Faye Wong concert is going to collapse! Rush of that year to the tune to listen to

Faye Wong concert car accident daughter

zhejiangzaixian· 2016-12-31 12:24:03

Faye Wong yesterday, "a magic music" concert in Shanghai,

finally started

" all the fans are fried!

is not feeling, but the

high fares and accident pitch.

newspaper reporter also took a ticket to the concert scene.

has not come into play,

was surrounded by cattle at the door of the …

so the reporter also saw the scene of the three cattle were caught,

just like the TV show 10 fen!

is such a rare opportunity, of course,

stars to join …

" and happy in the field of self drying Ma Tianyu

Liu Wen, Jin Dong, Dongyu Zhou, Eddie Peng attended the

as well as Zhao Wei

this is my ma Dad?

" however, although there are many celebrities, however the

seat … … or a large empty … …

the next concert start.

2146w at the time, quickly gathered

a video on the website of the fans,

" but after an opening


everyone was shocked; this is the scene of the accident!!!

is the most familiar "

" rush that netizens could stand it no longer,

full screen on the overflow screen:

" on micro-blog soon poor over …

[im G17]

" out of tune, in addition to shortness of breath outside, the shape of Faye Wong has been mercilessly Tucao a "

, however, just when you think Faye Wong's concert is about to collapse, when a surprise

suddenly came to be the only bright spot!

"you happy so I'm happy"

is Dou Jingtong!

" at the press conference, Faye Wong had himself said Dou Jingtong did not tell myself with the chorus, in fact, this is just a way to "sing", let the voice is quite similar with their Maria Tung to sing harmony.

with the same understanding of the mother and daughter in full, one high and one low, a retreat into a seamless, perfect. Just sing "smart", Maria Tung's early into the beat, Faye Wong suddenly turned and looked back at the girl, then two people at the same time Wuzui smile. This is Faye Wong's most happy smile.

Faye Wong the whole person is very hi, cover mouth smiled.

this is Faye Wong's most happy laugh once.

, today is the last day of 2016,

seems goddess many days later, only to stay in memory.

still like that time,

just like quietly singing Faye Wong.

Author: Chen Yuhao

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Faye Wong concert is going to collapse! Rush of that year to the tune to...

Faye Wong concert is going to collapse! Rush of that year to the tune to...

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