Postpartum milk secretion feeding posture knowledge

Feeding postpartum milk knowledge

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1, the amount of milk secretion of milk too much early

start feeding milk, breast milk secretion will. Usually after a few weeks, with the formation of breastfeeding, the phenomenon of excessive breast milk will be adjusted.

" baby eat milk, milk quality, milk secretion is important


during pregnancy, your breast began a series of changes in preparation for lactation, 72 hours after the baby is born, the body will start producing milk. The beginning of the secretion is a thick yellow liquid milk, called colostrum. This precious liquid is easy to digest and is rich in immunoglobulins.


, insufficient milk many women think that their lack of milk, but the fact is not always the case. For most women, the real problem is that milk instead of milk. They can secrete a lot of milk, but because the baby sucking posture is not right, not to eat milk effectively.

two, breast condition affects

1, breast size

breast size only with the amount of fat in the breast. Manufacturing milk depends on the breast tissue, and adipose tissue is not the same thing, breast size does not affect the amount of lactation.

2, nipple

flat or sunken nipples should not affect breastfeeding, but in the beginning, you may feel some pain.

3, nipple pain

for the first breastfeeding mother, nipple pain is very common. Frequent breastfeeding to the baby does not actually cause nipple pain. Baby suck method is not correct, or the method of containing the nipple is not correct, it is more likely to cause nipple pain.

4, nipple

is often because the baby does not properly contain the nipple, the breast can not effectively cause. Therefore, we must put the baby to the breast before he opened his mouth, can hold the most part of the areola, so he can suck the nipple just inside the mouth, he can rely on the tongue muscles to eat milk from the breast.


1, breast feeding posture posture

comfortable posture, sitting on the bed, or find a chair and armrest chair, comfortable on the back seat. Posture reclining bed


comfortable reclining on the leg and back cushion pillow, the baby's head lying on the arm.


mining mother side lying side, face to face with the baby, the baby's mother's abdomen abdomen, head close to the mother's breast.

4, olive

this position applies to twins, infants with milk problems, breast duct obstruction or Caesarean birth mother. My mother's arm around at the bottom of the baby body, with the palm of the hand and wrist holding the baby's head, with the whole arm supporting the baby's body.

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