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2016 of NASA's Cassini took a lot of high resolution Saturn, Saturn's rings and Saturn satellite photos, as shown in the figure, this is beautiful images of Saturn's rings.

2016" at the beginning of the year, astronomers announced the first Department of the Milky Way growth curve of "table", is helpful for us to analyse how the Milky Way system from childhood growth spiral galaxies today bright.

" as shown in the figure, this is Chile's La Silla observatory to the Carina Nebula spawned a number of stars.

30" over the years, astronomers feel very much puzzled, for around a star mysterious Rectangle nebula experts believe that a "molecular force" in the star cloud form a peculiar structure, the Harbert Space Telescope image taken in April 2016 further confirmed this view.

of NASA's New Horizons spacecraft Science Group's latest draw black white Pluto global map, the image was taken in July 14, 2016.

" image on the left shows the Cthulhu on the south side of the mountains east of Pluto, the top of the peak of the slope covered with a bright material, and the surrounding plain dark red surface contrast. The right side of the illustration shows the mountain range of bright ice matches the distribution of methane in the mountains.

2016" in June, a British astronaut Tim PEAK in the International Space Station spent 6 months now to return to the earth, he has taken hundreds of beautiful pictures of the earth in the international space, the picture is a brilliant Aurora shooting from space angle.

diagram is the space angle observation of Russian frozen northeast sea sunrise, is Tim PEAK in the international space station shooting. (Tencent space yo / compile)

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