The women's desire and learning how to make tofu is lecherous master rape

Tofu restaurant shop owner master

weilaiwang· 2017-01-01 11:11:14

a Bijie restaurant owner Tofu pudding meal, attracted to Zunyi and learning how to make tofu, so she never dreamed that the master Zheng was driven by passion to teach skills, under the guise of the name, in the workshop on her hands and feet, and forced the insult. The day before the prosecution, Honghuagang District People's court sentenced the defendant Jeong guilty of rape and sentenced to 4 years in prison. It is reported that

, Liu Hui (a pseudonym) in Bijie, operating a restaurant in the local Tofu pudding meal, business in general, she heard that Zunyi is a lot of Tofu pudding, bean curd workshop make tofu tender fresh and smooth, good taste, and the initiation of the idea of art to Zunyi.

Liu Hui was asked acquaintances to help, soon, a friend told her who was a fellow, his master Zheng is making tofu. Liu Huiyang ask a friend to help each other, to Jeong Jeong said this, yes.

51 year old Zheng at the south gate closed with a tofu workshop. Liu Hui to Zunyi, a friend took her to find Jeong, Jeong said that the whole process can be done to the scene to see her, but the production process is more complex, from the early morning to start work. In order to facilitate learning, staying in the evening Liu Hui Jeong home rooms in the house at that time because there are other people, without any abnormal behavior jeong. At 1 in the morning, Zheng outside the room to wake her, Liu Hui walked along with his work came to the tofu workshop.

"entered the workshop, he locked the door of my speech, molested. "According to the victims after the police report said, because he is a stranger in a strange place, to learn, she did not dare to provoke Zheng, had begged him not to. Jeong said, to learn the craft with him, will have to pay a price point, then the mouth, body pressing violence, the implementation of the misconduct of Liu Hui.

Liu Hui desperately struggling, but not Zheng opponent. "I'm afraid too aggressive against being hurt, I just wanted to stay out after the report. "Liu Hui said, in the meantime she deal with Jeong, has two dial the mobile phone number of a friend introduced her to a friend, but was asleep, did not hear the bell.

according to the prosecution allegations, Jeong has three times forced sexual relations with the victim Liu Hui. On the morning of 8 pm, Liu Hui friend to Jeong home to find Liu Hui, found that she was wrong, was asked that Liu Hui was raped, then find Jeong Jeong theory, put forward the money privately, was refused by Liu Hui, Jeong as an excuse to call the child to resolve the matter, took the opportunity to escape the scene.

later, Jeong that victims have been reported, after a fierce ideological struggle, at 6 pm the same day initiative to surrender to the public security organs.

court held that the defendant Jeong using violence against women will, forced sexual relations, their behavior has violated the criminal law, constitute the crime of rape. In view of the defendant Jeong after the incident to custody, and truthfully confessed crimes, pursuant to the decision.

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The women's desire and learning how to make tofu is lecherous master rape