Will the monks eat the dinner on New Year's Eve: surprise you

A monk the dinner on New Year's Eve temple.

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quickly to the new year, every family will begin to prepare for the dinner on New Year's Eve. The ordinary people of the dinner on New Year's Eve is spent in the family reunion, I wonder if there is no one understand the monk's dinner and we ordinary people? So, let us through the Nanhua Temple monks, their meal to roughly know about it.

" to letinous edodes, mushroom, mushroom, tremella, lily, Hericium, fungus and other fungi and bean products are cooked into a fine vegetable dish, every meal has more than and 20 varieties, see such delicious food, is not to let you some unable to hide greeds?

" on each table in addition to the more than and 20 upper vegetable dish, and Sprite, coconut milk, orange juice, cola drinks, very rich. Just don't understand why deliberately make fish vegetable dish shape? In order to meet the needs of the people to eat it? Don't let the monks when meat dish to eat vegetable dish?

each table is ready for food, the monks came in, ready to open the food to eat.

" they filled with each table, had been eating, eat the dinner on New Year's Eve, they are not ordinary people so loud and very very quiet exchanges.

these two are dedicated to eating the food on the table.

" and some monks in silently eating the dinner on New Year's Eve, some in the drinks.

" three monks in a quiet meal, has quit in the middle of the scar younger heshangtou, have been ordained not long.

three female, eat the dinner on New Year's Eve, is also in addition to the meal, the whole no communication, why not exchange dinner, maybe this is a lesson of Buddhism, is the spiritual way, arraigned, also known as food do not say, do not sleep! Do not know what people will see these scenes feel?

Xiao Bian thought: catch me I left, I believe the real person, living Buddha with the sense of responsibility, are living in the streets, the so-called hermit in the city, but also the parents have been a monk, not the filial piety? I agree with Wang Yangming's theory of mind. Conscience, more torture yourself, the unity of knowledge, take social responsibility, do something useful for the society. Do not do the burden of society, delicious lazy to do, the people of the parasites, but also false mercy that would be bad. What do you think?

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Will the monks eat the dinner on New Year's Eve: surprise you

Will the monks eat the dinner on New Year's Eve: surprise you

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