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E-sports continues to develop, the demand for commentary is also getting higher and higher, professional female commentary will have more advantages.

in recent years, with the development of e-sports industry system, held more gaming company and investors are willing to participate in the tournament. Because the number of gaming events and enhance the degree of specialization in the interpretation, the requirements of increasingly high, in which the female that fewer female professional events become scarce commentary.

accounted for 80% of male users, female narration is more popular

game users overall men accounted for a large proportion of female users tend to casual games, athletics, and practical men feel more like gaming game game player.

according to statistics, the proportion of men and women in gaming users about 8:2, male game player case of absolute advantage, outstanding female game player had rarely, as events also need to have good eloquence and image understanding, the game strong, so the female professional interpretation is still very rare.

part of the interpretation of the female from the webcast industry into the event commentary, the lack of control ability, the ability to analyze the game, and thus a strong professional knowledge, with more interpretation of the story will be more popular with the audience. It is also due to the gender imbalance in the proportion of user groups, looks sweet professional female commentary will have more advantages than male commentary, the same time the debut of the female interpretation popularity will generally be higher than about two times male commentary. A lot of

inclusion artists brokerage business gaming company saw the market began to train talents. Shanghai seven and as one of the earliest open artist brokerage business module gaming enterprise system is more mature, training a large number of first-line tournament commentary, host, acclaimed in the industry. Tighten policy

professional female popularity did not fall by

that the gaming industry continues to expand the scale, to live as one of the key elements of gaming game network broadcast platform because of the content of the government to control dragons and fishes jumbled together, a large number of female anchor studio was ordered rectification led to decline in popularity. But unlike ordinary female anchor, these official game commentary live content to the game based, but always maintain a high popularity. They generally live in the big platform, sharing platform advantages but also for the platform to create a higher quality live content. Strict regulatory policies, the professional interpretation of the popularity of women is not affected and even soon be more people know and love. Why does this happen to

? Policy tightening did not change their live content, first of all, this will not affect the stability of their original popularity. Secondly, the increasing number of official games made them more exposed. As the king of glory official commentary, seven and Kiki and Sun Liren to professional interpretation ability and sweet image by many game player with more experience, events can also enhance the quality of their own live, bring more exciting content to the audience. The king of glory at the end of the ceremony, the high popularity of the final to win with Kiki's most popular female commentary award.

KPL's most popular female commentary award

behind more pay, unknown

professional female commentary in front of the elegant image, has a high popularity is also higher than that of ordinary working-class income, which is why many young girls to explain this occupation ambition, but mostly because of their professional literacy is not enough, the entry threshold is high and difficult to explain to. But it is unknown that the professional interpretation of the intensity of work is much higher than ordinary people, very little time to rest, overtime is also a common thing.

Kiki told reporters: "to do a lot of preparatory work before the game, not just in front of the working time. And when it comes to the League will continue to explain the world, if there are other activities may also fly to other cities. Then there is also a live broadcast platform at the time of the longest live broadcast, interpretation and more activities, then spend more time to fill the live, almost no rest. Zhou Shuyi starred in "lspl commentary network drama" seven yellow five "black wolf second season, in summer dress work in several degrees below zero in the mountains, tired clothes and rest, can rest at the hotel very little time. Behind

Zhou Shuyi at night on the chair and clothes to sleep before the screen shows

is overwhelmed with admiration for, these women often have to pay that much more than we think, and one to the front of the lens, and is the most exquisite and professional smile the commentary, I hope to show their best side to the audience and fans.

with gaming events increasing, increasing female professional interpretation, presided over the demand, the selection approach will be more diversified, the whole team will expand the scale of many. The fierce competition will promote and improve the quality of personal interpretation, standardized development vigorously promote the industry in 2017, will also show the survival of the fittest, only more professional, more efforts and more professional commentary to female talent shows itself.

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