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what is the standard for the middle class?

this question, immediately detonated everyone's Gua (BA) passion, the first standard simple and rough, but it is the most intuitive and quantitative: as a middle class, you have to get rich.

middle income: the city's per capita income of two times

in accordance with the definition of "Forbes" magazine, China's middle class families, annual income should be between $10 thousand -6 million. McKinsey, a consulting firm, said it was between $9000 and $34 thousand. The National Bureau of statistics is defined as an annual income of $7250-62500.

, take 10 thousand -5 million dollars, and given the huge gap between different city Chinese, first or second tier city developed standard, should at least doubled 20 thousand -10 million dollars, converted into about 130 thousand yuan -65 million, if slightly round, we can divide the interval mapping in about 150 thousand -70 ten thousand yuan different, may not the same city.

note: due to the concept of income tax, after tax, the discussion is calculated after tax, and even a few actually in the disposable income to calculate. The

and discuss the results probably close, everyone thinks that, in the city of Hangzhou, the couple after tax income of more than 200 thousand, should reach the middle of the threshold. In 2015, Hangzhou city is 48316 yuan per capita disposable income of urban residents, according to this calculation, we assume that the starting point of middle income families is the per capita income standard is about two times the per capita income of the city.

has a younger sister, A, shortly after graduating from college, said he is far away from this standard. The presence of the elder brother of the old B words of comfort, he is 35 years old this year, after graduating from university work for more than and 10 years, with his experience, in fact, a few years wages will rise, and now the family is generally working, until a few years, 30 years old, one of the ten salary it is not difficult.

car is, how many parents help

old B said, in his opinion, there is a property in the urban areas, plus a mid-level car, also need to have a certain number of current assets, to talk about the middle class living problems. Relative to the annual income, this may be a little more difficult, high prices, many people have contributed to the house for half a lifetime of income. Nevertheless, the presence of almost all people think that the house should be bought, it seems that the Chinese family must complete a problem. Most

here is a 30 year old 80, also bought the garage. Interestingly, most of these people are local or neighboring Hangzhou City, although there are different parts of the house, the age of the house is relatively early. The first payment is to help solve their parents, and some parents, some of the parents of the man, after the mortgage is also to their own.

parents might want to give a child is buying a house, the rest of the life is to marry and settle down children and grandchildren to enjoy a hug". Among them, there is a path dependent, the local family elders have savings, pension and other benefits, in the home to the 80 friends are very helpful.

note: not all the people present are dependent on their parents Shoufu sponsorship, the limited space, mainly about the typical minibus.

and friends from rural or small cities, may be more difficult, they have to make their own efforts to make a real estate, the reality and cruel.

life is a bit boring, lack of future plans

talk about the money, we went on to talk about life.

in fact, in the self expression of everybody, the life is very boring, like a set of established procedures: to work every day, every month, make money in non working time consumption, shopping, dining and occasional travel holiday. It is precisely because of this, there will be a weekend Cafe chat together.

bus sometimes thought that after 5 years of life, we asked 5 year plan, the answer is quite unexpected.

5, it seems too long for everyone.

in the presence of a boy C said: in fact, from small to large, to work to get married, in addition to decide to take an examination of a university, rarely planned 5 years later. A lot of things are step by step, the work, there is a demand for promotion, but also efforts, but the most is two or three years later. Although sometimes feel hard work, if I do not have money, but most of the time life is quite stable, very satisfied. "

minibus suddenly feel, this is probably the middle class. Life satisfaction, dissatisfaction, the overall income and consumption, along with the economic development of the country's synchronous growth, money enough, but it can not be said to be very well-off.

in other words, life is:


in the United States also have the same problem, the middle class in more and more occasions was ridicule as "Boring Class" (boring class), the lack of long-term goals.

in Chinese, possible benefit is that, first, the middle class more or less have some savings, then although the economy has slowed down, but still relatively very fast, so if a person to work hard, investment cautious curiosity, luck is not too bad, the bonus should still be able to eat to. Such a stable life, in fact, really good!

however, the two 5 year plan of the predecessors, Mr D speaks more clearly, his personal privacy plan will not listed, his idea is to light appetite, used for your reference:

"our childhood education, teach us many things, to study hard, to work the concept of family, have no savings, only teach is, what is the goal. It took me years to figure out what I was going to be. Maybe I'll never be rich, but I am always reading, learning, and their comparison is important, the future better than now. I believe that the Internet has given us the tools to my professional skills, even if the economy is very poor, it will not starve to death. "

minibus Cafe survey, 10 friends, 5 criteria:

1. income: annual household income of 200 thousand to 700 thousand, with 8;

2. assets: car, housing, with basic financial knowledge, with 7;

3. consumption: pay attention to the quality of life, food consumption is not higher than the total 1/3. 9 in accordance with

4.; psychological than less, sometimes feel satisfied with the status quo, sometimes not enough money to spend, with 6

5.; there is a clear plan for the future: after 5 years of life, 2 met.

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