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, how to protect the user's heart "line-height: 1.75em style=

so, say duanzai regarded as a soft skills?

I think it is, a piece of personality traits, language communication skills, personal habits, character and optimistic attitude should are embodied to incisively and vividly.

then we first tell a "line-height: 1.75em style=


one day Dad and Doug eat a small pill, only a tadpole so big. Dad with peas to the pond to swim, where they met a lot of small tadpoles. There is a prince with the peas became a good friend, with peas swimming, playing everywhere. Play a morning, tired, it is time to have lunch.

tadpoles prince said: Doug, you are my best friend, I want to eat my favorite things to give you to eat.

peas said: OK, what ah?

tadpoles prince said: very delicious, my tribe usually happen not to eat it, come and get your must eat Oh.

peas said: Well, well. I want to eat now.

after a while, a group of tadpoles carried over a big lump of cow dung..

this story is Dad often give son tells the classic tale of a typical.

we may reflect, when we in the operation process, is not often as the prince tadpoles in the story the same? In which scenario, we put the user as the peas?

give a chestnut, during last spring to grab votes, as long as the user's computer to download the 360 safe bodyguard, in the Internet in the process of suddenly jump out of a window. If the user does not accidentally click on the "stick together", the 360 grab votes will quickly download the installation of the tool. Is there a tadpole is the prince sent a warm feeling of Tuo Baba eat?

over the and this, this is Dolphin Browser evaluation of interactive web pages, of which there are several problems: 1. There is no exit button, only to the user with a choice of two: now to the evaluation 5 points, or to urge you later Rated 5 points.

I feel like taxi with a bit before you get off the bus, the driver and you said: "beauty, will give me a star." Although this is many of the drivers of the inertial behavior of them is normal, but in fact as a passenger, every time I heard the driver said so, I have a strong dislike, I hope they can say: "beauty, will be to be an evaluation for me, please."

all in all, as a user, I will decisively delete these let I feel violated. For operations, we should be the user experience first, rather than the strong user. When we run our own app, we should also pay attention not to bury such a dangerous bomb.

2, in fact, this is what I want to say the first operation the necessary soft skill-- empathy.

we don't own subjective, our product logic and experience should be like, before you do a product, an event, you should mingle with your users, to you the delineation of the user group behaviors for path and preferences to decide your products and gameplay activities even banner copy, to the user experience as the core.

3. women set parking, not to discriminate against

latest wonderful said debate is very interesting, called "a women's parking, not discrimination"

female parking space, more parking spaces, more spacious.

so some people think, not to individual killer on the road the driver, to define and label a group of people. And there is no data to show that women are worse than men in the technology of the driver? Specifically set up a large parking space for women, that is not to imply that the level of female drivers than men? This is not to discredit all women? This is not discrimination against women?

there are people say that the female parking is a welfare concern, you can choose to use, you can not. But the female driver of parking spaces, in fact, is also for the sake of the safety of other owners of the car, is in the interests of the majority of people to the. When the interests of the majority of people are affected, equality should be higher than freedom, discrimination is not important, it should be on the back.

debate there is no absolute answer, the God debate Huang Zhizhong a statement, predicate enlightening.

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now discuss whether this should write "female parking position" or "love parking spaces", which in itself is a critical. We have had from the original bus "old, weak, sick and disabled child seats", to later reflection on the old, weak, sick and disabled pregnant than we want to, but to have need to ride, so old, weak, sick and disabled seat into "love seat". Why are we picky, because adequate food and clothing, well bred, our society is in progress to.

today can talk on this subject, because society has already reached this level, we become slender, the slender means a kind of progress, this critical negation, in fact, is a kind of insult to our own. Style=

4. as operation, to protect our users is our heart of glass. Style= line-height: 1.75em;

it as an operation, we will think, actually our users are in the midst of a development and progress of the society that they need to get from us. That is not only to meet the survival needs of the goods, we need from the interactive experience, can be Respect, can feel the temperature, look forward to a better experience, to meet the needs of a certain spirit.

at this time, it requires operation with empathy, empathy, empathy and the user's emotions and thoughts, understanding the position and the feeling of the user, and stand in the user's perspective and deal with the problem, from the planning to the implementation of the programme of the process, to the banner of copy writing, we should stand in the user's point of view to feel the user in the use of our products what his needs are. This is what we call with the operation of the same heart to care for the user's glass heart.

second, who is a single screw to see global

1. how can not buy coffee can make marketing elder brother to help me to write a public release?

from the user level jump to the level of cooperation, in addition to the user's interaction, in the team, we have to how to partner with the communication, for example, how with product development and tear B, let them accept our needs? How can I not buy coffee to help me to write a public relations marketing brother? How soft skills should be available for the team to work? Boss clearly told me that it is a means, but he is still training me wrong, this situation should be how to do? Style= line-height: "1.75em

give a small example of my own experience. Chinese culture is we just started in a new project, intended to build a service and help China's original artisan platform, traditional Chinese art has been exhausted, no inheritance mechanism. We want to do is to combined traditional non genetic techniques and aesthetics of modern design technology, idea, creating an application in practical scenarios products to push to our users. The general direction is this, but this is exactly how to do this thing, from the boss to the staff, we have no clear idea of forming. In this case, our team has been in very anxious, lists the plan 1, 2, 3, alternative 1, 2, 3, continuous scheme is proposed, then denied, boss in the process may don't know what to do, but he knew the package for you is wrong. We have been in a negative situation, the boss is very easy and stiff up.

actually jumped out to think, this thing is not who is right, but from the global perspective, as if you screw has been considering whether my program can be executed, whether my work can be transformed into the results, then it will be easy for you and the boss has been in focus to state. What we call a global perspective is a source of your thinking, your vision, your kindness. The boss actually confused. He did not know this thing should be how to do, all you have to do is to help the boss to think this thing should be how to do, when you reach this level, in fact, increase your space is great that you as a single screw nail, you in the scheme is in for the boss to try all kinds of roads. jump out of what you are doing, you should think about what you are doing in the entire department is located in the position? What is the function of your department in the whole company? Once you from this point of view, you might know your plan should click into place, how to go.

back to how to tear the products and the development of B, B of the reason for the tear actually anxious to a point of anxiety in the one point is the way, the way is ultimately to serve the direction of the direction is that we as a screw, the chain direction is how, whether it is product development, persuade or marketing colleagues to help you do things, not to tell them you are right but, to tell them what you have to do is consistent with the overall direction, is meaningful, is with you in the company and the project towards a common direction , twisted into a rope to do things. When they recognize your point of view, he is also in this direction to go, he will serve you.

myself why think global view, because one day, at night, I lay in bed, suddenly thought, if is horse always living in my position, what would he do? Empathy, I instantly click into place.

MA total will certainly not because of being restricted in communication or interpersonal relationships. Because his starting point is not why I view is negative, why I can't demand is the period that his starting point will be said the demand why to do? He has any influence on the development of the project, what the impact on the Department of business, the entire Ali group nearly 10 years of development strategies have any impact.

when we stick to their responsible whether the work can be completed successfully, whether we have thought of himself to the team and to the Department and to a group to bring the value of what is? From the overall point of view, you may have to sacrifice the part of your personal responsibility, and to complete the company's focus on the development of the direction of the matter. That your value, is how to make the development strategy for the auxiliary thrust, as well as the core values of their own in this direction.

sometimes you give up on the whole thing development instead is to promote the role of.

, uproot monkey hair turn into one himself stood by and watched, you'll stop complaining

< /span>

finish the user and the environment around them. We have come to talk about their operations.

as a carrier, a very important point is not to complain about, to positive energy. Ali "Six Meridian Swords" which is a bit "take the initiative". Within us, once the operation and BD in each other to shirk responsibility, the boss will jump out no say.

the boss did not see who is right and who is wrong, but to see both sides in evade each other to complain to each other, which is the boss's position.

for ourselves, if out of their own things, you will find yourself will be some small points and touch. Because someone else's feedback is their responsibility, they will not help the rebound, I think this thing is not my fault. Once we have the defensive mentality, we are easy to start complaining and shifting.

when we and others tear B, indeed my emotional and produce negative energy will more and more serious. How do we resolve these negative energies at this time? I have a small skill - imagine yourself is Sun Wukong, pull a monkey hair, a change of their own to go out of this space to see this thing. And you'll find, oh, that you're complaining. Every time you complain, you can write down your complaint. When you wrote it once, two times, three times, four times, five times... Slowly you will find yourself more rational, more good at controlling the mood.

this is Mr. Confucius said of my three times daily. My introspection way is to jump out, see yourself, see what you do.

Q: how to improve coordination and operational relationships?

, Zhuang: I give you lift a senior examples. The predecessors should now is vice president of a company in the second tier of the Internet, he said in his four do a the most meaningful when is to sell the own computer, in exchange for money to buy a watermelon, please a lot of a lot of people eat watermelon. Is beginning to their bedroom, and later the entire floor, friends invited friends, then do not know who is who, in short, later formed a grand, that for a while every day to the afternoon, a group of people on the school lawn to eat watermelon. < strong > in fact, this is a small community formation process, you are inside the main group, is the key link, the process in your relationship will continue to expand, but its origin may point is very small, like the simple eat watermelon. < / strong > so my suggestion is you can own organized this activity, can also participate in the activities of many similar city, like a bean, and even in the village, you will find, as long as you can get out, your relationships will continue the expansion, if you in Hangzhou, welcome everyone to join Ali bachelor party, mountaineering school are to meet new friends. Style= line-height: "1.75em

Q: for beginners who want to get started with the operation of what kind of soft skills?

, Zhuang: for the novice, is two words, learning! Study! Study!

in this study consists of two aspects, one is with the people around learning, put a low profile, put the lower the better, with an empty cup mentality to learn. < / strong > I will find a lot of people in to ask when will often say this I know, I understand it, actually others to teach you, and you say so to teach you produce psychological resistance, you study depth will not consciously be shallow.

also a kind of, as a carrier, to be crazy motivation for learning. < / strong > because on the Internet this propaganda wolf of the industry, only will be a lot of people will be in your with him about things directly unceremoniously said, to find a person who understand, which for the novice is indeed very hurtful. This time you have to hold back, and then go crazy to learn. If you today at the Costa Rica Institute this platform lectures, we have to study the action of, this platform has a lot of good content, you in the learning process to continue digging. Driven by a strong learning motivation to learn to develop a habit, every night to see one or two hours of books, your knowledge will become more and more wide, you can continue to operate the skills of the precipitation.

Q: about planning more controversial topic, how to guide public opinion?

, Zhuang: we initiated a topic, the controversial is a good thing. There is a dispute before it was discussed, the more strong sense of participation will be involved, the nature of the fission spread will be amplified, easier to spread. As operations should be more looking forward to this situation. And more positive, if there is a dispute, it is supposed to allow users, compared to the dispute, not to think about it to accept more terrible. When you really need to guide public opinion, you can go to the direction of the invitation to the ranks of the big V to join the debate, through his logic of his content, relatively soft to do to guide and clear.

Q: hope that the teacher can recommend for novice operation more practical book "

nuts: Zhuang to recommend two books: " " sense of participation, was published in 2014, was partly because the book raised on Millet learning climax, this book is mainly to introduce the concept and method of millet and case is more enlightening on the practical significance of the process. The other is a more practical one, is social psychology of reading "influence", . This book is from the angle of human nature, the people behind the behavior of the six psychological said, the six psychological and then extended to the relationship between people, speaking of the art, on my own is benefit bandit is shallow, it is worth everyone to see two times the three times.


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