@ everyone in 2017, the country to send these red envelopes please close!

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2016 is coming to an end. The new year, there will be a wave of new deal affect our lives! Settlement of medical insurance settlement, civil service promotion channels to broaden, the basic realization of the national social security card &hellip card; …

these red envelopes, please take good!


seven people are expected to gain full political energy

12 14 days to 16 days, the central economic work conference held in beijing. Conference deployed in 2017 economic work. 2017, the following seven groups are expected to harvest political energy! See if there

: you just need buyers: house was used to live, not for speculation; real estate bubble, prevent change radically.

@ three or four line city residents: improve the three or four line of the city education, health care and other public service level.

real economy: practitioners develop artisan spirit, strengthen brand building, cultivate more "a hundred years old".

@ : private entrepreneurs in tax cuts, reduced fees, reduce the costs of factors increase the intensity of work; adhere to the basic economic system, stability and confidence of private entrepreneurs.

@ : farmers to give farmers more sufficient property rights; broaden the income of farmers to get rich.

@ : the promotion of people of migrant workers migrant workers.

retirees: promote the old-age insurance system reform, accelerate the reform of endowment insurance system.


will broaden the channels for the promotion of civil servants pilot civil service positions and ranks the parallel

" in December 25th twelve session of the twenty-fifth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee voted through the authorization of the State Council in some regions and some central authorities in Beijing to temporarily adjust the applicable civil law the relevant provisions of the decision. decided to carry out the civil service positions in parallel with the rank, rank and treatment linked system, expand the civil service promotion channel, further mobilize the enthusiasm of civil servants.

specific pilot measures made by the State Council, the pilot period of 2 years. This decision shall come into force as of December 26, 2016.


real estate registration fees, these 16 cases of class= reduction

", the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued "on the real estate charges related issues notice" registration, 16 kinds of real estate registration fees exemption

1, by a registration fee: including real estate correction registration, the dissidence registration of real estate rights; name, name, identity change apply for registration of change type; the same rights by splitting and merging of real estate to apply for change of registration and other 4 cases;

2, free registration fee: including Small and micro businesses (including individual industrial and commercial households) to apply for registration of real estate and housing application; Supporting the parking garage, storage rooms and other registration, not separately issued by the real estate ownership certificate and other 8 cases;

3, only charge certificate fee, 10 yuan each. includes the right to apply for the right to use the homestead and land ownership registration; the application for the registration of the right to use the homestead; the change of the right of real estate between husband and wife, the application for registration of 4 cases.


department, the Ministry of Finance issued the "on the basic medical insurance for inter provincial offsite medical inpatient medical expenses direct settlement work notice", clear:

1, by the end of 2016, the basic realization of the national network, start the inter provincial resettlement retirement staff hospital medical expenses directly clearing work;

2, 2017 began to gradually solve the provinces relocation of retirees hospitalization expenses of direct settlement, the end of the expansion to meet the provisions of the remote medical referral hospital medical expenses directly settlement;

3, combined with the reform of local household registration and residence permit system, and gradually different long-term residence and resident offsite personnel staff Na Remote medical treatment of hospital medical expenses direct settlement coverage. The basic realization of the national social security card



Department issued "on the strengthening and improvement of human resources and social security public service", provides:

2017 years to achieve social security card trans regional business directly for individual HR and social security affairs, integration application is open to other public services, the basic realization of the national social security card. Put forward the views of

, at the same time, we should focus on strengthening the remote service system construction, improve the efficiency of handling social insurance for transferring and remote medical billing, off-site treatment to receive certification business, the convenience of the insured people to work, to avoid the "underwritten", "run legs" situation. through the Internet + government, so that wonderful proof and difficult to deal with other issues to be cracked.


credit card payment canceled

daily withdrawals 10 thousand yuan

", the central bank issued the "notice" the people's Bank of Chinese on credit card business related matters, implemented since January 1, 2017:

1, cancel the unified credit card overdraft interest rate, the implementation of overdraft interest rate cap, the range of management;

2, cancel the overdraft consumption interest free repayment period, the longest period of the minimum payment standards and the provisions of the existing conditions;

3, cancel the payment, liquidated damages by the issuer and the cardholder;

4, ATM cash advance cash amount raised to 10 thousand yuan.


train, train station lost tickets can be

" since January 1, 2017, the railway department will further improve the real name ticket to re submit the report of loss. Based on keeping constant current passenger ticket stop loss before the real name train ticket management mode, will handle deadline from the ticket coupon station stop ticket 20 minutes before the train stop ticket adjustment as before.

lost passenger train real name system, to provide relevant information and ticket valid identity documents, verification is the booking information, and the original ticket is not used, can be on the train, the station for the loss formalities.


import and export tariff adjustments

Korean cosmetics, tuna to be cheaper!

" since January 1, 2017, our country will make some adjustments on the import and export tariffs, including South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Iceland, Pakistan FTA will further reduce the tax, South Korean cosmetics, tuna, Arctic shrimp, cranberry, will also decline with a tax on imports cheaper. At the same time in response to the national

on medical and health concerns, China will reduce import tariffs production of anticancer drugs required for Taxus skin and leaves, treatment of diabetes drugs required acarbose hydrate.


passport and upgrade

2017 these countries visa free

2016" is coming to an end, this year, China passport gold continued Biao, and many Chinese visa! Take your passport and go abroad next year!

mutual visa free country

1, Serbia: since January 1, 2017, China and Serbia mutual visa free. Serbia became the first country in central and Eastern Europe to cancel the visa system.

2, Ecuador: August 19, 2016, China holding ordinary passports to citizens, tourism and related activities for the purpose of, or engage in other non-profit activities, surrender on the date of entry to the final departure date, within one year of no more than 90 days stay, visa exemption.

3, Tonga, Mauritius, Fiji, Bahamas, Seychelles, Grenada, Republic of San marino. These 7 countries, from the date of entry to the date of departure, the cumulative stay no more than 30 days, visa free.

unilateral visa

countries of the United Arab Emirates, South Korea (Jeju Island), Indonesia, Morocco, Peru, Saipan, Dominic, Samoa, French, French Polynesia, Haiti, reunion.

unilaterally allow the landing of the country

Thailand, Maldives, Lebanon, Brunei, Iran, Jordan, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Bangladesh, etc..

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