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Inventory skin fairy tale behind

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League in addition to skin gorgeous appearance, often unknown there is a historical background, today, Xiaobian take you a look at those skin behind the myth background! The myth of the

skin inventory of

dogs' purgatory < /strong>

" in Greek mythology three hell dogs - Cerberus as Haddis guards the underworld Hades gate. Cerberus allows each of the dead souls to the underworld, but don't let anyone out.

elder forest series: Le Fran, Sagittarius, Bard

is the mother of the elders in the UK and Scandinavian folklore Guardian elders, she has a variety of names, such as in Denmark called Danish Hyldemoer (meaning elder mother), in Lincolnshire was called the old woman. The deep

of the deep skin is snake enchantress and mermaid legend everyone for having heard it many times, the legend of the Mermaids appear in the mythology of many civilizations, including the Middle East, Europe, Africa and asia. The first legend of the mermaid appeared in ancient Assyria, the ancient god Atta Gatis accidentally transformed herself into a mermaid, and killed her lover.

" Gorgon is the same in Greek mythology, Medusa links. The legend of Medusa was a nymph in Greek mythology, one of the three Gorgons banshee, Medusa's hair is composed of countless small snake. A terrible eyes will shine, can bring people petrochemical. The legs are the body of a rattlesnake, shaking its tail and making a terrible noise.

Ali with Chinese flame fox in the myth of the fox has been linked, China myth of the fox is considered to have a high intelligence, long life and powerful magic.

series: death Soul Reaper Soraca Carle, Texas, death knight ghost Hector Kareem "img_box"

death as a myth in various areas are common elements, with a variety of line form. In some myths, the arrival of a god of death means death.

cable and La forest goddess in Greek mythology, the dryad. In Greek mythology, the goddess or plant is Treefolk Yi said that the spirit of instantiation of symbolic tree. Although the Dryad is often the old trees, but they are in the myth is a very shy girl.

" headless knight Hector Kareem

" the headless knight legend can be traced back to the middle ages, is the most famous Irish folk legend genie in a. About the origin of the legend of the Headless Horseman, said his death is a brave knight, because on the battlefield was killed by the enemy, head cut off, so every night he would ride a horse with the dead horse appeared in the sleepy valley, looking for their lost head; and whenever I see and he was similar in appearance will cut its head back.

nice behemoth with famous Scotland Nessie legends, in more than 1500 years ago, began to spread the nice lake to have the giant monster often came out to eat the story of people and livestock.

Val Jiri Rae Onna

Val Jiri is the spirit of death guide Scandinavia Peninsula mythology. Odin Norway and Germanic mythology of the maids, also known as the "search for their souls". They rode a tour with the "Wild Hunt" ghost, or a swan to fly to the battlefield, collect dead samurai to Valhalla.

believes chang e story is not small talk, between her and the story of Hou Yi is already known to every family of myths and legends in Chinese.

blue nightmare with chernobog in Slavic mythology, chernobog is a Slavic God, meaning" black god".

corona with goddess Aztec mythology is considered Tonatiuh, the sun god tonatiuh.

" dark flame double soul

[dark flame with double soul Celtic folktales as the angel of death related.

Kazike St. Ramos and the ancient Egyptian mythology with skin Reaver the kheppri god. Kheppri God was the symbol of dung beetle, after deified, will roll into a circular drive for carrying dung beetles, is the Sun God belief and life rebirth combined to give God kheppri rising meaning. The first man to Catharsius or wearing Catharsius crown man image.


" with daimon in the myth of Arabia. Before they were created, they existed between heaven and earth, which is said to have been created by God from the black smoke. Their body is transparent, large, consisting of flame or steam, can be turned into a human or animal in different forms, can be invisible. Jose

[Ruiz with tribal spirit in ancient Greek mythology. Jose is the third generation of ancient Greek mythology, the king of the gods, gods of Olympus twelve first, the supreme god of the universe.

goddess Mousika Sona "img_box"

as its name, the goddess Mousika related Sona the skin in Greek mythology. Mousika is the name of the nine ancient art goddess of art and Science in Greek mythology. They represent the traditional music and dance, that is, the spread of the poetry of the times expressed by the myths and legends. They had to protect heliconian spring water of Narcissus, belongs to the category of nymphs. Later people will set up the Olympus Gods of the Appollo as their leader.

the Sheitan provided related with the myth of the mo. Satan is a fallen angel rebelled against God the Lord is God, once seat angel, then he was arrogant and God Delusion and degenerated into the devil, and the power of God is seen as the source of evil, relatively dark.

" heartseeking striker Verus "img_box"

" > heartseeking prototype scorer believe everyone can guess -- Cubitt. Cupid is Venus and his son, people imagine him as a beautiful young man coming into the youth, has been hailed as a symbol of the most mysterious love.

the skin as the limit is the same China mythical dragon - ERON.

Monkey King Sun Wukong

[Monkey King, Monkey King Sun Wukong's story that with every buddy grow, the skin is to make the story of sky as the prototype manufacture. Poseidon and Atlantis


" the two skin of ancient Greek mythology the story about. Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea (also is the horse God, bring the horses for mankind in the mythology), Jose's brother, brother of hades. The symbol for "Poseidon trident".

" Atlantis is located in the vicinity of Europe to the Strait of Gibraltar on the island of the Atlantic, a high degree of civilization development in ancient China, a legend in the name of the city or country.

the skin with Bastet - Ancient Egyptian myth of the goddess Bastet, often wearing a gold earring the cat first female image.

the skin with ancient Egypt during the new kingdom of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Faro Tutan Camon, 9 years old he reigns, at the age of 19 because of a violent death, death a family of genetic diseases. He is not the history of ancient Egypt the most outstanding achievements of the pharaohs, but his tomb found on behalf of the top Egyptian archaeological work, he has become one of the most famous pharaoh.

the skin to better represent the best in prototype - seth. Seth in Egyptian mythology is the first power of God, the God of war, the storm God, the God of the desert and the God of land. He protected desert caravans, but they also caused sandstorms. He is the son of Knut and Gabe, Nephthys's husband, is one of the nine pillars of god.

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