Zhang Xinyu, according to the sun hit the face of Fan Bingbing how to see Li Chen?

Li Chen Fan Bingbing and by the way face to face by the way of the face

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-01 21:41:19

countdown 2017! Most people have been unable to withstand. Anxious to send their own circle of friends in 2017 to encourage or give their own goals. Of course, the stars are no exception! Zhang Xinyu basked in a veil to cover a face to shine on, can this Zha so like Fan Bingbing?

know Zhang Xinyu is the former girlfriend of Li Chen, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing is now his girlfriend, Zhang Xinyu and Fan Bingbing have not? But this photo hit the face Fan Bingbing, Zhang Xinyu do you feel it?

black, what would you see? Do you think this is Fan Bingbing?

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