Old Ren is not happy Switch game can not directly replace the battery

Old term game consoles listing endurance

weifengwang· 2017-01-02 10:01:02

many old fans now on the latest generation of 2 games in 1 Switch already can't wait, but there is a need to disclose bad news, this machine is the mobility and did not imagine so good. Recently, Nintendo submitted to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission FCC application documents finally have a trial, the documents show the latest Switch game does not support direct replacement of the battery, which means that when to play outdoors will have no electricity, only to seek ways to solve the external power supply.

the old Swtich game will soon be officially listed in March of this year, Wii U and design of the machine is completely different, because the subject is a handheld size only, not only can do when inserted into home game play, but also like 3DS on the go entertainment. At the same time, the game seems to be just the size of the tablet PC, but in the powerful Tegra Nvidia help, enough to provide the game does not lose to Xbox One performance.

now the problem is that although the Switch can be as portable as 3DS anytime, anywhere, but it is because of strong performance, its battery life level may cause players to worry about. The old office claimed that this machine in the online state, can withstand 8 hours, can achieve the measurement is a question, and it's not clear how long to charge to full, so a lot of game player is expected to directly replace the battery before the battery running out.

" however, FCC over the trial documents smashed the game player to directly change the battery ideal design, and a removable battery, the battery is used more and more impatient with the theory, after all, the charge cycle many times, life will become the shorter, lithium battery design based on electronic products without exception. In other words, in terms of portability, the battery can not be replaced by the Switch experience to play a certain discount, only in the living room to use the base to play cool.

in addition, since the Switch game machine has passed FCC certification, that is not far away from the official listing, but in such a short period of time, the old office may not before shipment will be designed to replace the battery can. Perhaps the real machine listed, hope to have a longer time gaming experience game player outdoors, may really be ready to charge treasure.

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