Long stay "chicken", so word jeongyujaeran lunar year!

Lunar calendar pressure Chenzhou return year

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2017 jeongyujaeran chicken will be here soon! To celebrate the new year, are you excited?

, however, you may not know that there are many special places to come in 2017!

this year, Lunar New Year 384 days long standby, two lunar new year in June, and two a year, Valentine's Day was the day before New Year's Eve … &hellip

heard here, you are not already open in surprise the mouth! Come and listen to the small Bian to give you a good way to.

long standby "chicken"

Lunar New Year 384 days

we all know, the normal of the lunar year of 354 days or 355 days, but this year

, next year is not unusual, as "strong> 384 day it is a leap year! From the year January 28, 2017 to the year of the rooster

next year lunar calendar in February 15, 2018.

more than a year of monkey 29 days!

this also means that after the end of this year, such as the Spring Festival in 2018 will have to wait 384 days in!

everyone should have more than 19 days of classes to celebrate the new year!

384 days! 384 days! 384 days!

is going to be a long, long class!

two month on-line lunar June

2017 lunar why 384 days? Because the lunar calendar in 2017 has two June!

what? May there be twins in the month? Originally, the upcoming jeongyujaeran chicken year a total of 6 small, 29 days per month and 7 months, 30 days per month, a total of 384 days a year. The last time the case is 2014 Lunar New Year of the horse. After 2017 it happened again in 2020 of the Lunar New Year … …

" so, if you are born June lunar calendar, the next year you can have two birthdays!

but if your girlfriend is the lunar June birthday you have to buy the two birthday of … &hellip

; unfortunately, the lunar calendar in June without a statutory holiday, if after January is good, this can be over two years!

added two

2017 spring chicken is a "double spring year". At the beginning of the month is the beginning of the seven year, and nineteen at the end of the twelfth lunar month of spring.

normal year is the 24 solar term, but the coming year is the lunar leap year, there are 25 solar term "double" is a big number, "every two see hi, new couples like" in pairs "," spring "is the recovery of all things, breeding season," double spring "is good year, happy to marry. Therefore, next year should be the emergence of new couples get married.

friendship reminder , now find an object is still too late, oh, id_imagebox_7," id=!

Mid Autumn Festival together into a

2017 year national day and Mid Autumn Festival together, the Mid Autumn Festival is the Gregorian calendar in October 4th the National Day holiday + Mid Autumn Festival holiday, plus two weekends so National Day holiday 8 days!

" in this regard, netizens have words to say:

, in fact, the national day 7 days off enough

please give a chance to the mid autumn festival!

" in the new year's eve before Valentine's day to catch

2017 even more amazing is that Valentine's day in February 14th was not in the lunar year after! But a day before New Year's eve. Valentine's day, new year's Eve, new year's day, the three very important days get together!

for singles, do not feel separated from the or together without pressure?

anyway not "eat earth" to eat "food" never mind!

-- I'm gorgeous in the small encyclopedia of the dividing line --

why chicken so long?

so why is this chicken so long?

astronomy education experts, Tianjin astronomical society director Zhao Zhiheng said, in the Gregorian calendar, the earth around the sun for a week huiguinian, year 365 days, a leap year has 366 days. The traditional Chinese lunar calendar is based on the cycle of changes in the moon as a basis, about 29.5306 days a month, 12 months for 354 days or 355 days, less than the calendar year of the sun less than 11 days.

" if the number of days at the lunar and solar calendar so that the difference between it, there will be the Spring Festival in the summer phenomenon. In order to solve this contradiction, the method of setting the leap.

is the current Chinese buy extra nineteen years "seven leap" , which add 7 lunar leap year in 19 years. The lunar leap year because more than a month, so a year has 383 days to 385 days, and the lunar leap year generally have 353 to 355 days. How is the

lunar leap in one month?

this is determined by the twenty-four solar terms of the year.

China's lunar new year will be the twenty-four solar term is divided into twelve and twelve in the solar term.

to the moon as the lunar cycle (lunar calendar), a total of about 354 twelve calendar days; with the calendar (Gregorian calendar), is the cycle according to the seasons change and revolution of the earth formed by the preparation. The calendar calendar is short, a difference of 11 days, therefore, to every 19 years to add 7 month to fill in error.

" generally every two years or so, there is no one in the air this month, just need to add and leap year. So the lunar month in the no provisions as the intercalary month.

like? Is this chicken year special enough? The "double spring and leap month" good luck, 2017 extraordinary! Of course we can't go through it! 2017, make a new self! Otherwise, the next good luck until 2020! Figure

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source: xinhuanet.com Jiangsu comprehensive channel Qilu Evening News, Chenzhou news network

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