This comes with a combination of 40 auxiliary road was point out a 6.24 version of the invincible under

Version bounty hunter resistance Meepo

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If the initial

of each attack to play the "1.5 times" panel attack output, and later a big damage to kill all enemies...... Then the hero, or the combination of the how strong?! if the initial

of each attack to play the "1.5 times" panel attack output, and later a big damage to kill all enemies...... Then the hero, or the combination of the how strong?

! This is for everyone to bring black technology is a combination of AD +AP

female gun dog! A perfect partner

in the road on which a single hero called strong is not strong. The combination of strong collocation, is king! And skill mechanism of female gun and a collocation is strong, invincible!

head in most game player's eyes, just a single type of development, relying on Q to fill knife one day, and then save the world. The fast pace of the current version of the single head let nowhere, then why can not fight the enemy early?

's early personal injury is very low, whether it is AD or E output Q skills skills AP output, are not what harm. But we take a detailed look at the head of E

" this is the blind perforation mechanism weaken, one of the early property is also the most BUG! Estimated designer himself did not think that the attributes for the single head of little help, in the road is so invincible:

"weakened region enemy 20 - 40 armor", usually very few people pay attention to this mechanism, and the single head demand for this property is not big. However, when this mechanism on the enemy, for AD teammates is very useful!

think carefully, before 6 the road hero, armor probably 33 - 40 of the interval, the 3 grade E skills can weaken the range 30 armor. If the ADC comes with a little armour attribute, then hit him in the enemy is "real harm"

! Come to talk about ADC as a female gun, in which several female gun version has been firmly occupy the top of the list of winning series, and several summit. This illustrates the strength and potential of the female gun.

" in the early stage of the line, a passive female gun is the key threat to the enemy:

1 of the passive provides additional physical output to 50% of the total AD a, together with the pre mentioned E head armor skill attribute, red mark with 6 armor, output early female gun hit the enemy, near real harm! When

put the head of E skills, AQA of the enemy within the scope of a female gun, to attack the enemy play 2 passive damage and 3 attacks damage, directly into the crippled

! Say female gun battle group key strokes, cut out of the black female gun can reduce the enemy 30% The maximum armor, plus its armor and head E skills 40 armor reduction. The percentage of fixed cut + cut + armor armor fixed tank armor penetration down to 100 points, the 200 armor armor panel. The trick then play damage is devastating!

class= female gun ADC

": red armor penetration attack *3 *6

yellow: fixed *9

armor blue: fixed Magic Essence: Anti *9

attack *3

" with some wear protective runes can play more in the middle of some of the violence, but because the E skill is very important so cut the armor, attack early for improving output properties.

as for the yellow and blue are suitable for the selection of resistance runes.

" conventional deep fire female gun rune is good, can enhance the degree of skill and ultimate damage. The highest output bounty hunter 7.5% increased, in comparison to their own self-confidence, you can kill the audience burst of words, can choose this double-edged sword; can also play very violent in the early stage, shortcomings obviously, their character selection. This set of equipment of

wind Xi recommended, provides a reduction of CD 40% and enough armor penetration. As for the

armor bows were not recommended, because of the black head cut and E skills are "cut armor". For example, is the enemy armor panel [60+] (140) directly reduced to a few numerical [60+] (40). The bow is the armor penetration "extra armor penetration, is that (+40), so the utility becomes much lower than

! Percentage of equipment to provide protection to wear + fixed guard wear, have enough to fight broke out.


" red armor: fixed *9

yellow: the growth of life value: *9

blue fixation strong *9

essence: spell power *3

's auxiliary words, Q skill more is to reset the attack, damage is not for. Rely mainly on the E skills of AOE damage and range reduction of armor, help ADC hit more damage.

so the early runes with 25 strong points in the line of violence is enough. After all, not the main output, with some red armor increased resistance to the on line. Note that AP's auxiliary contrast single or somewhat brittle, with some growth value of life for.

E skills can easily trigger thunder, hit a small outbreak. In addition to help the wisdom cast more skills, accordingly, it is necessary to point out the meditation back to the blue;

, point out the fierce column revealed weakness, head injury range can easily trigger enhanced ADC output.

this set of equipment can provide 40% cooling reduction, and all aspects of the property has been improved. And it is cheaper in the second auxiliary equipment, very suitable for a dog.

: skill level six before adding sequence: EWEQER

's auxiliary words, E skill needless to say, is the main skill. In addition, compared with the rhythm of development, need to drag Q skills, W skills with the faster, EW, with female gun ER, so there is no displacement of the enemy dead in direct gunfire guns under

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