A new type of motion capture suite uses sensors to capture body movements

Limb sensor suit action

weifengwang· 2017-01-01 08:45:57

many animation action figures from real actors in the studio movement performance, multiple cameras and computer through the action placed around the capture system is generated on the screen to see the final animation every act and every move. But the process is complicated and expensive.

, a Danish start-up company Rokoko developed Smartsuit Pro motion capture suit, and the suit will be tied to the motion capture cameras in different actors on the practice of Smartsuit Pro suit completely abandoned the traditional method to capture the human action with the camera, instead of sensors and WiFi network to record and transmit real-time human motion data to the computer handle the next step. The

Smartsuit Pro suite will be 19 sensors scattered in the wearer's body parts, each sensor is equipped with 1 gyroscopes, accelerometers and photometer. Using the data from each sensor, the system algorithm can calculate the relative three-dimensional position of each sensor.

" all sensor data will be unified together to set back a data collector, the collector will transfer the data to the computer system by connecting WiFi network. The data collector is powered by a built-in small battery, which can be used for 8 hours at a time, and can be charged through the USB interface. In order to dress comfortably, the data collector is lighter than a iPhone.

this package priced $2245 (about 15587 yuan), plans to start shipping in February 2017.

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