The baby have a fever so it will burn out the brain

Baby fever brain complication

99jiankangwang· 2017-01-01 17:50:49

" the baby have a fever it will burn out the brain #p# #e#

" a lot of parents there will be such a traditional concept, the baby will have a fever that will burn out the brain. Then, the baby have a fever it will burn out the brain? #p#: #e#

" the truth is, encephalitis, meningitis, polio and other diseases. These diseases can damage the nervous system, even without a high fever, only infected with these diseases will also hurt the brain. #p#: #e#

" so the baby have a fever will burn out the brain is not absolute. Infant temperature control center stability is not as good as adults, mild viral infection may also be high fever 40 degrees C. #p#: #e#

have a fever pyrogen or various reasons under the action of temperature regulation point up, generally refers to the axillary temperature above 37 degrees Celsius, oral temperature above 37.3 degrees Celsius, rectal temperature above 37.7 degrees Celsius, the temperature reached 39 degrees above the high fever. #p#: #e#

human fever highest temperature rarely exceed 41 degrees, if more than this temperature, is likely to be a child suffering from meningitis or septicaemia, this time must be immediately rushed to the hospital. #p#: #e#

" have a fever itself is not terrible, the baby have a fever when parents should know how to deal with and observation, to find the cause of symptomatic treatment. Usually cold have a fever 2 ~ 4 days, if good, eating normally don't have to worry about. #p#: #e#

" should pay attention to infection without deterioration or complications, such as infant crying, poor activity, high fever, refused to eat, convulsions, treatment as soon as possible. #p#: #e#

" when the baby reached 38.5 degrees above, under the guidance of a doctor to fever. Body temperature below 38.5 degrees Celsius, you can choose a simple physical cooling. #p#: #e#

" to drink plenty of water. Drink plenty of water can not only supplement the loss of water in the body, but also to promote children's body heat, cooling. Of course, if the body temperature is not high after the cold, the body lost little water, then drink the right amount. #p#: #e#

comfortable sweat clothes to help heat. Do not use stuffy sweating, burn back the idea to take care of the child, sweating too much but easily lead to dehydration of the body, and even cause high fever convulsions. #p#: #e#

" warm bath can help relieve symptoms have a fever. If the baby has a fever of more than 39 degrees, parents can also use about 37 degrees warm water to wipe the baby's body. Alcohol stimulation is not recommended for children and infants.

#p#: #e#

" to rest, baby sick, the best bed rest, let the children recover, enhanced resistance.

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