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, [January 3rd] fiscal union morning news featured

macro news: 1) Xi Jinping December 30, 2016 hosted the central deep reorganization meeting. Xi Jinping said that in 2017 to strengthen the foundation of state-owned enterprises, taxation, finance, land, urbanization, social security, ecological civilization, opening up a major reform, the reform program has been introduced to air plant; 2) Xi Jinping issued a New Year message, 2017 comprehensive deepening of reform to continue to force, to make the fruits of reform and development to benefit more people, some people still face some difficulties in employment, children's education, medical care, housing and other aspects, to solve these problems is the bounden duty of the party and the government; 3) the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said the 2017 New Year's speech, to maintain prudent monetary policy neutral, adjust the monetary floodgates, maintain liquidity stable, push forward the key the task of reform, the focus of the "three financial services to a drop of compensation" supply side structural reform, to prevent Control of financial risk to a more important position, firmly hold no systemic financial risks; 4) Regulatory Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu in the whole system in the work of the forum stressed the fundamental purpose based on the service of the real economy, the market chaos there will always be guagu, drastic go ills and determination drive on the main relevant violations will check, each link has the responsibility to recover, make full use of means of supervision, comprehensive coverage of the regulatory domain; 5) CIRC said the next step, will take a variety of means, continue to strengthen insurance supervision, firmly hold the bottom line risk. Strengthen the supervision of the life insurance company tips and window guidance, the insurance company shall not be a large number of short selling products in the sale of a one-sided pursuit of the scale of business, from the insurance industry.

news: 1) manufacturing PMI fell to 51.4 in December, the 5 consecutive month above the line ups and downs; 2) foreign exchange bureau announcement of the personal exchange information reporting management perfect, does not involve the management of individual foreign exchange policy adjustment, individual purchase of foreign exchange shall not be used for overseas buyers and securities investment; 3) land management law revision comments: agricultural land market and state-owned land price; 4) 2017 price reform will advance in transmission and distribution, medical, railway transportation and other fields; 5) the Ministry of housing again informed the 21 illegal enterprises: to clear the market; "an evil member of the herd") 6 Beijing regulation and then upgrade Xianfang sales to the price tag, the first in Tianjin to raise the minimum provident fund loan payment ratio: 30%, the first two sets of 50% houses in Xi'an, the purchase of the new deal, each household can only purchase a set of new; 7) the second batch of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate concluded: million Companies have been ordered rectification; 8) the latest progress in the Xu Xiang case: the executives of listed companies or have been released on bail pending trial; 9) highlight the reform of state-owned enterprises mergers and acquisitions is still in 2017 10); more than ten companies signed an agreement to swap one hundred billion market size has been formed; 11) 2016 annual shareholders of listed companies cash holdings of 279 billion yuan; 12 six) problem of brokerage business outside was approved, is expected to implement license management; 13) four ministries issued a new energy vehicles subsidy policy adjustment 14) the energy bureau is studying the development of 2017-2021 in the northern winter heating cleaning plan; 15) steel PMI index fell again line ups and downs, steel prices downward pressure; 16) coal "13th Five-Year" planning: the ownership of state-owned coal enterprises to promote the development of mixed; 17) 2017 "document" will be released, will focus on further promote agricultural supply side structural change Leather.

news: 1) Hengda Real Estate introduced 8 war vote, the investment valuation of 228 billion yuan slightly more than Vanke; 2) Su ningyun 2 billion 975 million acquisition of 70% stake in the Daily Express; 3) director of Minsheng Bank announced the return of Guo Guangchang Shi Yuzhu candidates, left; 4) Yang sails holding company actual control people change for Cai Shouping; 5) the city of Victoria biological won two placards first major shareholders and concerted action; 6) the city transit investment to be signed 30 billion cooperation framework agreement, 3 from the date of resumption; 7) Uhl Shuangliang technology more than 3 billion 200 million equity transfer shareholders, the controlling shareholder will change; 8) Oriental Silver Star planning major events, may be involved in the actual control change; 9 zhongyeda) 117 million transfer of Zhuhai silver long equity investment income 56 million 591 thousand and 900 yuan; 10) GREE: GREE air conditioning prices.

subscription of new shares: and Sheng shares purchase code 002824, purchase price of $9.80; pan micro network purchase code 732039, purchase price of $14.90; to pure science and technology purchase code 732690, purchase price of $1.73.

two, Fuchun environmental protection [Huijin technology led Shenzhen annual performance are

] by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the 2016 annual report of listed companies disclosure schedule an appointment. Small plates Fuchun environmental protection (002479), the gem Huijin Technology (300561) released the first annual report in January 17, 2017. Caixin development (000838), Gimpo titanium (000545), (300401), garden biological shield shares (300411), electric cloud (300304), (002107), Sam wohua pharmaceutical shares (002742) will also be completed in January has disclosed.

agency statistics show that, on the whole, the sooner the disclosure of the annual report of listed companies, the stronger profitability. The Shanghai led the annual season of the North special technology (603009) has two consecutive trading last week.

in Shenzhen earlier disclosed in the annual report of the company, Fuchun environmental protection (002479) estimated annual net profit rose 20% to 40%, Huijin Technology (300561) by 2% to 16%, Gimpo titanium industry (000545) announcement of several titanium dioxide products prices, garden biological (300401) vitamin D3 project is expected fourth quarter earnings. Electric cloud (300304) has proposed gaosongzhuan program.

three, PMI December annual [high] consumer goods manufacturing industry become the highlight of

12 in manufacturing PMI for the second year highs, and 5 consecutive months in the top of the line ups and downs, steady economic expansion trend can be determined. Data show that part of the consumer goods manufacturing industry grew rapidly, with the arrival of the new year's Spring Festival, food and beverage, liquor and other industries to maintain rapid expansion momentum, PMI are more than 53%.

before the Spring Festival is the traditional liquor sales season, since December, a number of wine prices raised wholesale or retail prices, high-end liquor prices strong willingness. Leading enterprises prices will drive the two or three line brand price increases, the liquor sector is expected to rise to. Dairy products, the international price of milk will continue to maintain the upward trend in the supply contraction, imports of raw milk prices will drive up domestic dairy prices. In addition, the meat market will also benefit from the peak consumption before the spring festival.

focus on investment targets Yili (600887), Laobaigan wine (600559), Shuanghui development (000895).

four, [air conditioning sales than expected as a whole to improve the white]

with the recent macroeconomic rebound and inflation upward, the appliance industry upstream raw materials such as non-ferrous metals prices are expected to be strong. November air conditioning sales data show that the production of 8 million 610 thousand units, an increase of up to 47.22%, shipments of 7 million 760 thousand units, an increase of 36.05%. In addition to air conditioning, sales of other white also sustain the rally.

recent appliances collective prices from the upstream raw material prices push manufacturers to small and medium-sized enterprises greater impact, in the leading position in the industry's leading manufacturers or to adjust product structure, further to the high-end products, industry or will move toward differentiation pattern.

suggested that the white industry leader in Qingdao Haier (600690), Little Swan A (000418).

[five, low-speed electric car management technology standard "NPC and CPPCC" before the introduction of

Chinese] Automobile Engineering Association, the National Automotive standardization of electric vehicle Specialized Committee deputy director Chen Quanshi said, the four round of low-speed electric vehicle technology standard project in April last year, the original plan for the duration of 24 months, but now look at the situation, "NPC and CPPCC" before the standard come".

low speed electric vehicle technology is more mature, the prospects for the replacement of motorcycles, the next three years to usher in the high growth is more determined.

the introduction of future policies can be understood as the inflection point in the industry to establish the signal, can be concerned about the vehicle and battery manufacturers such as LONCIN GM (603766), Zong Shen power (001696), lion Technology (lion).

six, [domestic big commercial aircraft first flight soon on the aviation industry chain]

from China COMAC official website informed that in December 25th, China commercial aircraft company C919 aircraft delivered the first aircraft flight test center, the first flight has entered a time window. According to previous public information display, C919 large aircraft has received 570 orders for the world's 23 users. According to Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China's forecast, C919 market space of more than 100 billion u.s..

commercial large aircraft industry will pull the development of new materials, avionics, aviation engines, metallurgy, high-precision CNC upstream and downstream industries, the entire aviation industry chain market space or more than $1 trillion. The

recommendations concern the national defense and special steel R & D and production of the leading aerospace Fushun special steel (600399), as well as domestic aircraft maintenance leading Hite (002023).

seven, [national memory base project started the industrial chain company is expected to benefit

] a total investment of $24 billion in the national memory base project recently in Wuhan East Lake high tech Zone officially started. Completed in 2020, the annual output value will exceed $10 billion.

believes that the purple core (002049) for memory chip only purple group's listed company platform, is the biggest beneficiaries of memory development; Ding long shares (300054) is the only domestic CMP consumables suppliers, as local enterprises in Wuhan, is expected to become the memory project supplier.

[eight, new energy vehicles subsidy of three yuan to raise the threshold of lithium

welcome development opportunities] the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries issued "on the adjustment of new energy vehicles to promote the application of financial subsidy policy notice". In addition to fuel cell vehicles, various models from 2019 to 2020 the central and local subsidy standards and limit, in the basis of existing standards fall 20%.

notification from the vehicle energy consumption, driving mileage, battery performance, safety requirements, etc., to improve the access threshold for financial subsidies, the higher the battery energy density, the more subsidies.

agency believes that the comprehensive and strict standards of subsidies, is conducive to the technological advantages of leading enterprises to expand market share, higher energy density of three yuan battery will usher in development opportunities. Huayou cobalt (603799) cobalt products accounted for the proportion of revenues of nearly 60%, the recent continuous cobalt price increases; when the rise of science and Technology (300073) main lithium battery cathode materials three yuan.

, nine provinces and cities to [graphene industry a new application breakthrough to help market]

recently broke out, a number of provinces and cities nationwide "false start" graphene industrialization. Shenzhen recently proposed to build the national and even global graphene industry center. Fujian province graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance was formally established in Xiamen last week. Guangxi last month released the country's first graphene series of local standards.

Chinese graphene Industry Alliance Secretary General Li Yichun recently at the annual conference revealed that in 2016 the domestic graphene output is expected to reach 3 billion yuan, is expected to reach 10 billion yuan in 2018 to domestic production of graphite industry will usher in the outbreak.

policy, the national standard of graphene has been basically completed the formulation and approval, will be introduced as soon as possible, which will greatly promote the pace of graphene industry to accelerate the industry wide development, open space, plus Dongxu photoelectric (000413), Del (002631), the first layout of the future in the field of graphene A shares of the company.

ten, [integrated circuit board continued strong logic]

the beginning of the new year, the opportunity for integrated circuit board continued. In December 30, 2016, a total investment of 38 billion 700 million yuan, 12 inches of advanced technology of integrated circuit production line construction project officially started in Shanghai. China integrated circuit • Chengdu core Valley project started, will build a national IC demonstration park. "

13th Five-Year" since the integrated circuit process of self sustained speed, large projects around the integrated circuit in succession, a variety of situation in the national integrated circuit industry fund and SMIC under the integrated circuit industry continue to be overweight. Current industry support is mainly concentrated in the integrated circuit manufacturing.

suggested that in the new year when the introduction of economic planning to continue to focus on the occasion of the advent of integrated circuits. Huahongjitong (300330), Alex Hua Tian (600584), Changdian science and technology science and Technology (002185), an optoelectronic (600703) and other stocks of concern.

[eleven, NDRC: improve the financial investment and incentive policy]

NDRC official said recently that the use of seawater, will improve the financial investment and incentive policies for the use of sea water, to explore the implementation of government and social capital cooperation (PPP) mode, to encourage the government to guide financial capital, private capital and the establishment of the desalination industry investment fund. The

A shares of listed companies may be concerned about in the environment (300145), Magicstor (000920), the inaugural saving (002665).

twelve, V in [car with gasoline and diesel standards to implement

] to deal with the increasingly grim situation of air pollution, accelerate product quality upgrading, improve air quality, since January 1, 2017, the fifth phase of a comprehensive supply in line with national standard (V standard) gasoline, diesel car, stop selling below country V standard motor gasoline and diesel oil.

oil upgrade to expand the scope of ISO octane and sulfur MTBE requirements, recommend the more shares the sea (600387), Qi Xiang Tengda (002408); at the same time good diesel emission agent processing enterprises, such as Sichuan Meifeng (000731).

thirteen, [International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) will be officially opened]

2017 January 5th, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) will be officially opened. As a barometer of the future trend of the technology industry in the next year, the show has been the industry's attention. According to statistics, this year

A stock market listed companies to participate in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) are: kangdexin (002450) will bring its wisdom, wisdom mirror vending machine and intelligent HD naked eye 3D full range of products such as brilliant appearance. Zhuo Wing Technology (002369), Neusoft (300183) carrier are interactive in the Shenzhen stock exchange platform that participate in this exhibition.

fourteen, [Inner Mongolia to promote the reform of state-owned state owned steel group led by

] Inner Mongolia SASAC announced that, at present Inner Mongolia actively promote the pilot work of the state-owned enterprise reform, the "Baotou Steel Group, the development of mixed ownership economy pilot program" has completed the first draft, submitted to the board of directors is the implementation of review procedures.

related listed companies focus on Baotou Steel shares (600010), North rare earth (600111).

fifteen, the Dow rose 13.4% year [40%] annual oil prices rose more than

on Friday, U.S. stocks fell across the board, the end of the previous seven weeks of rising trend in 2016, the Dow rose 13.4%, the S & P 9.5% index rose, the NASDAQ rose 7.5%. The harvest in 3 years the best performance of the year. European stock markets closed up slightly on Friday, in 2016 fell slightly year on year, British shares hit a record high, up 14% year on year. International gold prices fell seven weeks after the end of the week or even the situation, the annual rise of more than 9%; international oil prices fell slightly on Friday, the annual increase of more than 40%. Dollar index fell slightly on Friday, but still up nearly 4% year on year, rising for the four consecutive year.

fiscal union statement: This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own.

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