Bosco Wong's new year's welfare show off temptation

Strip Bosco Wong welfare muscle

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-01 20:16:44

1" Sept. 1 in the afternoon, Bosco Wong drying out their own fitness photos, staged strip temptation to prove his dressing was thin, in fact our muscles. Bosco Wong wrote: "yesterday sent a photo from the camera, a lot of people say that I am thin! You see, in fact, I really do not thin! "At the same time, do not forget to send New Year wishes:" I wish you a happy new year, health and health in 2017! "

saw Bosco Wong solid muscle mass, there are fans love message:" I like your abs! After the coach to send such a photo! "There are fans already unable to control the desire to lick the screen:" my mobile phone screen is a bit dirty, I lick! "

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