The 2016 film arena: Huayi Wanda quiet, light stable boss

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2016 is coming to an end, although the national film box office growth slowed significantly, but on the whole is still a bumper year, the total box office more than 45 billion. This year, the film industry's important players who win, who lost? Are there any newcomers to break the existing pattern? After the market tends to be rational, who will stay?

note: 1 only to invest in movies, not including pure films; the 2 Huayi investment in several Hollywood films, two of them did not release in the country, and therefore not included in the box office; 3 Wanda no box office included in the acquisition of the legendary pictures; 4 for each share of investment in each piece is unknown, not a loss, the industrial chain is different, so the total box office only as a reference, not entirely representative of a company's overall profitability.

to tear Wanda and Huayi scores are not good

this year by the public most concerned should be the film company Huayi and Wanda, because "I am not Pan Jinlian" Feng Xiaogang and Wang Sicong to tear open, shared between many film companies for the humanitarian grievances.

root is the contradiction, Huayi dug Wanda Wanda cinema and many leaders Ye Ning, Wanda was very upset, by his first courtyard line advantage, in a row of film on the "ban" Huayi film. Why is

so important?

" makes great achievements Ye Ning (in)

become the meat and potatoes of Wang Zhongjun, Wang Zhonglei has been operating the Huayi, in the face of the Internet in recent years and the impact of the new company, does not go smoothly, the original dominance is not guaranteed, they need a good trader to take Huayi return to glory.

for Wanda, the movie business is done by a hand Ye Ning, these two results were very significant, last year the total box office way ahead in all companies, ye Ning Exodus will give Wanda films much impact as can be imagined.

an outcome seems to confirm the above two kinds of speculation. This year, Huayi and Wanda's results are not good.

: Huayi leader once, now the status does not guarantee

" Huayi this year voted domestic film released in six.

"I am not Pan Jinlian" because of gambling issue ahead of the right to sell the film McIlroy, net 200 million, minus the cost of about 50 million, 150 million of revenue. The main investment film pre party Huayi, McIlroy (15%), Ferris wheel, Dongyang Meila (Feng Xiaogang's name), Huayi in the first row, in which the proportion should not be small, can a lot of.

"I am not Pan Jinlian" early sold distribution rights and steady income

"Lu Yao Li" know the horse is said to cost 50 million, 192 million at the box office, Huayi is the fourth largest producer, estimates can not earn much.

"rock dog" to the media exposure of the investment is $60 million, equivalent to 400 million yuan, after being Wanda "row piece ban" and "box office water" storm, domestic final box office less than 40 million, can be described as a fiasco, Huayi is one of the main investors. To this end, Huayi was responsible for the issuance of demotion processing executives.

the huge investment of "rock dog"

"love" at the box office and ran the "New York New York" at the box office were only 47 million 510 thousand, 9 million 550 thousand, seems to be losing money trading.

in addition, Huayi also participated in the investment of some Hollywood movies, including visual effects blockbusters "Warcraft", "tearing" R-rated comedy detective and "bad mother", "I" contract spirit thriller. If you are participating in the global account, in accordance with the cost of the Hollywood and the box office 1:3 to return to the calculation, the two loss of two profit, the profit of $two is a small cost of 1000-2000 production.

" was released "new year" is said to be romantic die cost 150 million, 12 days at the box office 109 million, currently has only about 3% of the row piece, the final results have been predictable.

from the earnings report, the first three quarters of Huayi revenue of 2 billion 152 million (which accounted for the proportion of entertainment projects accounted for 74.04%), an increase of 7.96%. Net profit of 622 million, an increase of 1.33%.

Huayi before the three quarter earnings, revenue 2 billion 152 million, net profit of 622 million

including the release at the end of last year, the final box office 903 million "old gun" income. Including the

TV drama "downtown Tokyo" five, "I love Zhang Baoli", "love Zhang Baoli", "back", "Enfield three men", "undercover" income.

includes variety show "I go to school", "run the brothers", "about it! "Big star", "Challenger alliance", "comedy general mobilization", "tear custom" income.

includes artist brokers, music section revenue.

includes digital cinema equipment sales revenue.

includes brand licensing and real entertainment sector, Internet Entertainment Forum revenue.

in addition, Huayi during the reporting period from the game's entertainment companies to invest in each other's entertainment and reduce the game company palm interested in science and technology to get 742 million of the investment income, which is a good profit outside the main business.

" Huayi in recent years by investment game company to earn a lot of money

that is to say, although this year's film business do not seem to make money, or even lose money, but because the Huayi business chain, eventually in the financial statements to achieve profitability.

in 2012, Huayi has been the industry leader. For example, the year 2012, billions of dollars at the box office in the 21 film, Huayi accounted for 7 of the total box office, far more than second light.

" but with "embarrassed" Thailand is the symbol of the coming year box office explosion, into the film industry more and more new game player, talent is more and more not enough. Before and Huayi worked with the "twelve year", "heaven" lion Jackie Chan main service film McIlroy, worked with "reverse war", "Di Renjie" Lin Chaoxian, Tsui Hark, Hongkong director for bona film, because the "base" of the West fell monsters split dispute against Stephen Chow, for many years the pillars of Feng Xiaogang own become partners.

and in the Internet and the fans economy era, seeing the light, as these companies touched the comedy, youth film, variety film approach and make the Huayi seem to be late. Fortunately, however, this craze lasted two or three years after the basic cooling down, the next hot spot who will be caught first do not know. Wanda

: from the parabola apex falls this year

and Huayi as silent and Wanda films. Wanda started late, in a few years ago, the work is not much, but each piece of content and box office revenues have steady progress, belongs to the type.

breakthrough growth began in 2014. That year, Wanda investment in the "Beijing love story", "the master of hypnosis 8 movies". 2015 is Wanda peak, the main cast of the "dragon tactic", "Sherlock", "trouble man", the "Chinatown of pancakes", "get out of it! "Such as the Ministry of tumor Jun tablets sold, grossing film company in the way ahead in all.

annual meeting, Wang Jianlin specifically praised the love will be named Ye Ning. Also in 2015, Wanda and Huayi joint investment "," dragon tactic "run, brothers", it is possible the cooperation to promote relations and ye Ning Wang brothers. In early second, ye Ning to switch to huayi.

guess a lot of reasons, one of which is in the case of Wanda Wanda is just a manager, do well, but also get a salary bonus. Because Wanda is a very concentrated shares before the listing of the company, basically belong to Wang Jianlin, father and son of Wang Sicong.

even has listed the top two shareholders of Wanda cinema, Wanda Wanda cultural industry group direct investment and holding more than 60%. Later, Wanda films failed to join Wanda cinema.

Wanda cinema ten shareholders, Wang Jianlin's company holds more than a completely different 60%

years ago listed huayi. Up to now, Wang Zhongjun, Huayi Brothers Huayi shares held by only 20.76% and 6.03%, respectively, a total of $, a total of 26.79%. Tencent and Alibaba directly or indirectly holds 8.03% stake in Huayi, tied for the top second shareholders. In addition, China Life Insurance, the national social security fund is also a major shareholder. That is to say, the Wang brothers own money at the same time, but also help the shareholders in the company to work, there is less than 1/3 of them.

leaves into Ning Huayi, served as the deputy general manager of Huayi Brothers, Huayi Brothers film CEO, responsible for the film and cinema related business. And was nominated as a candidate for the board of directors. Turning to the job, he said it is necessary to create their own film career. If you do a professional manager, he will not leave wanda. This is probably a layer of meaning, ye Ning Huayi's income and identity may be more like a partner.

Ye Ning said to talk about leaving Wanda, want to start his film career

Ye Ning left, it is said that Wang Jianlin is very angry, ordered the meeting held overnight "kill" huayi. Wang Sicong later confirmed to Wanda Huayi poaching. The reason is, ye Ning has no competition agreement in the body.

Feng Xiaogang also broke the news, Wang Zhongjun privately apologized to Wang Jianlin, the people did not give face. Wang Zhonglei can also be wronged said that, after this, Wanda had been dug through the Huayi Marketing Manager Du Yang and Huayi brokerage joint general manager Li Xue.

whether or not because ye Ning home, Wanda films this year's record is not ideal. To invest billions of dollars at the box office movie "hero" and "only Hot pot also" two pupil.

Wanda acquired legendary pictures this year there are two movie "Warcraft" and "the Great Wall".

world of Warcraft $434 million at the box office, the cost of $160 million, if not the domestic box office closed at 1 billion 472 million, will lose a lot. For this movie, give Wanda cinema resources, a lot of Wanda cinema row piece more than 80%.

"the Great Wall" is said to cost up to $150 million (equivalent to about 1 billion yuan). If according to the domestic accounting rules, to reach nearly 2 billion 600 million to return to this. But now the film released 12 days at the box office was only 871 million. North America and other overseas markets can not sell the unknown.

Ye Ning away after a year, the general manager of the original transfer film shares marketing company Jiang Defu will accept the general manager Wanda culture group senior executive assistant and Wanda media company post since 2017. Previously, in another soul of Zhang Qiang (vice president) is Ma Yun's film Alibaba dug, as Ali recruits this two years of fairly good results.

" film: enjoying the various resources giant

film is a state-owned background of giant companies, in the planned economy era, its predecessor (including China Film Corporation, beiyingchang etc.) was distributed to China movie, Huayi later John Boehner, such as the rise of private enterprises, in the limelight it had covered. However, over the years, the Big Mac has been very good.

on the one hand, because it is from the production, distribution and projection to the front post service complete industrial chain, a large group of background and state-owned background, so every year can always participate in other companies a lot of mature projects, the total box office are in the front row.

" on the other hand, it and China (composed by 19 units, most former state-owned film in the background, is the second largest shareholder) exclusive import qualification of foreign films. Every year, imports accounted for half of the country on the film at the box office, you can enjoy some profit from. In

this year, the Commission listed after the release, film and film, happy blue ocean three movie companies get together to achieve a listing.

shares from the opening price of 10.7 yuan all the way up to $40 and now fall about $23, the total market capitalization of $43 billion 100 million, compared with the old listed company Huayi Brothers, light media of 30 billion 700 million, 28 billion 600 million are high.

light: Mozhun removing film like

young viewers, private company in recent years the most prominent, the most stable to light.

from the beginning of 2012 "embarrassed" Thailand, light year explosion models, such as the 2013 "Youth", "2014", "Daddy where to go," breakup master "," rush that "my deskmate", "2015", "Hong Kong embarrassed villain angel", "left ear".

light film mostly poor reputation, but the money voted in the "

2016 light passing from your world", "big fish", "Chinese youth who are not confused", "Mermaid", issued at the end of "Hot pot heroes", the introduction of Japanese animation "your name. ", the Ministry is high profit.

light has a routine, the main type of comedy, youth, love, animation several popular themes to uncover the star director. All in all, it is just to meet the preferences of young people in recent years. But

and the film, Wanda, Boehner, Xingmei (Jia Ying), Huayi (the number of theaters less, only a dozen), happiness is different, and no two light music theater. In the past few years, the company has a movie theater for the film to protect their own film or even the exclusion of other movies is indeed true, and the film directly affect the film's box office.

but what Wang Changtian is saying, not afraid of the light is good, the theater, the theater will give the row piece, because nobody and money. John Boehner:

advantage and crisis is dependent on Hongkong veteran director

Boehner has been the industry leader. Because in the winter to start the main job is to introduce Hong Kong films, and relationship between Hongkong company and the director is very good, so is highly dependent on the Hongkong director, such as Jing Wong, Tsui Hark, Shing Yee, Benny Chan, Lin Chaoxian, Mai Zhuang, Pang brothers and Zheng Baorui, but also because of this year "," Billy Lynn "never ever meet again -" a break on Han Han and Ang Lee.

" Bona tradition and the advantages of this crisis, but also lies in this, after all, with each of the Hongkong directors are not signed, in the fierce competition, they may also be other companies take the project. Moreover, in recent years can hold the pulse of the market most or the mainland director, many veteran Hongkong director has slowly become a box office.

Hongkong director has always been in the winter of this year and different partners, such as the resurgence of Jing Wong

with Huayi, light, that is very beautiful in the Boehner on Nasdaq, but later proved completely, as the domestic A shares. Because after years of Boehner's value has dropped to about 1/10 of Huayi, the American financial vanish like soap bubbles. So, Boehner chose to withdraw from the market, and is planning to re board the A stock market.

this ordeal, in order to finance, Ali pictures, the Tencent consortium became a major shareholder John boehner. So, the winter had prophesied in the name of the company's future films is working for BAT has almost become a fact. To the end of the year, Boehner completed a total size of 2 billion 500 million yuan A round of financing and valuation of 15 billion.

: LETV and LETV as the "star enterprise"

" from the film music as Zhang Zhaohe Jia Yueting founded the light off, is only in the past few years the rapid rise, stable performance. The issuance of "time" series, issued the "bear" series, Zhang Yimou signed, launched "nine layer" demon tower, "Tomb notes", "grand track", "the Great Wall" is the concern of the action.

LETV has signed a high-profile Zhang Yimou

and its sister company, LETV, music as the motion picture is the industry's "star enterprise", stressed that the Internet thinking, the project is eye-catching, recently because of "the Great Wall" and "hand" critics also made a hot industry.

but the company was incorporated into the network as a result of the valuation is not high, only 9 billion 800 million. Until the end of the year, the deal was not completed. Restructuring will continue to advance, and does not rule out the possibility of lower transaction prices. "

easy: it is the lowest rate of missed Lok Pictures Film Company

and a Hongkong company had to say, it is the industry with a great reputation of studio boss Jiang Zhiqiang chiefs, look very accurate, unique, rarely missed.

he was Ang Lee "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon", "sejie", Zhang Yimou's "hero", "ambush", "Curse of the Golden Flower" behind the. Over the past few years has made "chill" series, "storm", "Beijing in Seattle" series, "get out of it! Jun "," tumor "and other hit film catch demon. Light one sold 2 billion 438 million of the catch, the net profit is staggering.

Hongkong is now the mainstream film company is Asia, Yindu, entertainment, Sun Yu, Shaw, China atlas star several of these companies is to share Hongkong the director of resources, such as Jing Wong, Zheng Baorui, Johnny To, Lin Chaoxian, Mai Zhuang, many of which are followed by Boehner do.

is easy, although the background of Hongkong, but has been completely into the mainland, the mainland is still not only the film, opened on Broadway, two BELLE house brand chain like Wanda cinema, so as to ensure their own happiness, the film ranked very high.

Jiaying: "art merchant" Morgan to come of age?

Hollywood hundred years is basically controlled by the eight companies in the overall market (box office accounted for more than 80%), if the Chinese film industry is mature, it is estimated that the same situation.

mentioned above seven companies in the film production, distribution, and comprehensive strength can enter the top eight. Who should be the rest? Calculated on the fine mapping. This is a stellar label Mister Tan Hongxin created, focus on doing the movie. Stellar also has the upstream and downstream industry chain of the company, in the past few years, the movie business is also a share and reputation in the industry. For example, "green red", "about", "Nanjing! Nanjing "," orphan "and" unmanned "," love "," the last supper "," blood ".

in recent years, the film market popular comedy, youth film, style of "art" as the stellar bankrupt as quiet as a galloping horse. Only in the middle of the "old friend" Peter Chan's "Chinese partner" and "dear".

until the year before and after Morgan in Jiaying label introduced many new projects, mostly commercial type of film. The master of the "apostle Walker", "606 million at the box office in July and still" 167 million at the box office, is a profitable project. The Senate voted for "Flying Tiger" has 1 billion railway base sold distribution rights, as investors also can.

Jiaying began to force, there are a lot of potential projects

the next single, and Zhao Wei's "no other love", "Lu Yang Xiu Chun knife 2", Cao Baoping's "white sparrow", Peter Chan "Li Na", is a box office potential works.

Jiaying bound Peter Chan and Li Qiang two partners, mining a lot of new directors, the idea is to make the creation of the two people at the same time as the film producer, have the reputation, and the box office works. Just two years, the reputation of the audience on the importance of promotion, is not "the businessman" Morgan era? The new game player

Jiaying bound Peter Chan and Li Qiang two partners

explosive every year, but the endurance to be tested by

on the eight major film companies, many new movie companies will suddenly become a star industry. After all, this is not a foregone conclusion of the time.

for example, this year, there is a call and film companies suddenly released nearly 30 single. Jiang Wen, Wong Kar Wai, the win over Cao Baoping, Peter Chan, Niu Chengze, Guan Hu, Xie Fei, Chen Kuo-Fu, the director, producer, and Hao Jie ("beauty" Xin Yukun (sister), "labyrinth", Wang Yichun (heart) "black is what") these made a new film art director in the inscription.

and pictures of the new company long single

in addition, also pulled Chen Kun, Yang Kun, Cao Baoping and other stars, a group of shareholders when importing.

" and 'pull a lot of stars, directors when the shareholders

and Yang Wei have been working with pictures of people in charge of the Beijing National Film Fund and Minmetals trust, is a financial talent. The company for the price of 16-18 million guaranteed issue of Stephen Chow's "Mermaid" and make a lot of money. It is said that after the "hero" (Hot pot base minimum guarantee amount is unknown, 371 million at the box office), "escape" and "Jedi" ferry.

" in addition, this year to invest in the film and film "and smiled," very little "murderer" also received 276 million, 136 million, respectively, at the box office, should be profitable.

overall look down, this year's results are good.

however, because the one or two film sudden resurgence of game player is every year, but eventually occupy a stable share in the industry is not much. Such as produced by the "Mask" and quickly became popular in the 2 films produced by kylin, "guard", "IP MAN 2", "1, 2" small time famous Sheng International, "because that was stolen five years", "Beijing No. 81", "bestie", "the wolf" and the Fujian sunny, after them and the performance is not stable.

film industry is a high return and high risk industry, like entering a casino, may earn a lot of money, but if one after another failure, also lost. It takes time for a new company to stand up for a long time.

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