Faith and redemption of wild legend third dead ride paladin!

Knight legend thief caveman

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on the card group can comment and suggestions, improve the sense of personal space, I also tried with Buddha and people with Rune egg

300 field about 60 winrate legend, then hit the 61 winning percentage in the legend, rose to third after winning 10 to third still.

card group

" is the two set of back and forth for me. If you are in the 10 level to the legend of the section, the pirates are more recommended to use the curve of the low set, if the environment in the control card group on the curve with a high

. Against the idea and most of the OTK card, a card from a kill clearance. The current version of dead ride mid two general rhythm, a fee of

is 4 coins or 5 fee on Fenjie, the next round of two out of two is an instant wave, when the pressure is not across the next 8 big brother is hard to drop charges. The wild type

die old blind, almost do not have to worry about damage is not enough, the first wave of 6 fish all damage is 23 points have been enough to kill most of the second wave of occupation, hurt

in more than 30 points.

<" /p>

vs Warrior: the default is the pirate war, small hands to find bad game, all 2 followers, no more than 1 blue gills and if there are 2 followers left the 1 leader, inflammatory surgery

can keep 1 equal, equal an inflammatory warlock with a stern warning. Flip a coin can leave a big sword and dedication. The play is to survive,

control across the field to attack fighter into smoke 1 hit 1 stage. If the 1 charges across the upper hand on the pirates out of patches, don't hesitate to immediately end the coin. The solution of the field

gives priority to the field, and then the taunt or station field, and finally back to the blood. Only 4 points against inferior beheaded line. Since the best time to go out of the gun is a clear wave of pirates, not to mention the face of

weapons dry face, when the other side of the field on the other side of the effect is very general. And as long as the anti war once bitten to death + chicken can roar dad

, almost never lose.

vs is the default face shaman: SA, iuette on hands, to find the end collar in the sword and trophies and stay, 2 followers can leave 1 inspectors, inflammatory warlock

can keep 1 equal, equal an inflammatory warlock with a stern warning. Flip a coin Keliufenjie. Play against the pirates are basically equivalent to the war, if the caveman on

surface or just get 1 fee out of pirate Patrice, immediately end the coin. Can field not to leave any shaman totem, stability after

serial burst back in first spell straight don't hurt, almost no charge after taunting shaman. A medium, considered the advantages on less injury, straight across the scene, very dependent on the

brand and less, control the scene after the first card, a bloodthirsty anti kill.

vs: the default is a miracle thieves thief, very hard to win the game, looking for big hands to keep the end Fenjie sword, 1, left upper hand against a city. Is to play

card, looking across the card hand, if a thief across the blue dragon shooting that basically no chance Gadgetzan, certainly is a miracle thief can win any card can also be

to lose any card deck, or feeling in general is to look at our opponents with little relation. The knight of the

vs: the default is riding with silt and fish, Ding Ding's war has certain advantages. Whether it has left hand hands all the low fee card, to find Fenjie, just stay alert (such

solemn 3 fee when the report on 3 fee card). 8 fee in his hand when there is no dead do not take the initiative to send too many fish (especially old blind

eye). Almost 10 fee priority Tintin howitzer two silt attack frequency can have such a hit across the wall, you die, your backhand a set of easily killed on


vs Hunter: almost no, also sent

vs Djokovic: hands on to find weaknesses, low fee card big sword and Fenjie. If Fenjie can pull out the fish will be very good, if not seen the speed of the card can not

in a small German save or before the golem is large enough to open the dead beheaded opposite.

vs is the default Warlock: universe operation, excellent game, if not the opposite train Wang generation without the combo is almost not at hand. To find low cost hands card

and Fenjie, can leave a doomsday card across the 4 fee rhythm. General can save two sets of even the universe cannot clear wave operation, fish and back full of blood, 4 charges of the Department is key point

, if the 4 is not under threat across the fee entourage or be off that the basic stability of the.

vs master: form is difficult to judge, to find the disadvantages on the hands, and Fenjie, can save 1 Blue gills may have against the Sorcerer's apprentice, if the opposite 1 fee

force wyrms, end can be directly on the coin. Because of this fish ride plus blood cassette less easily make fire early followers rub a few middle straight injury directly hit

die, so as not to be the fire demon after playing face. To fight the universe, then try to save two sets of even open. Pastor

vs: the default dragon animal husbandry, the advantages on the hands, best to find low cost card and Fenjie, can keep the end and solemn warning. The characteristics of the dragon is by the cost of the entourage, and with the

from the attack is a big ass, you can let the opposite more than a few sets of all clear, after the Qing Dynasty is difficult to organize an effective attack. If the

5 Feilaifenjie is almost directly on the victory. The universe against animal husbandry, almost will not lose the game only attention is not to let the opposite to bury the old blind, sustained

card save two sets a directly opposite no win, winning points.

on replacement of single card, personal feeling is unable to substitute new Kafenjie, can we play the ride Murloc because there is Fenjie, a card can be a

rhythm of the whole Bureau, an important level comparable to the ice law emperor, can pull out two words gains comparable to two scientists. SPG no words can change a dirty rat, sometimes with odd

effect, but in the face of the break resistance will be worse. If you do not take 8 fee if you screw Foding San therapy need to take low fee card, choose to take pain must take Shuangcheng


last month to summarize the experience:

1. version garkisen ladder whether standard or the strongest wild card group has two kinds, one is the low cost of piracy and weapons, the two is to take Caazacu J

2. now does not have a card at the same time pressing slow break and mainstream card group (such as SA

3.) version of the medium level than the standard model model of wild game player game player level is too high, if the standard frictions in 1-5, in an attempt to wild legend can only be worse friction

4. black card technology group experience too bad, the standard ladder is almost equivalent to the famous landlords

5. hunter or a piece of information.

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