To avoid the common development of science education cocoa lion misunderstanding

Avoid cocoa misunderstanding common

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after the baby is born, as the baby grew up, their physiological and psychological will no longer satisfied to convey information to the external environment of the unconscious, this time we need to play the role of the family education. The family education is the purpose of cocoa lion baby in the infant stage of scientific and systemic family early education of children, some misunderstanding appears to circumvent the traditional family education in the process of the baby in infancy can lay a good foundation, happy growth. The biggest characteristic of

family education program is the use of cocoa lion family early method of age type, according to the natural growth of infants and young children follow the law, according to the different month old baby's mental and physical development characteristics, to meet the baby intelligence development demand, to the age of babies as a unit, each month to set different the theme of education.

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cocoa family lion provide early education, for children in different months to design different education theme, uses the different teaching aids and materials, will be suitable for children's learning ability, the life habit form, character cultivation, intelligent development and other content into the theme of education, let the children follow the teaching materials for the eyes, ears, mouth, hands, brain thinking play reading. The setting of each phase of education reflects the scientific nature of the stage, but also reflects the continuity of continuity, so that children learn happy, healthy growth.

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by cocoa cocoa lion lion sub month old family education, can avoid three errors of traditional early childhood:

1. fragmentation misunderstanding, think of what to teach, is mainly the fragmentation of misunderstanding. Cocoa lions every month the perfect convergence, matching into a system to the baby's growth cycle for the law, to ensure the continuity of education.

2. - type errors, errors will cramming children as a learning machine, advanced education for children in the scope of children should not bear, let the children under great pressure. The early age of cocoa lion monthly, not in advance, nor lag, timely and appropriate.

3. comparison type error. What other children learn, what we learn, what other children with toys, we use what, if things go on like this children's personality and behavior, are difficult to go on the right way. Development tools and practical appearance, method of cocoa lion is reasonable, and is beneficial to cultivate the correct behavior of the children.

also has the parents will be tricky, since his early childhood that laborious, and grasp the scale, it is better to give professional education and management, the baby lies in the early education institutions on education. However, after two years, for the baby, the baby can obviously be familiar with people who are not familiar with distinction, may be willing to contact with strangers, and after the age of three, began to show a willingness to play with other children the same age desire, therefore, will be sent to the early baby early education class is not a wise selection of family early education programs to promote the lion cocoa at this point precisely fit the development of the baby's growth.

is the most important point is that the infant baby is more suitable for family education, not suitable for their parents, family education science is the best way to establish a secure attachment relationship. Cocoa lions in early childhood programs, will be interspersed with parent-child interaction, education teaching aids and materials, to promote parent-child emotion. The

family is early after many cocoa lion experts at home and abroad according to the family education program, set the product in collocation, full consideration and the integration of domestic and foreign advanced education philosophy and the family, family education has been a misunderstanding of the targeted avoidance, guarantee the scientific and systematic development of cocoa lion family the more conducive to the healthy and happy family early education of children.

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