Beauty on the thousand year old blogger to catch endangered Dragon King angered netizens

Beauty friends the Dragon King the wall

kuaikeji· 2017-01-02 15:20:21

of wild animal protection, endangered ancient ruins is the modern consciousness of love by moral responsibility, defend and even legal constraints.

recently, the beauty of Taiwan tourism blogger Lai Qiyun incurred criticism, the original, Peru tourism in the day before her, upload their own on the Millennium ancient city wall and the sea hold cherish the wrasse photos.

users rebuked it in order to flow and attention some cruel, do not have to do their own communication industry should have a positive energy obligations.

today, Lai deleted photos and apologized, she said he would be careful.

data show that Machu Picchu is a relic of the 1500, one of the new seven wonders in the world, the United Nations World Heritage james.

and also called Dragon wrasse snapper, hailongwang, 2004 to enter the list of endangered species.

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