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tuwanwang· 2017-01-01 21:45:07

dear audience friends, I am willing to share the love of life, silly meow star teacher, 2016 1-9 month national service arena (7.099 wins), joyson first November National Service under JJC seventeenth (. 71.03%) list, the new version of the December statistics are 71.32%.

garkisen version has a dragon and a tiger in combat over half a month, the overall environment in JJC, occupation intensity and various strength of single card has been adapted to everyone familiar with. Before many deities are new comment cards, Moze, yam, dust in the camp and I also published new card prediction and comment series of video and text. In fact, most of the new cards can be demonstrated in a show of their strength, such as the warlock 766 prediction out of the invincible card, the actual combat is indeed out of the invincible card. However, there are some more interesting dispute single card, and now it seems, touch his swollen face has become a watermelon, really hurt ah...

heard that people love to see the annual rankings, so today I teacher will come together and take stock of the most overvalued and undervalued in the arena of a dragon and a tiger in combat version of the card Top5. By the way 1-2 spicy chicken can not see, 3-4 grabbed 5 points available, uncomfortable, 6-7 good, 8-9 caught a happy, 10 points for the other 2 cards blind.



card: 1 fee, this turn of all places after the -3 attack

real war comments: first 8 points, second 5 points, third don't grab more cards in hand. Low cost effect. Score: 8 points after the actual combat

comments: after the actual combat found that this is similar to the protection of the hand can not be affixed to the naked eye, or only one round of urban management, card hand goods, can only expand the advantages do not solve the problem. The rhythm of the priest is to stand big brother and then eat the opposite, and then back to earn a bad card, it is difficult to stand up to the number of cards to play the upper limit. Have you got any of the priests who stood here and there?. In the hand of the perennial card hand, hand cut one, there is no right time to use. So the first one can only give 5-6 points, second.. Don't scratch, 2 more than the cost of narrowing the difference of 32. This also belongs to the unique 433 relatively poor, like the AOE or the explosion that straightforward changes in liquid crystal.

added: with the size of madness, pain, horror, white Formica this as we all know, but in fact this card with the most is the new card 444 Alchemist (version four strongest neutral charge, a catch is extremely high, the actual effect is often comparable to, often with the iron) is ignored, I have a live when it encountered the combo, reduce the alchemist potion + armageddon.


card fee: 2 1-1, stealth, deathwhisper summons a jade Golem

before actual comments: comparison of ghosts crawl or wolf deathwhisper, a huge loss of 11, students also have 2-2 a little loss, a lower limit of 2 fee possessed good ability of villagers, Lai chang. Score: 6 points

after combat comments: one is to rely on the inertia of thinking before the field cards are good, although the stealth fart pants off, but it will cooperate with the new +2+2 card 444 stealth thief, the second dart could grow. After the actual combat found simply can not be used, stupid cry himself, his opponent on the bad side of the game, the threat is not as good as even a knife, just mentally retarded. The biggest problem is not completely the rhythm, to give each other the pressure field of thieves, Golem early loss of rhythm lost will never return, sneak + deathwhisper, on a piece, but there is no threat, no egg card, 3 points are too many, spicy chicken can not see.

added: the new card can be said that in addition to the 555 stealth thief assassin others are general stupid cry card or card. This card is the pollution are JJC, balance the strength of occupation. The new version is basically a thief completely on the laurels, but surprisingly, the pure eating capital can row to winning the second position, visible thieves do not suffer that hero skills how strong, but knight, mage, priest and father of minimal difference, the first difference.


" comment: This version before the actual readings are scarce, although rogue is difficult to play a routine in the sapphire arena, call 2 call 11 is not lost. Will be able to use, in order to dilute the rare, rare solution card, there is a certain limit, of course, certainly not as good as the existing card solution. Score: 8 points

after combat comments: like to look good, but because the 211 is a completely retarded, help him to his medical treatment 4 lotus piss is a mentally retarded, the two card thieves I will never choose, a direct result of darts can only rely on their own as long as can grow several times the growth of a few times?! the majority is 11 2 hit combo. Can not just trigger combo loss, then hang on hang on to trigger the batter, combat this card is to give people a 2 fee backstab feeling, can charge 2 fee on the bare fish fight face it, it is difficult to get the rhythm, so the score only 6 points, can be used, not strong, not because of he was caught no satisfaction.

added: you don't think of going rogue jade line, just rest on our laurels.


Dutch ACT team, oh no,

" before God, practical comments: This version of a serious lack of solutions in the legend, kill the queen! Deathwhisper effect is slightly painful, but perfectly acceptable. Compared with the courier can choose the target is the biggest advantage, but also enhance the contrast of 4 5 injured injury is the most before hearthstone cards are the upper limit solution after 4 blood, this card may mark the brand new era of hearthstone entourage solution. On the other, it can be considered as a sort of durable and 5 Olympic gold, 5 damage, and the effect of post injury, it is possible to circumvent. Score: 9 points

after combat comments: the new card is a single card demolition team announced the controversial, people take him and with the cost of 533 compared to now express, including many people may still argue with me this card and express the pros and cons. I said my real feelings, 5 is definitely better than the specified 4 random, but hit 5 compared to 4 is more likely to overflow, and remove the wrong answer or random voice = specified, so no difference so many skills. Figure 22 there is no exchange ability, but there are a number of exchange capacity of 2, compared to attack the face of the 3 attack is also a significant difference between the 33. The biggest flaw is that the death of 5, the negative effect of the pit in the actual combat, weaker than the courier on the death of the language.

say so, we have the advantage of the scene, 533 can be equivalent to a large extent specified, better than 522. If the scene is inferior, 522 came back, 22 figure 100% is free, and the disadvantages of whether the scene also withstand deathwhisper off 5 of the blood of the face hurt? May not express bet bet on the target, more likely, turn. But compared with the actual 522 express more cards in hand, odd jobs Maoshe shall not, low and not out of blood. So these two together I would choose express, because of the late deathwhisper hit 5 a pit, and was stable free body, although is still a good card, to 7-8.

TOP1 dirty hands Street Punisher (211 hand buff,

" after the actual comment: first saw this card when you feel good, do not drop solution explosion, buff once was made, also have their own a certain exchange capacity, 8 points. ".

after combat evaluation: this card can in fact be and go by like the wind (1 fee spell buff hand), 211buff hand together. Dirty hands in the party before we open version of the inertia of thinking that after the buff figure is simple and crude, the most suitable JJC rhythm, but as people gradually adapt to the buff mechanism of hand contamination of the party, the party's dirty hands buff effect seems to be far as expected but is rogue, teach people a variety of unique potion of fear. The reasons are as follows (1) drops in the dark and dirty hands in the open, exposed hand information it is cheating, buff full hand at least without anti King / dedication / Dabao sword. The reason (2) hand buff is far better than the king, seal, Silvermoon portal even the power of the Holy Ghost of this kind of buff buff on the battlefield, the battlefield is often on the opposite side of the collapse point be taken by surprise, and buff hand one round to deal with. (3) after the turn of the fee for the next round of 544, to buff how many pieces to be discussed, even if the solution can not be removed, the next round of the buff often hand over to the field to throw a again, the number of buff. 211 and go by like the wind also have this problem, you can not guarantee, the 211 and 544 go by like the wind in the most suitable time in hand and shot, often encounter buff generates revenue is also not worth your body to loss. In 544 (211, go by like the wind is still a good card), but compared to the expected, far not to fear it, this card score is fluctuation, you first need to have the strength of other cards (hold field), to maximize the maximum utility function card loss of body material, to combat 6-7.

added: dirty hand Street mechanism is more suitable for the followers of the attack is lower than the blood of the followers, low attack big ass (such as 427 old turtle) body every +1+1 is a qualitative leap, so you can pay attention to the selection of cards. In addition to the new version of the paladin did not give a weapon, weapon 0 is normal, when no weapons saw nail clippers (light justice) also take no brain! Missing Paladin solution is the biggest problem! Underestimate


TOP5 unique teach alchemist

card: a random drops into your hand before the actual

comments: slightly stupid, randomness brings more cheating may find characteristics than another 433 figure grave spider. The destruction in the random word. Score: 5 points after the first

actual comment: look at this card that spider is 433 graves found that this potion is not found at random? Bad! It seems okay is random, or the other 6 occupation can be deleted... This is a dream, a high ceiling terrible card, the worst for the sheep should be drops, because the pig know your head hanging is what mystery, even to a frozen liquid contrast frost element 655 is acceptable. There is a kind of do not know the illusion is not illusion, that is, with the 433 is always the most reluctant to see their own medicine. Heart shock is simply terrible! Score reached 8 points, but don't take much attention over cards.

added: 1 single crystal untieing potion, l dragon potion cannot go out, evil fire drops all hit 5, a 2 AOE, crazy, narrow card hand or wonders, change potion pig can guess, blood drops are relatively poor, but also can make a more flexible by surprise, frozen grab a round, rhythm, heal by Qianglian or warlock with a very cool.

TOP4 unique teaching messenger

card: find a mage, warlock or priest occupation brand

comments: comparison of dirty hands before the actual party and the help of the same type of card lotus, this is the worst three. Lack of exchange capacity, the cost is not the lowest. Body loss too much, slightly embarrassed. Score: 6 points

after combat comments: comment was not considered before the actual quality, consider to find a miracle I give 8 points! Please see below, the mage 322 light bomb double play my aerobic aerobic

added: the 322 wonders, compared to 553 and 211 found stronger, want to have to see the 322 comeback.


combat shadow fury before comments: at first this figure, ha ha, 315/351 family and another child, a good designer can only do things carelessly, stupid, it is easy to lose face solution strange. The only advantage is 3 fee 5 attack may sneak 4 charges and above pressure opponent followers can barely use, 5.

actual comment: Although still a little funny, but lack of AOE vacancy filling knife occupation actual results can still be used, after all, 3 fee of 5 point field of a few, 3 charges can suppress 4 charges, called kill round wonders! So at least passed to 6-7. Absolutely can use. A little scared out of a neutral 546 grappling.

added: with new card to sneak thief to 444 buff, and then the egg. High school is a good stealth skills, is not like solution when a large delay backstab, called kill stage without brain throw up yard attack.


card: destroy an entourage with a mana crystal

combat before comments: for other jobs, this card may not be good, but the lack of hard warlock solutions should be acceptable, but comparing the assassination, inflammation spear, each round of overload 1 Crystal really never mind? Score: 6 points after the actual

comments: this card really face good pain, this card and 766 direct Warlock into operation PA, comprehensive winning after blasting second tier 3-4 percentage points, only to describe the terrorist. This card is not suitable for a fee of 4, but is hard to give solutions across the high fee and high fee, stage 1 overload feel permanent never mind, the key is the current version of this card is the only full occupation of a good hard solution in the solution card completely on laurels in the this solution makes the card against warlock A new force suddenly rises., stand head and shoulders above others, arena. In addition to the 766 together, the first two no brain grasp it.

added: why I always read a potion explosive crystal crystal explosion potion? Share?


" before the actual comment: this card only basic solutions for the face, very afraid of freezing, somewhat similar to the wind, can pass. Early get very repressive, later to get a little embarrassed. Score: 5 points after comments:

actual lovemaking, clap clap! 5 points from a funny, I saw on the heart into the card, this card! 3 fee, opposite to the enormous pressure, stable exchange 2 attendants, usually 5 off the blood, a brand change across the two cards at least 4 fee, you are not smug? Later, through reasonable arrangement, also can maximize avoid side effects. This card has a few passive skills, unable to attack enemy heroes (1 and 2 fish king) make your opponent reduced iq. As a 3 fee. 3 people can hold 4 fee fee neutral snow daddy, is really too niubi. As a shameless game player, I love this one!

added: with the kid blasting epic combo. Well, when the live encounter such a situation, with a dwarf deformation division this change in the end a few blood, did not dare to try. Welcome to this phase furnace laboratory. In order to test

stupid teacher spent 400 with the dust of this ladder funny than purple, please see below:

" is the 355 division deformation off a few blood

A 0 blood (deformation ability is warshout, deformed into another a strange, does not trigger a drop of blood)

B 5 (blood warshout deformation, but calculate deformation played off the blood

C Division) 10 (division play off 5 deformation blood blood, become another strange moment, another strange appearance and loss of 5 blood, 10 blood)

see answer:

" ha ha, not what is trap, deformation of 355 off 5 blood, you got it?

many people ask stupid teacher pick a card which is good, sometimes there are high, such as the evil torture is complete explosion of treasure Bay bodyguard. But there are also a lot of time, pick a card is not a single card mechanical compliance score, score is always just a single reference card, absolutely not who score high no brain (except 766, dad caught fire doors). Recently, I love to use a word called toughness, or operating space. Not a hand pick a card board, also cannot take a hand of 322 found that 433 drops, also cannot take medicine, narrow hand go by like the wind is very difficult to win. In general, to tap the intrinsic linkage of each single card, such as a small spider with buff, looks very simple, but it may be playing out the winning point. Good battlefield deck, functional entourage, weapons, a single solution, AOE, organic combination of various elements, in order to burst the real strength of the deck. Of course, the blame can be replaced, and the solution and AOE miss miss, so the quality of solution and AOE usually is always the first priority, especially now this version of solution is increasingly diluted, see the solution just take it, don't blame the greedy.

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