"May the force be with us" - written in a "rogue" before the release

BGM onomatopoeia belief and film

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lead: I am not a senior, or fanatical fans, but if the love degree division level for Star Wars of words, I still have confidence to score second.

I and the origin of Star Wars

for the first time I was watching when the Star Wars movie, I can't remember but I clearly remember that it is Grandpa to my junior high school a "Phantom Menace" VCD, because of my childhood was useless and full of art training classes, I did not like most children like too much contact with the mass entertainment, which bring a film, impact I can only use a word to describe: "there was such a movie! "

, but unfortunately, the film did not open my door in the star wars, and I only know this movie called the phantom menace, but do not know its name. So, after the Clone Wars, I realized that I was watching Star wars! However, this is still the door is open to me, indulge in learning and playing games I was not aware of this series of films for fans around the world significance.

of the open pit trilogy, but the pit dug deep enough, not to bury the dead time into my

for 09 years, the University of the idle mode brings me to the day after the heavy employment pressure, but also bring a lot of viewing time I. The movie, missing all my favorite movie is I cannot read loaded to force me crazy like catching his ten years ago, of course, I still don't know that I was to complete the original trilogy of Star Wars for what purpose, it is precisely at this time, the word "space opera" into my mind. I had not heard of the three science fiction gold giant, has not seen the blade runner, not seen the ghost in the shell, the science fiction epic star wars a powerful and unconstrained style occupy my mind, even for my style of professional design work will have a profound effect, although the teacher scoffed.

then, I began to contact other derivative media about the star wars, animation, games, toys and a variety of Lego, the story behind the scenes of the film, the director of the creative process. These things have enriched my star wars world outlook, also slowly, in my heart took the seed.

" to feel the power of your body. The injection force


with the passage of time, people grow up, graduate, find a job, unemployment, entrepreneurship, failure, continue to work, but there are some "wrong" is even if people grow up to be reserved. This man is nothing to love something out of the fingers, holding a piece of goods, the mouth issued a "love buzz! Hum! "The onomatopoeia. But there is one thing I do know, Star Wars has been away from us for too long, the derivatives are irreplaceable appears on the screen that a blue "long long ago".

but on the day, the awakening of the force. I will never forget the first time I sit in the theater, blow out "STARWARS" in the IMAX hall at the screen, passionate BGM hit the eardrum, echoed in the chest. This is the first time I watch the star wars in the cinema, after 5 seconds, I choked back the tears. I have a good face, I don't want two plane side deadpan friends looked at me, his face Meng forced crying, but the heart out of the sour and the feeling of excitement, should every true fan is able to appreciate the. Evaluation on the force "awakening" of the

, can be said to have both positive and negative, but not mixed, because regardless of its plot and characterization on a number of more or less picky place, but the Star Wars came back, this is enough. It comes with a whole new story, a new adventure, a new character, a new stage, and an infinite variety. And, of course, with a series of Lego, "I'm back".

" on the preview release of this seemed to become a director who tantalize the trick, Episode 7 still has a lot of suspense to be announced a "

" value of

Star Wars fans say so much, the return of "Grand Theft Auto No.". Because I don't watch the moral gun version, so I'll do my best in the spoilers, but now all online YouTube video everywhere, believe that many fans have roughly know the direction and outcome of the story.

if the force "awakening" it's fair to cite some mishap, then one can say "rogue" truly a Star Wars film outside all should have the quality properties of the film, you can even say that it can be wonderful and Star Wars drama comparable. And this is the charm of the movie star wars, this is a series of clear good and evil against the story, but there is seldom people really hate teeth itch, can be said that the most popular are almost uniform black, this is the success of the film, each character is vivid, true to life, unique the character of their own beliefs, ethics, and the final destination of their own. These

, "a" are available, although modern actor's acting style from the beginning of the 7 generation have been seen with 1~6's drama style performances be quite different (here is not pejorative), but the perfect story, actor and special effects will still knead into a department of authentic Star Wars movie. As the 3.5 generation of star wars, because it is in before the "Revenge of the Sith" and "new hope" of the story, the more accurate is close to the 4 generation, it can well explain the origin of the 4 generation of a variety of main and branch of the story. But the surprise is that Chinese actor Donnie Yen Jiang Wen played with the force and blind faith, the weapons master? Scenes in the film is also very important, even contracted a few scattered in bursting point. And the final destination of the two, but also with the theme of this article, the phase of the chain, I was also very moved.

" in the role of Donnie Yen is very impressive, but he is not a Jedi, believe the force all around them

if I give this film to score, I think I will only tell you this is a worth the aftertaste the movie is not so classic, but do everything, it may be compared to the 7 generation, the Ministry is indeed a lot of progress. Finally, I want to Danger ahead! You, the two climax of the film is at the end of the film, if you are a willing to cheer and clap the audience moved to tears in the cinema, please put your mood brewing to finally burst out.

want to know Lucas in writing the new hope, there is no thought of their own spy story

is now 23:40 on December 31, 2016, going across years. The first time I think is to contribute kernel than watching movies, playing games, singing all night clubbing, K, open house, the most significant thing.

so here, I wish you all a happy new year! May the force be with you, the Star Wars fan. May the force be with you, all the nuclear machine. And may the force be with you forever, Princess leia.

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