HUAWEI executives exposed P9 shipments million truth

Executives HUAWEI truth camera

qudongzhijia· 2016-12-30 16:29:06

HUAWEI announced the

consumer business day before, HUAWEI P9/P9 Plus global shipments have exceeded 10 million units, HUAWEI P9/P9 Plus HUAWEI has become history's first shipments exceeded 10 million high-end flagship products.

for the success of the P9 series, He Gang, President of HUAWEI's consumer mobile phone product line, revealed the reasons behind the interview.

he just said that the initial planning, P9 set the goal is to ship over ten million. but just 8 months to reach the goal or let everyone feel very excited.

P9's success lies in the continuation of the P series of fashion boutique concept, such as keeping slim at the same time, adding a large capacity battery, and adopts the most popular full metal body.

P9 series is the biggest breakthrough in cooperation with Leica brand. He just said he participated in the whole process and the depth of cooperation Leica. As the first collaboration with Leica, P9 and other mobile phones have a fundamental difference: the first is the lens, we all know the importance of the lens for the entire photographic system.

P9 is the first use of Leica camera of mobile phone products, Leica for the strict requirements of optical devices, P9 lens design and production process in the face of great challenge, only 1/10 production lens products to meet the requirements of ; but it is such stringent standards bring excellent clarity for consumers. In addition, Leica and HUAWEI joint image quality training, but also to allow P9 to take pictures of the phone is completely different from the unique beauty of the other. In addition, HUAWEI and Leica's cooperation is also reflected in the appearance of P9

. He Gang said that the current mobile phone industry's flagship mobile phone camera will be raised; and the P9 in order to ensure the appearance of the flat, do a lot of improvements on the design and process.

first, in optical technology, we and Leica jointly challenge the limits of 6P lens thickness, do the industry's thinnest thickness lens module; secondly, we by dual camera synthesis technology, while ensuring the image quality of the imaging system to reduce the overall thickness of the module; in addition, a more compact design by the architecture design of mobile phone, camera specially reserved place.

just seems where P9's success is inevitable, he summed up the man from the key product, P9 product itself is good enough, the appearance design of photographic effects distinctive and exquisite slim, with excellent performance and strong endurance performance, gives users a good experience. In addition,

is very important, the HUAWEI brand after years of accumulation of excellent products, has a good reputation, coupled with the success of P9 campaign global brand and regional and national listed campaign, P9 sales have played a role in boosting.

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