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[what is Fintech? One of the most concerned about the future of the world's financial variables style= color: RGB

Fintech >

Fintech mainly provides the solving scheme, one is the bank provides financial services not covered by the small gold service field, especially the specific needs of individual consumption and finance field mix; second is to improve the process efficiency of the financial sector, through the Internet network technology, operation and a variety of fields fusion to shorten the cycle of traditional financial services, complete the human a chance to complete the business. In fact, many of the U.S. banking giants are also beginning to Fintech.

although is still in the ascendant in China fintech, but in the international market for financial services. Fintech has been regarded as after the automatic electronic quotation, cloud computing, and an item will rewrite the format the entire financial industry new technology. />



[pleasant credit: fintech landing China's value is to provide a new way of life]

brush burst subway loan pleasant is fintech system in China a successful landing. Its product innovation lies in the adoption of cloud computing, big data and other Internet efficient tools to provide users with efficient and convenient personal loan advisory services across the board. And the user will be locked for the urban quality of white-collar workers, and gradually become white-collar workers to enhance the quality of life (buy a car, travel, education, decoration, etc.), an important assistant. />

a loan, through Internet algorithm for energy efficient credit data for the user of collection, screening, screening, ratings, and the value of the release, and the "is" high quality user experience, provide small amounts of money for white-collar crowd. Committed to becoming white-collar workers mobile credit partners.

second is financial, quality assets acquired in the borrowing side based on and pleasant loan finance comprehensive do the custodian bank funds, and actively carry out the investor education, help investors make more rational allocation of assets. The facts of the

, pleasant credit the Chinese fintech in development process is for the vertical release, the target user is Chinese white-collar population, the value is in, through to the borrower credit support, improve traditional financial institutions loan process complex and lengthy, cumbersome procedures for the status quo, let more people to more rapid access to financial support and the opportunity to change the status of the working life. Behind such an opportunity to change, may be a fundamental upgrade of urban life. />


[high signal to efficient payments service, perhaps the ecological future super link]

I often said, the future of the Internet is a ecological world, and the future will be the world of the Internet. So how to use the Internet to give the connection tool attribute to achieve ecological model evolution, it will be the key point for us to get the future.

we may imagine such ecological: each people are no longer as the creative need cost and worry, each people are no longer as clothing, housing, basic elements trapped, everyone can commitment to engage in self realization, everyone can to complete the creation and non mechanical labor. />


[end [English]

last year on December 18, welcoming the loan was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange, become the first Chinese Internet Banking Overseas unit. With pleasant credit for the further promotion and the radiation surface will be more and more widely, resulting in a chemical reaction should also will become fiercer. />


Fintech from the purpose or the pursuit of the

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