salary card and no surprise, into a dead loop. A set of data

the "Wall Street journal" published last year showed that Chinese workers work 20002200 hours annually, the same year, the per capita working hours is 1677 hours, China per capita length less than 320 hours, if they work 8 hours a day, is equal to the Chinese workers to work for 40 days. The crux of the

problem is that even if the working time is so long! But the income is still low!

but there is still such a person, they do less than you, earn more than you, how to explain it?


there was a king who had hired a large number of workers to take care of a large vineyard, and one of them had a very strong working ability. One day, the king came to the vineyard for a walk, by the way of the workers, in the day after the end of the work, all the workers began to line up to receive wages.

when the steward of the workers receive wages but has been criticized by other workers, they think the workers only work two hours, all the time just to accompany the king around, but the wage is the same as them, it is unfair to them.

then the king said, "I ordered him to take care of the whole vineyard because he was more familiar with your work. Although he had only two hours to live, but when he finished the work, he did not complete the task you have yet to complete, and he spent two hours to complete the workload of your day. So his salary is the same as before. "

so, in many cases, a person's work is not only the results of the work time or workload to measure, but should be effective in the actual work of labor to calculate the results of.

at the moment, some people seem to do less, earn more, because he can finish the work efficiently, behind the refraction is high, he spent an hour to ensure fix things, you need to spend 3 hours, this is the gap. After


entered the society, each person's responsibility and burden continue to add, weight-bearing forward to become a necessary stage, the desire for money is more direct and realistic. Even a few friends together, which will waft a little taste of money. Jane and Wang Yu are friends

chat salary, Zhenzhen to work in a foreign company, the annual salary of 200 thousand, while Wang Yu worked in a school, the annual salary of 100 thousand.

with the depth of the discussion, some of the truth gradually surfaced, let me once again appreciate what is called "do less than you, but also earn more than you," the grim reality.

was originally believed to belong to that kind of Zhenzhen in the circle of friends pull hate people, do a glamorous job, with a generous salary, with thousands of pieces of the bag, which is fully satisfied or contented. However, a comparison with Wang Yu's work time, Zhenzhen happiness index almost to the limit.

is the key to Wang Yu's "paid" than the high count down Zhenzhen, we found that the intensity of daily work Zhenzhen, even the holidays will work overtime, the average work up to 14 hours a day or so, and Wang Yu in the school work, work time more than 8 hours a day, in addition to the annual summer vacation 3 month paid.

hurt more than this, Wang Yu returned to the students to do the summer remedial in 3 months not to go to work, work 6 hours a day, in addition to wage income, there is a lot of money for extra fees, can win. The

conversion is over 8 hours, compared with Wang Yu's 100 thousand annual salary, Zhenzhen spent nearly two times the time to earn 200 thousand, counted by the hour, output per unit time Wang Yu than Zhenzhen is much higher.

classical occupation career planner said: "I want to tell you a secret about the salary, salary and salary are quite deceptive things, really play a role, you must look at the hourly wage per unit time whether their more valuable. "If you can increase the value of the output of the unit time, it means you can do more than others, but the income is more than others.

star, has the majority of discretionary capital heavyweights, some people are keen to buy luxury goods consumption and enjoyment, timely pleasure; while others continue to get financial, valuable investment, make money with money, they can make money lying ligunli.

entertainment recently, known as the female version of Buffett Zhao Wei and the new, large shareholders 10000 group will be 20.13% of the shares, the price of 3 billion 59 million yuan transferred to Zhao Wei's media company, she will become the actual controller of the listed company. In recent years, Zhao Wei invested nearly 20 shares of the company, said the couple's value has been more than 9 billion 200 million Zhao Wei.

Ma after retirement will not be glued to the Alibaba's business daily, but in dealing with the successor, you can spare time to do some sinecure, have the energy to maintain world peace and contribute their own strength, no matter how capricious, its worth in free flight.

they have completed the original accumulation, the realization of financial freedom, "rich dad" author Robert · Kiyosaki also said: "savings are all losers strategy, you want to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible.

so, even if you see some success at this stage less dry do not even work, also can "enjoy" here, not a condition they have been completed in the early large-scale bedding and accumulation, has set up a solid plate for jump takeoff and financial strength.

as working people, want to top chiefs must have to rely on strength to speak, continue to temper their investment, exercise the ability of individuals to talent shows itself. Small target chairman Wang Jianlin 2016 most inspirational one hundred million, is filled with wisdom effect, mass grass root can be heart with tears.

there is no shortcut, many seemingly idle play to earn money of the people, not in your sleep as it has been in the fight. "Doing more than you earn less than you" is just a sign, if you know the reasons behind the high cost output, then you have no words to say.

salary is more or less, don't panic, first time costs are included, will know that he is not the hiding in the corner crying for a while, still consider a, consider a turnaround in the new year war.

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