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for music and its founder, Jia Yueting, 2016 is doomed to be a quiet year.

the beginning of the year, the music stars can conference and super financing capacity is staggering, the end of the year, LETV capital chain and PPT a good story mode of doubt. This year, Jia Yueting had watched the car full of excitement. LETV choked voice. This year, Jia Yueting's internal letter also let the outside world worried about sitting on the barrel of powder when the music countdown.

capital on LETV once keen and favor, showing no Internet par "made rich ability". The favor of good stories of capital, but also to allow more and more Internet companies involved in the automotive field. In 2016, the Internet is put down the old pride, they once disdained to penetrate the real economy. But wait for them, but not necessarily the goddess of victory. The change in

2016 in December 28th, LETV announced the latest progress of change.

LETV announced that as of now the United Jia Yueting, LETV Holdings has with strategic investors signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement, the strategic cooperation scope, cooperation, investment and other elements of the agreement. And it conveys the most important information is that the major issues involved in the transaction size is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan. LETV announced at the same time, strategic investors have paid the gold.

this is Jia Yueting after exposure as the capital chain pressure, as the music announced the largest financing. Prior to this, the music as a result of the new music as the internal ecology of the automotive business after the second to get outside financing business.

2016 December 20th afternoon, music as a result of the new president Liang Jun announced that the music as a result of the introduction of new investment is gradually, the money has been credited, there will be behind, but also need to see the official announcement of the release. He also revealed that the music as a result of the new vote before the valuation of 30 billion yuan or more, you can guess how much money is the number of the 10%, how much is the number of 5%. "He said. Music as a result of the new music as a subsidiary of the company, the main TV business. Music as the music as a result of the new 58.55% stake.

music as a result of the new is also constantly looking for new financing opportunities. A group of investors also attended the music as a result of the new activities in December 20, 2016. Liang Jun said mainly want to convey a positive signal, "we have a healthy business, we have the future, we will encounter problems seriously, super TV is still to a large development, we mainly want to let investors in the future potential of super TV LETV, investors can know. Liang Jun said.

before that, most of the burn music as car first in Jia Yueting's circle of acquaintances to get a $600 million of foreign aid funds. In November 15th, Hailanjituan, Hengxing group and other companies and LETV holdings signed the first $300 million investment agreement, and said the investment is mainly LETV car. These companies to invest in music as the helm who have a common identity, that is, they are Jia Yueting in the Yangtze River Business School students.

exposes a series of crisis LETV

change action, an internal letter from Jia Yueting.

11 6, Jia Yueting admitted publicly for the first time as the music suffered financial pressure. He said in an open letter, began to make him wary of music as a mobile phone Pro 3 supply problems. "In recent months, the supply chain pressure surge, coupled with consistent with financial problems in the development of LeEco, led to tight supply, the continued development of the mobile phone business impact. "

now look back, and in July 2016 to create music as sports Guoan arrears rumors, has shown signs of music as" tight money ". And in this open letter, the music also suffered a series of market capitalization has shrunk, the supply chain arrears, liquidation storm and a series of negative crisis.

Jia Yueting admits in the open letter as music financing capacity is not strong. But it's the story about ecological complex to others in Jia Yueting, the business as its music also received a huge amount of financing to let other companies can offer in the market.

Wind data show that music as a record of financing shows that all of its total financing of nearly 50 billion yuan.

among them, the listed company LETV since 2010 through the listing of IPO, given by the direct financing and increase 9 billion 289 million yuan. Jia Yueting family also frequently through the equity financing of listed companies to finance, with blood transfusion as its subsidiary.

in the non-listed company, "China Times" reporter rough finishing LETV according to previously published data, the amount of financing vehicles, LETV music as pictures, music as sports, music and other mobile phone business to get more than 20 billion yuan. And because there are stars and other people involved in the investment, music as the launch of each financing business has become a star project.

music as favored capital is not without reason. Up to now, Jia Yueting has a hand LETV from one in the industry is not high on the video website, the company has become a huge ecological, ecological, ecological sports, mobile phone and Internet cloud ecology, ecology, ecology and the big screen Car Internet Financial Ecological seven business. And Jia Yi repeatedly referred to the "ecological anti" has been confused from the face of a person to become a buzzword to mention.

but after listening to too much passion and story, gradually calm investors to look at the real profits. Jia Yueting admitted to the capital chain crisis, and the attribute is not strong to LETV financing ability, no doubt in the minds of investors hit the suspect sensitive nerve, LETV thawing is not enough? In the end is how much money can be let Jia Yueting draw the beautiful "pie" into reality?

Liang Jun said in the December 20th event, as the music is now experiencing financial pressure, mainly due to the large number of inputs and mobile phone supply chain funds. "Jia said that two weeks ago, we will be in the next 3 to 4 months, gradually let the business back to normal, or find a solution. "He said.

is the music as repairer repairer storm into the eye of the storm whirlpool negative news.

CES is the latest setback before the war, LETV future partner Faraday (FF factory) two executives to resign but he. Foreign media sources said that the recent FF factory, the world's leading brand and business officer Marco Mattiacci and the original product marketing and marketing planning head Joerg Sommer two executives leave.

this announcement will be held in January 3, 2017, CES released the first production car FF, is no small blow. Jia Yueting has said that it would be a shocking world conference. The conference is even more critical is that its success or not will directly affect the music as the next financing progress.

prior to this, FF factory shutdown news constantly coming. Due to the arrears, FF factory also suffered two lawsuits.

recently, FF factory is the supplier of Futuris (Futuris) company to court, saying the arrears items over $10 million, nearly $7 million in arrears more than 30 days overdue.

behind the FF factory has been questioned, one of the most burning car is LETV seven business. In an open letter published in November 6th, Jia Yueting also said that about ten billion of its own funds have been burned. In addition to the huge investment overseas, in August 2016, as the music has announced the construction of the Mogan Mountain Zhejiang high tech Industrial Development Zone Automobile Industry Park, the future investment will reach 20 billion yuan.

music is fulfilling its commitments. December 28th, music as the eco industrial park officially started. LETV super car (Chinese) President COO Zhang Hailiang said the industrial park area of about 4300 acres, including smart car production area, supporting the park, industrial park experience, a project planning investment of about 11 billion yuan, the area will be more than 2000 acres; a two phase project will be built is expected to achieve a total capacity of 400 thousand vehicles.

it is worth noting that, as a music project planning investment of about 11 billion yuan, the figure was more than twice as much as the music had announced more than $6 billion. According to public information, as the music is currently only 279 million yuan to get the land of 1350 acres. This is obviously far away from its planned 20 billion yuan.

music collective choice because in the radical controversial internet repairer. But in fact, in favor of capital on the Internet repairer of the story, so many Internet companies have kindled overweeningly ambitious repairer dream. The funds of a headache for

the traditional manufacturing industry, in the face of Internet companies are "a piece of cake". The car in less than two years to complete the billions of dollars in financing. The car and the house was announced in May 2016, 10 months after its establishment, the total amount of financing has more than 2 billion 500 million yuan, valued at $3 billion.

and BAT as the Internet heavyweights are different degree in the field of Internet repairer. This year, Ali launched a joint SAIC car equipped with YunOS internet. Baidu driverless car is also in Wuzhen for the first time on the open city road operating experience.

2016 in November, and the Taiwan Tencent and the Hon Hai group harmonious automobile joint venture company of new energy vehicles in Jiangxi Futeng harmonious, Shangrao announced the implementation of the first pure electric vehicle production projects, investment amounting to 13 billion 300 million yuan.

but a noteworthy signal is related to the representative, Hon Hai was absent in this conference. There is news that the original 30% stake in Hon Hai has decided to stop investing in vehicle project. While Hon Hai had in this project is the role of "manufacturing for automobile project".

compared with the real economy, the model is the most innovative Internet companies. Jia Yueting said LETV automobile project is not simply rely on the profit, more is to make money through the car ecosystem, "the strategic partner of the Mogan Mountain project to fully open, deepen cooperation in manufacturing, car networking product development, supply chain procurement, marketing, sale, charging system etc..

but the establishment of model innovation, should be built on the basis of mass production vehicles and quality clearance. And this has the feelings of PPT and the story of Internet companies, is clearly the biggest test. Behind many setbacks in the Internet

cars in the Internet economy was proud of the blind rush and barbaric growth needs to return to rational. Stand on the Internet capital tuyere, pigs can also be blown heaven. This sentence has been considered to be an appropriate interpretation of the prevalence of the Internet economy, but who would like to stop after the wind? Maybe the problem is not considered, so long as the wind is coming.

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