The 15 fighter aircraft landing aircraft carrier for the first time in the South China Sea

Aircraft carrier aircraft carrier the South China Sea Island chain.

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" in the original title: China four sea landing aircraft carrier

aircraft carrier formation training test annihilates -15 aircraft in the South China Sea for the first time, Chinese over the South China Sea to meet "flying shark" figure

Chinese Navy network South China Sea 2 January Xinhua (reporter Wang Tonghua, Chen Guoquan) wave rush surge, Liaoning ship braved the wind and rain on in the South China Sea, swings on the flight deck filled with various types of aircraft. This morning at 9:30 pm, Guo Hui and his comrades take off as assistant standard flying gesture, f -15 fighter ski jump takeoff, rushed to the low clouds of the sky, Chinese over the South China Sea for the first time to usher in a "flying shark" figure.

day, several sorties fighters -15 aircraft and fighter type shipborne helicopters from the aircraft carrier deck off. This is the Liaoning ship formation cross sea training and test tasks in the South China Sea a series of training courses. In recent days, the Chinese aircraft carrier fleet and carrier based aircraft in the command of the high command, carried out a number of projects training test.

and Bohai, the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea, South China Sea hydrological and meteorological conditions are more complex, and even, affected by cold air, sea sea training is poor, bring many challenges of aircraft landing training. According to Liaoning ship captain Liu Zhe introduced, since the sail since the aircraft carrier formation has organized many batches of carrier based fighter f -15 and multi type helicopter flying and recycling, air refueling, air combat training etc..

previously, Beijing time on the morning of December 25, 2016, consisting of Liaoning ship and ship Chinese aircraft carrier fleet for the first time a chain across the Miyako Island strait into the western pacific. Missile destroyer Changsha ship, Zhengzhou ship in Liaoning ship bow front lined, missile destroyer Haikou, Yantai ship missile frigate separated the two wings, missile frigate Linyi ship aircraft carrier formation through the rear, the Strait of Miyako Island international waterways. This day, from the Liaoning ship officially listed for 4 years and 3 months. The

fleet commander Chen Yueqi said: "the aircraft carrier formation from the first island into the ocean, is an important step to enhance the comprehensive ability of the formation. The implementation of training and testing tasks across multiple sea to carry out tactical training aircraft carrier fighter, according to the organization into all elements of the whole process of the overall training, construction of aircraft carrier formation sea combat command system and security system, training ship fusion level and cooperative ability to command. "

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