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The man rushed to the iron gate strong baby stroller stroller is clipped to the deformation

Baby carriage man subway door screen door clamp

guanchazhewang· 2017-01-03 07:51:23

Guangxi Metro Line 1, the whole line of the opening and operation of the Nanning for third days, the passenger continued hot. Most of the passengers are familiar with the new vehicle. However, there are still some uncivilized phenomenon. According to the

@ Nanning Metro Police January 2nd news recently, Nanning subway station, the door is closed, a man pushing a car rushed up, also hard will be caught in the door baby car into the car, the car has a baby deformation, fortunately child is all right. After the staff view to confirm no problem, the subway continues to run.

video screenshot

video display, when the yellow light is flashing, shielding door slowly closed, a man pushing a stroller forced the car, intent on the shielding door completely shut down the front of the car, the car has shaken the child, the body jerked forward.

eventually, the screen door opened again, the man before the arrival of two security personnel, half carrying a baby car into the compartment.

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