Turkey New Year's terrorist attack suspect photos or exposure to the "East Turkistan" terrorist

Turkey East Turkistan suspect molecular

tengxunjunshi· 2017-01-02 11:15:33

suspects photos

1 the morning of 1 August, a gunman entered the Turkey downtown Istanbul, a company called "Reina" to the nightclub, hundreds of people are celebrating the new year opened fire, and then fled in disarray. According to the British "mirror" in January 2nd, citing the Turkey media reported that this terrorist attack suspect may be the extremist organization Islamic state (IS) "of the" East Turkistan "branch member

Hongkong East Network said that the Turkey authorities publicly for the first time the suspect photos, that he may come from Afghanistan, or Chechnya, have may be members of extremist organizations IS the" East Turkistan "branch. However, according to Australian media news.com.au said that Turkey's intelligence services are more inclined to think that the suspect is a member of the "East Turkistan".

, however, is currently unable to determine the nationality of the suspect.

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