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The Pentagon, is the United States Department of Defense Office, is known to all in the field of military influence. However, many people may not have found that The Pentagon has been still in business battlefield wrestle, through stealth weapons, fighting in the market only proud warlords. It can be said that The Pentagon has been a breakthrough in the political and military power, the boundary of a category, not in the area of economic management scholars and practitioners. Especially when it comes to The Pentagon, current head of the U.S. Department of Defense Minister Ashton Carter guards resume: University of Oxford PhD in physics, Professor of Harvard University, Kennedy School of government has never served in the military, the U.S. media has been hailed as the "all the horribly familiar" manager ", people can not help but want to take a look, a large building the five angle to achieve cross-border integration, the entrepreneurship and innovation? One of the

"stealth five": new technology accelerator

The Pentagon attaches great importance to new technology, cutting-edge technology to sophisticated with paranoid love. The two University of California at Berkeley economics professor Stephen Cohen and Bradford Delon, in a pragmatic economics published this year "mentioned: the United States government and entrepreneurial economy" Remodeling of a book, The Pentagon drive and support new technology research and development activities, has spawned a large number of core of the invention, especially the application of the invention of the first start, and to promote these the application of rapid growth in geometric speed index.

let's look at a few fragments of The Pentagon long innovative products in the list: the world's first digital computer ENIAC was born in 1946, is regarded as the beginning of the computer era, by the United States Army Laboratory (ARL) to provide funding for research and development. Changes in the way people live their lives on the Internet, is the United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) the most proud of the results. Digital telephone line transmission and real-time operation of the software benefits from the U.S. Air Force early warning system project (SAGE). Of course, there are microwave ovens, commercial aircraft, atomic energy and computing communications industry and other model products.

The Pentagon also has its own scientific development, in recent years the new ultra high level display technology, can distinguish from slang language translation software can accept the brain controlled prosthetic, not in to remind the business venture company, technology innovation the arena, The Pentagon is walking. It needs to mention one of the missions of the The Pentagon strategic capability Office (SCO), which has been gradually unveiled in the past two years: "providing disruptive capabilities through system integration and conceptual innovation"". The main innovative way of

SCO is the integration of advanced commercial technology, but did not follow the traditional technology into the process, because they found in ready to use the first generation system, commercial technology is likely to have entered the third generation, therefore, SCO must change the rules of the game, through innovative technology into the process in order to keep up with the pace of development of the business world. For example, The Pentagon is the next generation of search technology of Memex project, known as the "revolution bring to the search engine Google killer", is concerned not by commercial search engine into the index of the "dark web" (or "deep web"), and has been found and the elimination of trafficking organizations in the field of population the initial application is expected to tracking the sale of counterfeit goods and other fields and also has potential applications in epidemiology. "Stealth five" two: new knowledge detector

the United States Department of defense not only to tangible tentacles of new technology products, but also to explore new knowledge invisible, this pioneer action created a "derivative knowledge (Spin-off)" concept, has milepost significance of the event is the "Springfield Armory interchangeable parts the concept of". In 1798, Springfield Armory Eli Whitney won less than two years for the U.S. military supply tens of thousands of rifle government contracts, he designed and produced interchangeable parts, standardized assembled products, but to the duration of the contract but failed to make the rifle orders. When faced with the military review, Whitman eyes show nimmon from a pile of parts in a random sample of re assembled into a gun, in this regard, the U.S. military leaders did not blame him, but keenly aware of parts and standardized production is an important new concept and new principles, and funding for the further development of Whitney, eventually producing high quality guns, so open called "American system (America System)" high productivity manufacturing economy door.

" in addition to pay attention to derive new knowledge from their own, The Pentagon is also a new knowledge of the external highly sensitive sense of smell. Lean business philosophy in recent years swept the world, however, this new idea, high-tech software entrepreneur Eric Les, but before writing a book "lean enterprise", has been invited to preach the The Pentagon is the rudiment of lean business philosophy. Les wrote at the beginning of the book: I feel the most intense meeting is (in The Pentagon) to the U.S. Army's chief information officer, a Samsung general explained the principles of lean entrepreneurship. By the way, his attitude towards new thinking is very open, even if it comes from a civilian like me".

in the process of exploring new knowledge in The Pentagon, not only seriously ostentatious, patience, and like entrepreneurs willing to take risks, play a leading role. The latest evidence is a requirement for SCO and The Pentagon: through strategic analysis, produce 5 to 6 new concepts for each year, is responsible for the implementation of specific services by. This makes diligently strive after the new knowledge, new knowledge of another round of "spillover", first in the small space in the geographic range, and then spreading through the birth of new organization and management philosophy, promote economic transformation. Introduced "pragmatic economics", a book that, in the framework of knowledge derived from The Pentagon, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, capital, technology and other elements of their duties and skills essential, these factors and knowledge spillover effect based on the derived system, made a great contribution to reshape the U.S. economy. "Stealth five" Three: new talent

resonator The Pentagon network science and technology innovation in the field of big coffee. Alphabet chairman and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt as the new defense department established national defense Innovation Advisory Committee Chairman in March 2016, 11 other members have also led a large Private Held Company and listed companies. These experts in the areas of rapid prototyping, product development, enterprise decision iterative complex data in application and organization information sharing and mobile and cloud infrastructure applications, although any information to obtain strategic military action, but through a new role at The Pentagon, quick solution to provide scientific and technological problems for the U.S. Department of defense "".

young talent is also the attraction of The Pentagon objects in. The current defense minister at the beginning of the entry to Silicon Valley to recruit young talent proficient in network technology, and even decide on Silicon Valley as they build a The Pentagon to work in the office, he is trying to change the minds of young people in The Pentagon curing "cold" impression, for the introduction and growth of young people to remove obstacles.

in turn, go out of the many employees from the The Pentagon, also let the American entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and technology companies drool with envy. A man named Matthew Howard's former U.S. Navy intelligence analysts, now a venture capital company founder, based on his own experience in speaking, The Pentagon experienced person, "has a unique insight, because they are always in the forefront, and military and business boundaries are becoming blurred, so when the The Pentagon employees began breaking into the market, they often have no outsider insight. Today, American venture capitalists founded by former military personnel about or intelligence agencies, or think they are avoiding computer vulnerabilities, mining massive data and national security issues, has unique insights and advantages.

scientists are the main force of The Pentagon talent highland. American science writer Michael Belfiol wrote a book called "mad scientist camp", is about the story of the The Pentagon scientists. Mentioned in the book, the The Pentagon for scientists to create than cold atmosphere and bureaucracy, on the contrary, Scientists prefer jeans and sneakers here, focus on finding subversive ideas, not in surprise for human every hour and moment.

interestingly, The Pentagon also often recruit hackers to help them fight against the attackers and cyber war, so no wonder people not sticking to formalities careers, this evaluation of The Pentagon: as long as you dare to think, as long as you like, here is where the dream started. "Contact five" Four: new business incubator

to see a list of enterprises: Intel, Fairchild Corp, National Semi-conductor Corporation, AMD AMD and fission by their many other enterprises, it is the birth and growth of the semiconductor company, gives them the area "Silicon Valley" the loud new name. And to provide them with the growth of soil and ecosystem is the The Pentagon. According to statistics, the The Pentagon in the semiconductor as the initial development of new technologies, as customers at a high price to buy 95% products, as a group of young and competitive semiconductor industry creation made distinctions won in battle. Today, The Pentagon is still the United States, "New York Times" called "Silicon Valley incubator", gave birth to a number of technology start-ups.

look at the list of another group of enterprises: Boeing, IBM, Raytheon, Westing House Electric Corporation, the birth of these companies although not from The Pentagon, but these companies grow and leap The Pentagon hand driven, as The Pentagon's big contractors in military supply, at the same time, it opened up a broad space of innovation for yourself. Dominate the global market for many years Boeing 707, is a window of the KC-135 (a military air tanker). The IBM360 system, which leads the personal computer, is based on the SAGE project. Raytheon invented the microwave oven formerly known as radar range, from the company's Defense Ministry of defense radar project when a researcher accidentally discovered. Westing House Electric Corporation is the Army Party construction has made a lot of nuclear energy harvesting.

with an anthropomorphic metaphor, The Pentagon is a successful venture capitalists in". It plays the most important role in the process of creating and supporting the development of the basic technology in the digital age. It is because of the The Pentagon to provide the invention and platform technology, the use of these inventions and technology so many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs will, through their selection, will be transformed into a new application, every kind of imagined, become a new enterprise or even an industry milestone.

worth mentioning is that the incubation of new businesses on The Pentagon, but also the "hen egg" link. In order to ensure the incubator is heated evenly, the The Pentagon not only support those few large enterprises, on the contrary, once found in The Pentagon, the key core technology begin to depend on the part of the business, The Pentagon will immediately adopt "double source" adjustment with the business, to promote the technology to the production of diffusion, the formation of such a platform there are many new companies to grow rapidly, their rate of growth with hitherto unknown to them, but almost no one can be a monopoly. "Contact five" Five: wind direction sensors

new model although the U.S. defense budget for many countries to catch up, but in the business field of The Pentagon competitiveness does not depend on the money to drop out, but through a series of innovation management mode, established the leading position of its own.

is the first to meet the procurement and supply model. Since 2015, The Pentagon has issued a number of strategic policy documents to guide the reform and development of national defense procurement, streamline the defense procurement process, make it more standardized, simple and reasonable. In particular, the most recent set of guidelines for the industry, the The Pentagon initiative to promote the acquisition cycle is the most early priority to carry out experiments and determine the needs of the project, so that procurement and supply more efficient and more economical. This business and lean thinking have emphasized the management cycle agree without prior without previous consultation, to meet the needs of rapid process, to maximize the efficiency of resource integration.

organizational model innovation is also the focus of The Pentagon. The Pentagon is very like "Transformers", according to the changes of the environment to adjust the organization system. For example, through the formation of a new SCO with the traditional sector DARPA, SCO is more concerned about the recent needs to meet the reality, DARPA is looking to seek long-term technical advantage. For example, plans to set up a responsible for business management and information of the Deputy Secretary of defense, a new position in early 2017, the chief information officer and deputy chief of the leadership of the newly merged Management Office official business, the purpose is to coordinate and optimize the management decision. Take a single operating structure inside the DARPA, although a lot of research funding, but the staff of only 200 people, more new projects is achieved through outsourcing, not only spend money to raise a person's model known as DARPA creative trick.

The Pentagon will also view outward, through a series of open integration means, construction of military products research by "major league, the parties to achieve common development. In addition to the field of business cooperation, The Pentagon also attaches great importance to ties with universities and research institutes, in cooperation with Arizona State University in 2015, The Pentagon launched the "melting pot" accelerated program, innovation technology operation, to achieve rapid transformation of military technology to civilian areas. In order to show sincerity, The Pentagon and even change the intellectual property owned by the military military investment projects must all get rid of traditional pattern, cumbersome procedures, adopt more flexible and efficient investment management mode, to achieve a win-win situation.

Secretary of defense Carter's words may reflect the importance of The Pentagon to build a new model. When the United States Department of justice and the Apple Corp on the mobile phone to unlock the ongoing struggle, Carter clearly opposed to government departments to access encrypted information was given the "back door", and proposed "we should not make a case of driving a single solution; we must innovate our way to get a reasonable result". "Pro social Dao

stealth five" the The Pentagon "stealth five" in the business battlefield where, however, pro social logic is behind the. Huge investment in The Pentagon, new technology, new knowledge, new talent, new enterprises and new mode, and not for military war very poor soldier Wu, but the social needs of embedded in the work, let their actions have entrepreneurial effect, create social value, so as to help even the country's economic society the progress of development.

coincidentally, entrepreneurial Israel also has a mysterious shrine to the military sector of 8200 troops, created a lot of successful entrepreneurs and tens of millions of millionaires. "The way we choose talent is actually a bit like Harvard Business School," says one 8200 army chief of military projects. "Don't let go of any talented, imaginative, creative child". The first 8200 troops a member, is now a successful serial entrepreneur Doug schooler admitted that he in everything he learned from the barracks of the application to entrepreneurship among all.

" and then think of the The Pentagon to create the world's only stealth strategic bomber fighter B2, although the cost is $2 billion 400 million, can be completely destroyed and the size of the city of Losangeles, in a mission but not hard to believe that in The Pentagon development of B2 for thirty or forty years, the harvest is not only "B2 global destroy" destructive power, more similar to the B2 global reach of innovation effect.

therefore, The Pentagon wrestling entrepreneurship "stealth five battlefield", can give entrepreneurs bring a lot of imagination and inspiration. As Mo-tse's military thoughts "attack Italy skyrise, in addition to the world of the evil", and the entrepreneurs to change the world and benefit the society demands is not the same?

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