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Black dark call of duty Blizzard

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Diablo Brevik, one of the most important creators of David, took a day to finally realize that he was wrong about the game, and that's why his studio was in a good turn. When the game was originally planned, is to allow players in the underground city can only move one step, and the monsters around the turn of the system to move and attack. But shortly after agreeing to publish Diablo, one of Blizzard's founders insisted that the mechanics of the game had to change: the rhythm based on the strategy of the game had to be abandoned in favor of real-time action. After some convincing work, Brevik sat in front of his computer, spent an afternoon to modify the dark code, and then, as he said, the birth of a new video game type. After the departure of the Diablo

its twenty anniversary in December 31st will usher in the God, but baby Brevik more interactive than ever. Whether it is good or bad, it is the concept of the integration of various elements from the classic role-playing game selected several elements in combination with a game in the world are constantly looking for items for every time your game will change - now this concept into the games of all kinds, from the first person shooting game to sports games and even small team to do independent game. In the game after the sale of countless imitation works have been published, even in its brilliant sequel after the launch has become a global phenomenon, although most have been depressed. However, every game now has a small dark element in which.

actually the secret is very simple. Your heroes are more powerful in the process of continuous killing, you only need to click your mouse on the line, and as you become stronger, you can get something better - sword, bow, armor - you can also brush strange or transaction to help you become stronger. This includes two aspects, your role through continuous game gradually grow, and occasionally good beautifulthings emerge from a lot of useless trash, and give you a leapfrog growth, this is a very powerful force. There is a definite end to your journey, but the focus is not on this, but more on the collection of items and the increasing numbers with your mouse clicks. Diablo 2 appears to enhance this cycle, increase the difficulty, more powerful monsters out better equipped, so that those who have opened up the game game player who have an incentive to start the next round, as they pursue better in the world without end equipment and a greater number of.

Blizzard has spent more time on this obsession than any developer. This is the innovation of World of Warcraft's core - from Diablo, effects of many different types of games, you know, it is applied to everything from traditional firearms (borderlands) to HOODIE (throughout the blockade) to ski (SSX 2012) - the huge success caused an era of developers are beginning to realize that this model is the charm of how powerful. It is rare to see a big game, no matter what type it is, there is no dark style RPG concept template to attract you to invest more time. Even famous works, such as Lara and doom, also need to upgrade a lot, and in their latest adventure works with the new skills.

" even Lara had a secret skill tree and experience points

shooting game to destroy god in the dark on a particularly sharp application. The land of the Lord is essentially a complete imitation, but a random gun, not a random fantasy weapon. In 2007, call of Duty 4 first person shooter game created the modern blueprint, and by giving way to the wartime experience points on the Internet, so you can play it long enough after the upgrade to unlock new equipment. And like halo 5 and watch their Blizzard pioneer is applied is Diablo style game player in the skin out of the box, the random number generator and carefully carefully adjust the percentage of open under the action of a similar magic card package box, filled with a variety of digital rewards to encourage your progress every time. The extreme example is the fate and the blockade, they spent a few months to study how to build a better game around their hamster wheel, but players have left.

look at the legendary outfit

Diablo itself is not a new concept. It started with Brevik's favorite games as a prototype, that is, Rogue and its roguelike derivatives, such as Nethack and Angband. In the early days of RPG, the underground city is exploring alternate, and survive in this harsh world then algorithm depends on a useful items in the course of the game were obtained. The original idea of Brevik is to use a more realistic image to display rather than using the ASCII code as shown in the 80s of last century. In the final version of the

, Diablo became a much faster pace from the faithful roguelike work, but it retained the Rogue iconic program randomly generated dungeons and objects. It uses a template that makes Rogue games mysterious, challenging, and repeatable, and makes it easier to use. To understand the modern concept of "roguelike" of the game is not easy - Rogue the randomness and complexity of the application to RPG is not in the game, was born as Spelunky The, Binding Of Isaac, FTL: Faster and Than Light that works. We still go back to the dark topic, they put the dark packaging into a simple fast-paced game.

"content_img_p" Diablo game and countless modern have benefited from Rogue

although its various parts are not unique or exciting, but the combination of these basic elements are proved to be revolutionary. Random, RPG custom elements, came out a lot of garbage in the well, repetitive actions brought to meet when they are combined into a game when, it forms a new method to let the game player and game player tied to the game. In the past twenty years, this has proven to be one of the most astute and influential game design innovations, and in one way or another, in almost every big budget game. It has blurred the boundaries of the game type and widened the scope of the game design, and it has become a crutch, allowing developers to have a direction and goals - how to do a repetitive game. Of course, this trend is whether or not the dark will appear, but we all love and hate of the modern video games are appearing on the day after the afternoon of the encoding, on that day, David Brevik finally abandoned his own little dream to become in 90s the most forward-looking and persistent game.

Author: snow tyrant

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