You always curse the child, but also blame the child is not sensible

Children the weekend tiancifu reverse psychology

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poke above the blue word attention to the "teacher" oh!


life, a part of the relationship between parents and children is very nervous, in the eyes of the parents, the reason may be the child psychology is too heavy.

but in fact, these parents may have inadvertently curse their children, so that children feel lost and irritable.

a lot of time, parents blindly to the child to pass the negative energy, said the child is not, it is not.

blindly hit the child, may seem to be in strict control of the child, in fact, this will only make the child worse.

and this effect is tantamount to "curse".

so, is there such a "Curse" in your life?

source: mother manual

in Oregon, Portland, a pastor and his wife. They have a son who has given them a lot of trouble.

not only that, the son ran away from home, has been cut off for three or four years. Pastor

went to a psychic consultant and told him about the pain in his heart.

simple communication, the consultant looked at him and said: "how long have you cursed your son? "Pastor

very surprised to say:" you said I cursed my son, what is the meaning of this? The

replied: "the curse means that the mouth is not the same as the thought of another person. What you said just now is telling me about your son. How long have you cursed your son? "

the priest bowed his head and said," yes, when he was born, I began to curse him until now. "The results are not valid, right,


"the priest replied," yes! "

," said the counselor, "now I ask you and your wife to give you a challenge. In the next two months, when you think of this son, bless him, rather than think of his bad. I want you to pray and bless him. When you talk about your son, I want you to remember the good side of him, just to say good things about him. "When pastor

came home, he told his wife about the matter, and they agreed with the consultant to do so.

when they prayed for the son, they asked God to bless him; when they talked about their son, they tried to remember and talk about the merits of his son.

from now on, they continue to do so every day. About tenth days later, the minister was studying in the study. Yes, the other end of the phone turned out to be the son!

son said: "Dad, I'm not really sure why I call you, I just want to tell you in the past more than a week, I always think of you and mom, and other family members of us, so I really want to call you, see you recently okay. "

," the father said excitedly, "son! I'm really glad you called.

they talked on the phone for a few minutes, and then the father asked, "I don't know what you think, but do we have a lunch on Saturday? "The son is pleased to agree.

weekend lunch time, the father and son met. The son was dressed in shabby clothes, and had long hair.

in the past, his father would have severely criticized the father son; however, to accept the attitude in the face of son, bless him in my heart.

when he asked his son, he listened quietly to his son's answer. The son said something to the right place, he gave a certain.

at the end of the lunch date, the son looked at his father and said, "daddy! I don't know what happened, but I enjoyed the time with you today.

's father responded, "son, I enjoy being with you, too! "

son said," well! Dad, would you like to spend the night at home tonight? Just tonight, I want to see my mother and my family and my old bed. "

father said," of course! I'm so glad you're with us. "

that night, when the son lying on his bed, his father came to his room, sat down on the son said:" the child, the past so many years I'm not good for you, would you forgive me?

son said, "Dad, I forgive you, of course! "

then he hugged his father and his father and son began to relate.

there is no doubt that every parent loves their children, but you don't have the right way.

blindly to the child transmission of negative energy, blindly blow, you may be in the eyes of the strict discipline of the child, in fact, will only make the child worse.

what should we do to improve this situation?


be good at exploring the advantages of the child

every child is the one and only, who has both advantages and disadvantages, if you see only the shortcomings of the child, and has been staring at the shortcomings on the chatter without stop, constantly enlarge shortcomings, the child will certainly crept, what do not dare.

remember, to find the child's strengths - maybe he can't do it, but maybe he's good at math? He may not be smart enough, but he has been working hard

parents, to be good at exploring the advantages of the child, rather than unlimited amplification shortcomings, and nagging.


don't skimp on your praise

never skimp on your praise, and don't be ashamed of your personality because of your personality.

want to know your praise, it may be the passion of the child continued to burn, continued unabated interest in the sweet agent.


" is often encouraged, let children self-confidence

encourage children to explore, to encourage children to try new things, to encourage their children to make their own decisions, these are all ways to nurture confidence.

remember, don't do anything for the child, this will let the children have no idea, will not let him realize, in the future, he will bear a lot of alone, because you will not accompany him.


told the child, "you can do it! "The instinct of a

man is to make a mistake when he makes a mistake.

is even more so, when he is not sure, he would not dare to take a step". For example,

in maths, do miss a few times, when you and his game, he is not sure of his own results, hesitated dare not say it, this time you need to encourage him to speak out, even if the wrong.

be sure to pass a firm message to your child, "you can do it! "It will make children more optimistic and confident.

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