Children play computer games in the bedroom can cause anxiety

Play computer bedroom children relax

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children playing computer can cause anxiety,

1 children often play computer can cause anxiety

Dahl Moorhouse of the Nova Scotia Province University researchers found that in the bedroom, playing games and mobile phone TV, often in the bedroom of the children is easy to show the anxiety, but also because of lack of sleep not resulting in the decline in academic performance. The study found that when playing violent video games in the bedroom, the child's brain will be affected, the bedroom fantasy into a place of risk, so that they should have been in a relaxed state of alert at rest. Lack of sleep can result in a reduction in children's academic performance, weakening their mathematical skills and memory.

2, what is

anxiety anxiety disorder, also known as anxiety neurosis, is one of the most common neurological disease that a large class of diseases, with anxiety experience as the main features. Can be divided into two forms of chronic anxiety and acute anxiety attack. The main performance is: nervous, no clear object on tenterhooks, and autonomic symptoms. Pay attention to distinguish between normal anxiety, such as the severity of anxiety and objective fact or situation is not obvious, or for a long time, it may be pathological anxiety.

3, children's favorite computer games

game is the child's nature, is the result of biological genetics, is a process of re evolution of the ancestors, is the necessary way to learn life skills in the future. Psychological theory: for children, the game can make it exciting experience, to meet the children's desire to know the objective things. In addition, children have a characteristic, which will maximize the use of their own that age physiological development gives them the ability to explore. Two or three year old children, have been able to carry out finger coordination action, when they feel that the mouse and the keyboard is completed by hand, of course, they want to put these skills into practice. And the children are easily attracted to the sound and picture, the click of a mouse, there will be a variety of magnificent picture, it is easy to let them have the urge to try.

play computer on the body, the harm of

1 long time playing computer will affect the visual

long-term operating computer easy to make eye fatigue and thermal aging, with "computer ophthalmopathy syndrome" called computer eye, the disease will have a blurred vision, decreased vision, eye dryness, itching, burning, pain and photophobia and discomfort phenomenon.

2, the computer radiation causes hair loss.

radiation is the number one cause of hair loss; the key computer used for a long time but also lead to hair loss; highly concentrate using computer, time grew up brain excitability increases, endocrine disorders occur, associated with hair follicles the event resulted in hair follicle sebaceous gland secretion embolism, hair nutrition supply problems, hair will become brittle, the hair will fall. For minor hair loss can be reduced by reducing the use of computer time and lifestyle to ease. How to quit addiction, Internet addiction



the correct use of the network, is used in the demand, or on their own life is the use of the convenient. The main reason for the excessive use of Internet users is the behavior of a kind of long - term compulsive Internet use. When the excessive use of network damage on the body, work, learning and social interaction to the pain, even normal life and society have been affected, belong to excessive use, should be corrected. These performance with the overall mental health of the people, do not ignore the state of mental health behind the network.

2, children often outdoor activities can prevent Internet addiction

parents should often communicate with their children, communication, understanding and try to meet the psychological needs of children. Use holidays to accompany children to travel, play, etc.. Enhance the feelings between children. Allow children to have their own space to make friends, and guide, supervise and even participate in their healthy and normal communication. Of course, the way to participate in appropriate, appropriate, do not let the child feel that you do not trust him.

3, it should be reasonable to arrange the Internet time

id= scientific and reasonable arrangement of the Internet time. Up to 3--5 times a week, each time the Internet is not more than 2 hours, and continuous operation after 1 hours should rest for 15 minutes. In particular, the Internet can not be too long at night.

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