Shandong, a high speed service area of a strong charge of how much people look at the cost of the mood

Capitation fee bus drivers uniforms yunguanchu car

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to the past, the car hailed the capitation

original title: Yinchuan expressway service area of Zibo received strong capitation fee questioned how much charge mood?

Qilu news network January 1st (reporter Yang Shuai Song Xiaolong) in order to facilitate the local long-distance travel, let the living suffer from back and forth in the vicinity of the highway service area residents, many service areas have opened the window ticket ride. However, this was originally a good thing in the convenience of the green silver high-speed service area in Zibo quietly changed the taste: passenger cars in order to carry passengers in the service area, you must pay the head fee. What is the identity of these people, who are these fees levied by them all, their behavior is legitimate, this reporter launched an investigation.

high-speed service area to the passing car hailed the capitation fee

December 17, 2016 morning, the reporter service in Yinchuan Expressway Zibo District saw such a scene. Several men and women in uniform to attract passengers, and transported to their respective buses to ride, and then in accordance with the number of people on the car, the car owners to charge the cost of this bus is the owner of the car called the head fee". Because the bus driver feel that this collection of capitation fee behavior is unreasonable, so with these uniforms men and women quarreled.

bus driver questioned: I ask you a few questions. You say, where do you belong? Do you have a work permit?" The bus driver told his Zibo uniforms and station staff, but did not work with documents, but also threatened: "if you don't go in or not". They told the bus driver, passenger vehicle them over the entire service area, stop boarding fees must be paid. This is what the driver said, "capitation fees".

no matter how the requirements of bus drivers, high-speed service area in Zibo, these people are wearing uniforms do not produce any documents. But the attitude is very firm, do not pay you out of the station. The bus driver, however, that the charge of the car on the head of the charges are arbitrary charges, and therefore do not give. But did not expect the uniformed men more persistent than the bus driver, the bus station in front of people directly blocking the way. When the two sides deadlocked, another passenger car into the service area. Two of them hurried over, avoid missing any car parking boarding vehicles.

reporter asked: how much money do you buckle?" I did not expect a uniformed woman quickly called another uniformed man, you come up, you do not talk to him, come on." And hid in the car.

and at this time, standing in front of the passenger car uniform man is not moving. Is a word, do not give money who can not go. A few passengers get ready to catch a plane using a mobile phone to record the scene, but did not expect the man was beaten almost uniform. "Don't give me the book" the man said as he grabbed the passengers uniforms, and under his supervision, the passengers were forced to delete just recording video. Due to fear of the vehicle passenger aircraft delayed, deadlocked for half an hour later, the bus driver reluctantly pay just the so-called management fees on the bus passengers - 5 yuan.

, the reporter found that they issued to the driver of the so-called charging documents, turned out to be Zibo and passenger business services company in the number of passengers vehicles approved, there is no any official stamp. The passengers in this case is also very dissatisfied, you look at the price hike on at least is the industry is not standardized ".

charges yanguobamao see mood can't stand

service in Yinchuan Expressway in Zibo District, a bus carrying passengers from the service area, must pay the amount ranging from capitation fee. The reporter found in the investigation, the scene just happened is not an example. The second day, the reporter once again came to the green silver high-speed Zibo service area investigation. The southwest corner of the service area is the location of the passengers on and off the passenger vehicles, and the uniformed men were standing there yesterday. At this time, a car from Laizhou to Ji'nan by bus to enter the service area, the reporter asked, "go to Ji'nan? Is there a seat, right?" Uniformed woman told reporters charges 30 yuan, but when a reporter asked to vote, the woman claimed no tickets.

was not the ticket ticket, let people very understand. But then the reporter saw the scene, even more shocking. "On three altogether 15". The bus driver is just preparing to pay a fee for the uniforms". Did not think the uniforms for men is very dissatisfied, "how much money a person of five?? a 10 dollars!" so after that several uniformed men and women hands down, the bus driver will pay the cost of 10 yuan per person per person.

so, this is 10 yuan per person what is the cost? The bus driver told reporters: "he can not buckle, buckle his ticket is not white? He said he was formal, said he is not formal, who can not find out. They are wearing on uniforms, but no ticket ticket".

bus driver told reporters that this phenomenon has existed for a long time. As long as the vehicles from soliciting the service area of Zibo, these people will receive capitation fees charged this fee, and no standard. The bus driver said, "you come in the morning, a person buckle 20. In the afternoon, 15 of the buckle, buckle of the 10, there are also deduction of 5 pieces. From Weifang to Zouping, one of the inverted, put on the station to see, it will receive 5 dollars deposit fee." Although

charges are not fixed, but it is yanguobamao. Even if a car has to transfer money to pay five yuan transfer fee is really fantastic. The driver told reporters, although the driver and passengers in the past very dissatisfied, but dare not. Do not pay will not make you hit, you hit the car glass. With the car hit Laixi, several people put him down on the ground to beat. For a few dollars ten dollars worth when." Bus driver told reporters.

strong charge head who will charge?

capitation fee, forced lanche, beating the driver, threatening passengers, these tools are not wearing uniforms for men and women to show their work certificates belong to which department, the capitation fee behavior is reasonable? The reporter then rushed to the Zibo city yunguanchu investigation.

reporters unannounced visits to the video to the Zibo city yunguanchu staff, yunguanchu staff very definitely told reporters: "not one of us!" The reporter asks: "is not your people? But in your uniform?" "No, you see, in this uniform? Traffic enforcement above it?"

then, not yunguanchu staff, so these people belong to the Department, Zibo yunguanchu staff said must be investigated. Unfortunately, so far have not received any reply to reporters in Zibo city yunguanchu.

spring is coming soon, many high-speed service area are linked to this slogan: let the journey more comfortable. But if the passengers on the way home to encounter such a bad thing, not warm, but Tim plug. Governance blocking, should not just on the road, as well as the hearts of our people, hoping to attract the attention of the relevant departments.

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