There's not much fun, patience is not there - there is no tutorial of the "star Explorer"

Fun tutorial steam space capsule

youqudian· 2017-01-02 19:10:39

2016 years have passed, here is an interesting wish you all a happy new year in. Today is the last day of the new year's holiday, I have not found a satisfactory in the rest of the time of the game to pass the time?

Steam" although the discount season ferocious, but there are so few exceptions is not discounted.

, for example, just launched the game. If a game has just launched a few days, and then hit the entire platform of the Steam discount season, you say it should play or not to play this fold?

hit a player who just got out of the spray: How did I just buy you a discount?

so there are a number of new games and did not join the excitement of the discount season. Today, the protagonist of the alien star Explorer (Astroneer) is one of the.

game on the line in December 16, 2016, today is still the first to experience the state of the state in. As a public test, has not yet officially released the game, perhaps not involved in the discount is a more sensible approach.

game set a relatively easy way out, would have been on earth for a long time in the gold rush to the outer space. In science and technology has made great progress in space exploration, human beings have become commonplace. But in the process of human civilization and progress is to repeat it, still believe in gold, in an attempt to find a rich variety of resources alone, but has never been discovered planet.

" game player must explore outer space border, risking the lives of the exploration of resources in difficult circumstances, looking for a chance to become rich, the thought of magic.

was responsible for "halo 4" concept and the original set of John Liberto also participated in the "work" of the alien explorers set. Through his brush, you can see that this is not a very serious game.

" to the overall style of cartoon, color, and rough polygon.

to see such an art style and theme, have you ever thought of another similar topic?

is no one deep space.

" this game in 2016 is the year before the sale of a sudden turn for the worse game player award, and look forward to the sale of poor form a very sharp contrast. Its failure will even allow players to lose confidence in the same game in a short time, you can go to this point.

and small scale independent games such as "alien explorers" clearly full of their own ideals and aspirations, the front of the big brother's fall is too big, but people on the quality of the game has several doubts.

scared the producers in front of the media to explain, we do the game and no deep space is not the same, you can not take the rhythm of the media. Although we have a strong interest in "unmanned deep space" (80% kind words), but we are spare no effort for "alien explorers" given its own characteristics.

game developer named System Era Softworks, has just set up soon, "alien" explorer is their established after the launch of the first game. But after the experience of the fun of the game, I think there is a place really egg pain.

that is the game no novice tutorial .

players in the game, the first choice of a space capsule, and then launch out. Then the player lands on a random planet.

" you may encounter other happened to come to this planet only several game player, but the greeting is certainly not enough for you to communicate with each other.

so play on the game, you can only slowly explore their own. When the

technology has developed that allows you to use a magic wand, it can absorb the soil, exposed the hidden resources;

can spit out the soil, topography and landform reshaping.

"content_img_p" when you are immersed in the magical ability as the creator in general, oxygen shortage will you instantly pulled into reality from the dream. When you run away, but found that oxygen is not enough, the last time being suffocated, only to know that only to stay at the base of a sense of security.

" or when you inadvertently look at the backpack, paid attention to the special use of some resources, and they should be placed in the position.

light is the use of an oxygen pile, interesting Jun pondering for a long time. After mastering, a new idea came out.

in oxygen pile enough, in theory, we should be able to get through to the planet. If it is not because the resources are not enough to do so much oxygen pile, really want to see the other side of the planet will look like.

as a whole, this is a collection of resources, and then convert it into a variety of facilities, thereby further enhancing the efficiency of resource acquisition game. Any game player came to a new beginning, will be more difficult.

in addition to spend a lot of time to familiarize themselves with the basic routines of the game, there may be a long time to find a specific resource dilemma.

but as long as this period of time, adhere to the exploration vehicle, the world will be very different.

you will find both the production capacity, efficiency and life time, after the exploration vehicle will be greatly enhanced. But after that, the shortage of resources in the past will become more and more affluent, perfect facilities can not be upgraded.

when the player has conquered a planet, or continue to stay here, began to reshape the planet like a true creator of the landscape, like a child in the sand castle. Or leave here to go to another new planet, all the things you have done on this planet in the planet again, so the cycle.

in "alien explorers" brought a good idea for the game player, but the game is done there are still many places need to supplement. Many players are complaining about the content of the game is too fast, it is easy to lose the fun, but also for the follow-up update to maintain a greater interest.

can be said that the game is a good start, but Tucao is the Bug of the game is also very easy to see. The player's control of a small astronaut is easy to get stuck in a strange place, or in the process of adding and reducing the landscape, accidentally put himself into.

game supports up to 4 people online, support networking. Give up and finish many Bug problems, the existing game content is still pretty happy.

game support simplified Chinese, the first version of the experience is 68 yuan price. If you don't have a friend to play with, you can wait until the developer updates.

but at the beginning before have to be clear, although the "alien" explorer is potential, but in the process of exploring their gameplay, so due to the presence of an aimless period is also a test at a loss, for the game player.

fun is not often, patience is not often, perhaps a complete star Explorer is worth everyone hi +1.

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