Good father of the 7 standards, so that 2~4 qualified, all perfect! (to my father)

Dad standard family parents

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" standard: harmonious marriage love mother

family education must be stable and happy family life, the relationship between husband and wife is greater than the parent-child relationship, mom and dad. Get along with each other harmonious family atmosphere, the nature is good, children in such families, happiness will naturally be enhanced. If parents often quarrel, the child will certainly be a lot of damage. First of all, the standard of a good father is to respect and love his mother!

standard two: per day for fifteen minutes with

company is the most long love, for children, one often accompany him to play sports. Dad, Dad than in photos many vivid. No matter how busy you are, how tired you are, how can you spare fifteen minutes every day to accompany your child, you will reap the most pure love. Dad's company is vital to every child.

standard three:

love gene can be inherited, you love to sleep, your child will not get up early. Good health is the foundation of all, the father of love sports optimistic and positive, in the life of the child will be subtle influence.


says it will do many things on the promised child father mouth, turned to selective amnesia. Parents are the child's example, if you want to be a child who so first they keep a promise inviolate, promised the children to do things. Promised to take the children to the zoo on weekends, then try to do it, or do not easily promise.

standard five: mobile phone

mobile phone down now, many people have become the indispensable life partner "". However, when the children together, please put down your cell phone anyway, with the child is not sitting around the child, but his eyes were staring at the phone screen. Put down the phone, give the child a high quality to accompany it, you will find that the child's smile is much better than the phone.

standard six: not to smoke in front of the children

smoking is harmful to health, we all understand this common sense, but many still father belongings into the smoking room, let the family become victims of "secondhand smoke". If you do not want to see the child learn how you smoke, then do not smoke in front of the children, but also a healthy living environment for children.

seven standard: respect for the child only respect the child, you can enter the child's mind, have good communication possible between you. Because children want to be valued (and so are you), children who are respected and trusted will show more potential. Because children treat others and the world in the same way you treat them, it's hard to learn to respect others.

take a look at your home that has not qualified? It's said that it's not perfect! Come on!!

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